Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Tuesday - August 18

Alone in the pool until the wee hours

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Chopped Ain't Got Nuthin' on Me!:
  • At least these hamsters amuse themselves. Sure, there's a lot of daytime sleeping. But, come night, they have bowling games and other activities they create.
  • Last night was a cooking show. 
  • They had teams and made three-course meals complete with dessert, plated nicely.
  • Although I still wouldn't want Austin cooking for me with his hair hanging all over -- I don't cook for myself with my own hair hanging all over -- he apparently CAN cook.
  • Of course, the Have Nots (Steve, Johnny Mac and Vanessa) couldn't eat any of the tasty dishes whipped together for the "show."
  • Austin thinks he and Liz will be Brendon and Rachel next year. 
  • Ack.
  • I doubt it.
  • I think more of a McCranda break up within months.
  • Julia, Liz and Austin talked about how much worse Becky's gotten with turning every conversation into one about her.
  • Steve and Johnny Mac talked about what JM would do if he won HoH. He said he was thinking of putting up goblins (James and Meg), then backdooring Vanessa.
  • Steve talked about how Austin knows he shouldn't be in a final three with Liz and Julia as they'd take each other.
  • One would have to go before that point.
  • Steve also suggested keeping Vanessa around until the final five or six.
  • (I say they keep her that long and they might as well let her win!)
  • Later, the twins would tell Johnny Mac that he really needs to target Vanessa.
  • Liz is for getting Vanessa out quickly; Julia thinks she needs to stay until they see who gets back in the house.
  • It's enough to make you want to pull teeth, I say! 
  • Liz and Austin had a make-out session AGAIN.
  • I don't watch the feeds for that stuff.
  • At least give me something happening on the other cameras, please!
  • So, that's about it. Becky is still the one to go this week and she isn't doing herself any favors with her increased importance of self in group discussions.

Judging the cooking "show" dishes

Talking game with Steve

It's all about Becky -- just ask her!

Mocking Becky


JonMD1267 said...

Oh Austin I know Brendon and Rachel (I don't ). And you sir are no Brendon and Rachel lol

~~Silk said...

(Repeating a comment I left on the previous post not realizing the new post was up:)
Oh, thank you, Monty and Sharon. I don't watch the feeds, so I didn't know the cooking was a contest.

Chacha said...

Austin and Liz will never be Brenchal.
Steve now going after James. This boy changes his targets like he changes his underwear.
Julia is never truly want to give up Vanessa. She feels that Vanessa will always be a target before her.
Previous to this week John stated he would nominate Vanessa and an Austwin. Has he changed his mind or just telling the Austwins and Steve what they want to hear?

IAgirlsmom said...

I have the same question Chacha. Seems in the DR interview from Sunday's show that he had picked a side with the others, but if Steve was tasked with bring him in to the scampers (or whatever) I suppose he couldn't very well say they were the target - maybe he's still not sure how deep Vanessa is with them so hedging his bets. I really hope he makes it through this week. Didn't realize until he was a serious potential target this week that I'd miss him.

monty924 said...

YW, Silk. They made some pretty good looking dishes last night. It was making me hungry watching it, LOL. I agree with Jackie and Jon. Liztin is more like McCranda than Brenchel.

JonMD1267 said...

All there names mashed together sound like failed beverages lol

Laura said...

Didn't James get an America's player thing in the diary room? Have they shown that? Or did I miss it? (I've asked this question before but missed any answer if there was one. So sorry for the repeat.)

Sharon N said...

Laura, if James got AP, it's never been confirmed by BB, and I don't believe AP is something that viewers got to vote on! However, I think it was right after the DR "AP leak" (heard by feedsters) that he started making the voodoo doll, and increasing his pranks, so.... who knows. He's certainly not AP, so maybe he's BB-trying-to-get-something-going-P? LOL

Anonymous said...

I thought Liz wasn't that into Austin?

Sharon N said...

Anon, it's a mixed bag. Liz/Julia want to win and share all the $$.
But Liz has started canoodling with Austin more.
They've started to play a lot of smacky-face and feely-up.

monty924 said...

Laura, I never really believed that James got an AP card in the DR. I listened to the leak and, to me at least, it sounded like James just being funny and a joker with the voice on the other side. When he said 'what? America's Player card' the production voice said 'congratulations' and it was like they were laughing and going along with his joke. Too much has been made of it and I seriously don't believe it. We would have heard about it or voted on it to begin with. There has been no mention of it on the show so it was never a reality. Just BB interweb hysteria. imo

Anonymous said...

Can someone please help to understand, what ate these idiots thinking, why were they so hell bent on breaking up CLelli but allow Austin and Liz to stay in the house, don't get me wrong I was glad to see them make a move, and why was it okay to allow Julia to come in the game and now it's for sure the 3 of them against everybody in he house or do they think Liz winning HOH and POV was just whim. So now everyone wants to be part of their alliance, not gong to happen. Please get rid of JMac he and Steve have absolutely no game at all. I bet James wouldn't be afraid the go after the Astwins,because they are the only ones in that game with a real alliamce.

Sharon N said...

Breaking up the Clelli pair made sense because they'd been ruling the HOH roost (along with Vanessa).
It was the right thing to do at the time, but they really needed to start breaking up couples sooner.

They haven't seriously considered getting out 1 of the AusTwins, and should have NEVER allowed Julia to enter the game. Everyone was stupidly enthused about "seeing the twins." @@

Once Becky is gone Thursday, the only real alliances left will be the AusTwins, and James/Meg.

Likewise, they've all kept passing the ball about evicting Vanessa as well. @@
She's going to be their proverbial "wall".... until she up and beats them all.

With that said... nobody believes Vanessa's lies anymore, so it might be smarter to get out Liz... the most important person in the larger alliance. That would really rupture that alliance!!

monty924 said...

Also, without exception everyone in there has at one point said that they could leave to twins until some point. That some point is getting smaller and smaller. Also, folks here really hate Austin or at least like to rag on him, but he's the one going out there and building personal relationships with James, JMac, Steve, etc. Austin is actually playing an awesome social game. They all trust him when he wants to work with them. You have to give him props for that. He's mended things with Vanessa and he's reached out to JMac and James and that has secured them (the Austwins) a lot of good will in the house. Just sayin'

Chacha said...

Tonight John stated to Steve that he is not scared to put up Austin.
He also stated that he may have to put Steve up as a pawn as the twins
would never vote him out.
After listening today i believe John putting up Meg/james to get them out
is a rouse so Austin doesn't know one of his three will go.

The HOH for this coming Thursday last year was Dead of Household that had the ghosts popping up in the mirrors of the house.
This should be fun if it happens again this year. I do think though Vanessa could win this and all plans are out the window for getting her out. Then Meg and James would be goners.

uncartie said...

Well I just got done catching up at Jokers. Waded through 10 pages and learned nothing of any value except that everyone wants Vanessa out but no one wants to be the one who does it except Jmac and now Chacha reports that Jmac is bringing up Aushole's name. Now that would be sweet!

Anyway my highlight of the 10 pages was this gem:
Tue 11:26 AM BBT James wonders how one can tell ham is expired? His is slimy. It's also dated "sell by 8/10". Meg helps him interpret the clues & tells him to throw it away.

Now I'm gonna go find a wall to bang my head against. It beats watching Austin & Liz.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, like him or not, Austin is playing a good game so far. He's also getting jury votes if he makes it that far. Someone needs to step up and get Vanessa out! Whoever does has a great argument for winning the game as that would be the biggest and best move of the season, especially with everyone scared to do it. Silly hamsters need to act before it's too late!