Saturday, August 08, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Saturday, Power of Veto - August 8

Examining an apple

Since the live feeds were blocked so long first for the picking of the PoV players and then hours for the PoV comp itself, today is a bit short and sweet. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of a Jeffish Day:
  • Shelli and Steve believe they're on the same page.
  • Well, they're surely in the same nominations chairs!
  • Vanessa told Steve that if she wins PoV, she'll take him down. She is going to try hard for it because of her (very valid this time) fear of being backdoored.
  • She honestly thinks that Becky will put up Johnny Mac because she made deals with everyone else.
  • Vanessa doesn't know that Becky and Johnny Mac are working together.
  • Meg, Austin and Vanessa will be playing for veto with Steve, Shelli and Becky.
  • Vanessa told Steve (and Shelli) that if Shelli picked her for Houseguest's Choice, and she won, she'd take her (Shelli) off the block.
  • And, guess who got Houseguest's Choice?
  • Why, Shelli did. She told Johnny Mac she chose Vanessa because Vanessa would freak.
  • Finally, after more than five hours, the PoV comp was over. It was something to do with comics and art.
  • STEVE won the Power of Veto!
  • Becky and James are thrilled, Backdoor Vanessa in motion.

How I feel

Containing a guffaw

Llama up for eviction

After PoV, the winner relaxes

The PoV shirts


Becky said...

Wonderful news, Jackie. Thanks. I am so glad that Steve won it.

Lili said...

Huge Happy Dance!!! Was so worried Vanessa would win and take Shelli down and the VanShel saga would just continue on endlessly.

Finally! We get to pit Van and Shel against each other, one will go home, and then maybe we will start seeing more strategy from HG like JohnnyMac and Steve. The twins talk a lot of game but don't seem to have a big picture plan aside from disappearing behind Austin. James is a big player, Jackie is getting in the game, I really want some non Vanessa/Shelli action here people!

At least when someone besides Van and Shel are talking game I don't feel compelled to turn the sound off on my TV, I just really found the two of them exhausting what with their endless entitlement, whining, and double standards.

Once more...woohoo!

OK, I'm done. :)

IAgirlsmom said...

Wow. Kinda best case scenario for the current HOH group. I really thought Shelli or Vanessa would win.
I'm embarrassed to ask a question I should already know the answer to after all these years. The POV winner can not be the replacement nominee, correct? I know Steve is OTB this week and the question doesn't apply right now. But say Vanessa had won it and took off Shelli, could Vanessa then be the replacement nominee. I'm thinking not but got myself confused discussing with someone today. Thanks!

Sharon N said...

Vanessa's mouth will be running a mile a minute again. @@
Shelli and Vanessa are going to be Steve's besties. 1000%

Last night or today (I can't keep track anymore), I couldn't help feel bad for Steve.
He told James that he liked James because he talks to him. James said he liked Steve too.
Poor kid is so socially awkward that everyone pretty much ignores him, or makes fun of him.
Well, they'll be talking to him for the next 2 days!! In the dark so much that it's no wonder he doesn't know what's going on most of the time. Sad. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. This is wonderful news. Perhaps if Vanessa goes home, Shelli will be more tolerable. It will also be interesting to see what Shelli will do without Vanessa. Well, if Shelli doesen't go home during DE. Should be a very interesting week. Zoe in California.

Cheryl in NC said...

Best news I have heard all day! Now Becky just needs to stiick to the plan!

And are correct ..the veto winner cannot be the replacement to forget these things sometimes

Ed in Ohio said...

Looks like Vanessa's time may be up! I can't see Steve not using the veto and Becky not replacing him with Vanessa. Seems pretty obvious.

But let's not forget Julie said someone may be coming back later.

David said...

Great news. =)

Comp went on so long I fell asleep and just woke up. lol

Vanessa will finally feel the sting of being up for eviction. Let the blood bath begin with those two fighting each other to stay. There won't be any secrets left by the time they are done.

monty924 said...

IAgirlsmom, the POV winner cannot be nominated unless they are on the block and use the veto on the other person sitting on the block. Say, if Vanessa had won it... she could have taken either Steve or Shelli down and she is also safe from nomination.

I'm thrilled that Steve won it. I hated what JMac was proposing to him early this morning. I know it was probably harmless on JMac's part, but what an idiotic thing to ask of somebody. Now we get to have fun watching Vanessa try to get herself out of this pickle. I love it :))

IAgirlsmom said...

Thanks Cheryl and Monty. That situation of being OTB and using it on the other guy was what was confusing us in the first place. Lol.
Happy for Steve and his win. There is a lot of time between now and Monday's veto meeting...

Sharon N said...

Let's just hope "someone" doesn't convince Steve to take Shelli off the block.
For a super fan, he doesn't always use his 'marbles.'

Anonymous said...

What did JMac propose to Steve this morning I must have missed something?

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

You're welcome IAgirlsmom. Sharon, Steve will 100% not do that, LOL. He would be stupid to do so, and that boy isn't stupid. I'm still so happy that he isn't in danger this week. Now I wonder what Steve will do as far as save Shelli or Vanessa with his vote. I think the Austwins will want to save Vanessa, but they still need five and Becky is the tie breaker. I think Vanessa is going to the sequester or "Evicted House" as someone coined it. Curious to see who on the 'jury'/evicted comes back into the game. I just hope they play a better game than Judd did when he got the chance.

Anon, JMac wanted Steve to pick him for HG Choice but actually told him that he wouldn't use it on him but Shelli. He had Steve so torn up that Steve later talked to the camera saying he needed his mother's advice. I mean, come on. It's one thing to have a plan, but to ask someone to literally stay on the block with this many people still in there is ridiculous. JMac went down a notch in my eyes with that one.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean make a Marcellas move, oh let's hope no one with a ounce of sense would ever do that again. I know Marcellas had the POV and didm't use it to take himself off the blcok and got sent home, I'm not sure some of the people were even watching this then, well if he did take Shelli of the block instead of himself he would deserve to go home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, monty,
So now is JMac and Shelli in an alliance?

Sharon N said...

I would hope Steve will have enough sense to take himself off the block, but he does seem to get swayed fairly easily. Vanessa will be dealing/talking non-stop, trying to make him think he'd be safe with "their" block vote. Stranger things have happened!

Sharon N said...

On the other hand, Steve was pretty upset with Vanessa spilling the beans to Shelli about the Freaks & Geeks alliance.

monty924 said...

Johnny Mac is convinced that there are three alliances in the house. Meg/James/Jackie, Vanessa and the Austwins and then he, Steve and Shelli are all alone. So I guess he considers himself along with Steve and Shelli an alliance. He explained that Vanessa was in all of them and she was stirring things up between the groups (which she is) and whoever she picks a fight with always goes home next. Again, he's spot on there up until now. JMac already knows he's good with Becky, so he was being shady with Steve this morning. Another reason I hated what he was doing with Steve.

monty924 said...

It's big brother and it's all a mystery to us out here. Only they know what's going on in their minds. We can all play armchair BB, but we aren't in the crazy house. :))

Sharon N said...

Earlier, Meg/Jackie/James were talking about being targeted because the other side of the house was so positive that they were in an alliance. After Jason was evicted, they were kind of forced to band together. They were giggling over it. I laughed too. :)

This is a big IF, but IF they manage to evict both Shelli and Vanessa, I think it's quite possible that the final 4 will be James, Jackie, JMac and Steve. Meg could play the part of Victoria and be in the final 2/3 since they know she can't win a physical comp.

Granted the AusTwins incompetence could be a trick, but so far, I don't see them reaching the end.

monty924 said...

Liz has two wins in her pocket. I wouldn't put her in the same category as Austin and Julia. Julia hasn't played in that many comps either. Just sayin' :))

Sharon N said...

Dang, I forgot about those 2 Liz-wins. Maybe because Austin sucks up the air?
If they are smart, they'll take out Liz next comp. Julia dislikes Austin, so I don't see them working together... unless she manages to gag down the hatred just to have a partner. lol

monty924 said...

Steve just threw a bomb in the HOH room. He's telling a story, some true about how Jace talked to him that night, and Meg was like, what??? Then Steve said they get these people from the internet, and Becky got all interested and looking at Meg, then Jackie and back to Steve. He then said you know, "Tinder"! I've seen where Becky was recruited off of Tinder.

monty924 said...

LOL, now JMac is telling Becky to go after Austin. He's either crazy or a genius. I love this :)))

monty924 said...

Funniest thing that I just saw on Twitter...

"This house has split like a 9th grade dance"