Sunday, August 23, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - August 23

A new look?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Many Faces of Vanessa:
  • I've decided that Vanessa is one of the best BB hamsters ever for facial expression screencaps.
  • She's not doing too shabby at the game, either.
  • Although I often find her annoying, she's a fantastic manipulator.
  • Most of the day was lazy Sunday stuff, but the dilemma of this week's eviction remains.
  • Vanessa has gone from anti-Steve to working a movement to get James up on the block as a replacement nominee.
  • Now Vanessa is working with Steve again.
  • My head continues to spin.
  • Steve himself seems to have taken on a bit of Vanessa strategy gameplay as he talks to Austin.
  • So, right now it looks like Steve is once again safe.
  • If the veto is used, either Meg or James (most likely James) will be backdoored and Johnny Mac stays.
  • They're worried about who might come back in, of course.
  • All will hinge on whether or not Vanessa uses the veto.
  • At the moment, it looks like she will.
  • That may change by tomorrow, though.


New glasses?

Steve among twins

Praying to keep staying


Sharon N said...

Vanessa has talked everyone, individually and with AusTwins, about getting out Steve, JMac and Meg...planting suspicion on each. She's very good at confusing the issue with AusTwins (they aren't very bright anyway). S

The only one Vanessa hasn't really talked with is James... because I think she knows he wouldn't be easily fooled. And wallah, now Vanesssa has turned the target back around on who she has really wants gone: James.

Sharon N said...

^^^ riddled with errors above, but y'all know what I mean. LOL

Anonymous said...

Vanassa will win this game. She has called all the shots with the rest of house guests allowing her to do so. She gets the game and the rest just think they do.

monty924 said...

I think she'll be successful and the Austwins will be in a world of hurt. Serves them right if it happens. I know that I've been rooting hard for my pool pic and the trio, but if Vanessa manages to get James out this week... look out Austwins. JMac will work with her, Steve will work with her and if Becky comes back in, she will as well. This is all Austin's doing and making tight alliances with everyone will be the nail in his and the twins' coffin. Good job there, Austin! @@

Sharon N said...

Vanessa seems to be flip flopping between James and Meg.
Suspecting Meg crying after the comp is just an excuse.
Aushole would rather she left the noms the same (for his game), but...

monty924 said...

Meg's holding her own with Vanessa and James did too. What Vanessa does with the veto is beyond my imagination now. I guess we will all see tomorrow.

Sharon N said...

yep, I was glad to see James/Meg giving Vanessa nothing too! I still have hope James can go further in this game. :)

The thing that fools that crew about James... he jokes all the time with everyone, so they have no clue if/when he's being serious. And he has a great poker face.

A few minutes ago, Julia said (at the date nite dinner), "they don't like meeee" and James replied, "I don't like you." LMAO Austin/Liz want to keep him around "because he's fun and JMac is so boring." @@

uncartie said...

Hi guys, Sorry I missed the blog party. The comments were hilarious and I was LMAO reading them. JonMD,the comment about Vanessa talking herself out of eviction even if she was the only one on the block had ROTF.

I'm now of the opinion that a lot of Vanessa's hysteria and paranoia is just an act in order to stir things up by creating suspicion where there really is none. The latest being her accusation that Meg crying was because V won the veto. This week it was perfect since she controls veto and can't possibly get BD'd. Everybody gets rattled and as a result she gathers a ton of information via conversations and body language. I mean seriously....Does anyone really think someone as smart as Vanessa is going to think Meg is some sort of mastermind when in reality she's just a clueless fun loving hamster that is no threat to anyone.

She's been able to smooth things out with Steve and get a little closer to Jmac. Meanwhile her real target is James who's a threat in comps where she's weak...physical.

To those of you on the blog party thread who think that Derrick from last year is some sort of master at BB who would tear up Vanessa think again... Derrick was surrounded by incompetents like Victoria,Jacosta,&Paola..fools like Beastmode,and attention seeking lunatics like FRankie & Zach, more concerned with their twitter or snapcrap accounts than actually playing the game. Heck,Brittany never even knew the show existed until she was recruited from a bar.@@ Derrick never made any big decisions or called the actual plays. Vanessa has been doing that week in and week out. For the most part he just kept a low profile,stood back,and let those idiots merrily pick each other off one by one.

Thanks for putting up with another one of my rants.

Anonymous said...

Pervert alert; Austin asked Liz to be his GF "in the house ". I hope she didn't fall for it on date night.

Stormy said...

Like Vanessa or not she is the only one playing the game. Everyone else is just hopping from one group to another without a plan. They have got to be crazy to have let the twin in when they know it before it happened and then to let them say in. Not to mention that Austin is added to the already heavy number. What are they thinking. Everyone should be figuring out how to break up that threesome.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Vanessa is a game theory expert. I am a poker player and have followed Vanessa a long time, she KNOWs what she is doing. All that conjecture she brings up is part of her game, and these HG's have no clue how they are being manipulated. I laugh at Austin on the show last night saying how Vanessa won't 'run his HoH'! LOL

Anonymous said...

Vanessa is smart enough to know if she uses the veto, she forces Austin to put up James or Meg. But she's also smart enough to know the twins could still vote with the Meg (or James) to save James (or Meg)

The question is whether or not the Austwins are smart enough to let her do it and then save them, guaranteeing everyone's target is Vanessa.