Sunday, August 09, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - August 9

Chillin' in his chair-bed

Sundays are usually rather uneventful in the house. Today wasn't much different. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pool Sharks:
  • Hey, let's sleep past noon!
  • Lots of small talk in the backyard.
  • Missing clothes and a big bug dominate the talk for a while.
  • Meg and Jackie think they definitely have to get Shelli, Vanessa and Steve out.
  • Maybe not necessarily in that order! The Vanessa Backdoor plan remains in effect.
  • Johnny Mac told a tale about killing a wolf with his bare hands. True or just a tale, I'm not sure. I personally don't think he could do it. 
  • Steve is still crushing on Julia.
  • And, Steve is still not (and probably never will be) her type.
  • Julia and Liz want to make sure he knows she likes him, but not THAT way.
  • Julia thinks it's absurd that a guy like him would even think a girl like her likes him.
  • Oy.
  • No, he just might be too good for her.
  • They held a mock eviction with Larry the Llama, the Top Hat and the Tinfoil Voodoo doll. The Top Hat got backdoored.
  • The DR gave Becky a big inflated shark. So, they rode the shark, mostly capsizing.
  • Vanessa and Julia talked about Shelli thinking that Johnny Mac will be the renom. 
  • They also talked about Austin possibly throwing HoH comps and how he's not even trying.
  • Hmm.
  • He certainly didn't throw that last HoH comp. He had severe problems coping with the slippery stuff.
  • Vanessa decided to be Steve's personal stylist or something.
  • He told us he knows she's playing him. Supposedly she wants him to save Shelli with the veto so Johnny Mac would go up.
  • Like that's gonna happen!
  • Becky thinks Steve is a cross between Ian and Dan. Apparently he really impressed in the Veto comp. They think he's playing them all.
  • Tomorrow is the veto meeting. I fully expect Steve to save himself and Vanessa Backdoor in motion.

Who could this be?

Mingling, but missing Clay

Will Meg win anything?

Shark alert!

Shark wins riding the shark game

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Anonymous said...

seriously -no Jumping the Shark comments. Mom and I are so not into this season. We watch Sunday and Thursday episodes. We missed Thursday because I wanted to watch the debate and read here what happened in the house. The little bit of last nights episode was all whinny her said/she said crap. I'm all for deleting that episode too. I like James and that is about it. I thought it was a huge ratings mistake to oust Jason. The producers probably tried to talk them out of doing it. I vote that we start a petition to have all the houseguest next summer be actual people who audition. No going out and recruiting people. No people from other CBS programs. Just straight out fans of the show.