Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Wednesday into the Evening - August 12

This isn't going quite how I planned

Argh. I didn't file an update this morning because it was same-old, same-old. Both Vanessa and Becky nattering on and on for their own causes. Ack. But now I feel guilty. So here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Never-ending Loops of Talk:
  • So, the original plan flipped and everyone knew about it except Shelli, Johnny Mac and Becky.
  • Now they all know.
  • Commence more scrambling.
  • Shelli even talked to her nemesis James. 
  • There were no fisticuffs.
  • No changed minds (yet) either.
  • Shelli denied she'd go after them.
  • No changed minds (yet).
  • Becky is looking worse and worse. Kind of like a train hit her.
  • Johnny Mac is getting caught in the crossfire. Now he's acting all kinds of sad and told both other sides of the house that he was a man without a team.
  • Vanessa cannot understand why Jackie "hates" her, though.
  • To be honest, I don't think the majority of them "love" her. I think it switched more because they fear Shelli more in comps.
  • Steve remains conflicted. He can't tell both of them that they have the vote.
  • "Oh, live feeders, what do I do?"
  • I dunno, Steve. It might be best for you to win HoH and temporary safety.
  • It's looking like just about everybody but Shelli has turned on Becky.
  • The feeds went Jeffish for a while and it sounds like they saw videos of themselves on the Memory Wall. Study groups are breaking out. Hmm.
  • And the beat goes on ...

These twins are too LOUD

Big talk, little gameplay

We're screwed

One of us is out with a double eviction

What changed things?

Now I'm staying!


Sharon N said...

"Becky is looking worse and worse. Kind of like a train hit her."
ok, I laughed right out loud at that one!!!!

Meg cracks me up... "we need to win..."
She has bug in her pocket? LMAO

Karen said...

Sharon, I LOL'd at that comment too. Jackie never disappoints when it comes to the hilarious and witty comments.

JonMD1267 said...
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JonMD1267 said...

I don't think even "Thomas" can save Beckys plan this week :)

Cheryl in NC said...

I think James will live to regret this decision. If he makes it through tomorrow night,he probably goes home next week,unless he wins hoh. and the week after he wins,he cant play the next one,,,,,so what's he gonna do then when he only has meg and jackie on his side..they can't win squat..haha...the othe 4 are pretty solid plus van has steve and whoever is left of the becky / jmac duo are sure to be pissed off..I don't see in any scenario in my head how this turns out good.

uncartie said...

I was thinking about the possibility that the chips for veto could be "read" by feeling them. The "houseguest's choice" chip is the only one that has 2 separate lines. It might be that there is a slight indentation or something between the 2 lines. I could easily see Vsnessa being the one to figure that out as she spends a lot of time handling chips via poker and would tend to look at them more closely than the other HG's.

Vanessa staying looks to be a done deal. Becky vs Jackie,James,& Meg relationship getting rockier.

Anonymous said...

It's music to my ears that Shelli will be leaving, I really don't care for Vanessa hoping she's next, but when Shelli had Clay in the house with her she was ruthless with the two of them running everyone's HOH, laying back and laughing about how they blindsided poor Jason. And another one I'm glad they figured out was Becky, I knew she was working with Shelli so now they can have all the conversations they want when they meet up in the Jury house, because Becky will be going there soon with her. These people just can't play the game without being found out. Becky thought she could fool the Goblins but they weren't going for it. James might go home, but he sent Clelli packing first, at least be played the game.

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