Thursday, September 24, 2015

Big Brother 17: The Aftermath and Steve on 'The Talk'

The Austin/Vanessa "talk"

I want to thank all of the people who hung out here on the blog through BB17 and a special thank you to those who hit that Donate button! Unlike other sites, I don't get a percentage of the cut from live feeds and such. So, the Donate button helps make up a bit for the amount of lost sleep and such through the live feeds. It also makes me very happy to know that people are enjoying themselves here enough to make donations. I really appreciate it!

That said ... let's get to business.

I stayed up way too late last night watching all of the Jeff Schroeder backyard interviews. (Especially when I had to get up early this morning for work, then stop at the library after work and not get back home until nearly 7pm. Eek.)

I'd say almost all of them handled themselves fairly well. Some don't know their language should be G-rated in these things -- Audrey, Vanessa and Austin come to mind. Johnny Mac seemed honestly touched that Jeff had seen his guitar videos and that many fans like them. Jason was realistic and said it's back to work and living in his mother's basement. Steve was the excitable lad we all know him to be. Austin said kind words about Steve and didn't act like a jerk. He must know how to turn off the Jerk button, I guess.

Then there was Vanessa. Oh my gosh ... while I think she played the best game all season until she didn't win that final HOH, she reminded me of headache times on the live feeds. Mind you, I didn't really say I like her -- I said she played the best game through the season. Vanessa actually drove me a bit bonkers on the live feeds! She talked a mile a minute in the interview, tried to rationalize everything she did, repeated herself (over and over again) and I thought Jeff was going to go cross-eyed in a trance or something.

For a moment I thought there was going to be a brouhaha ... or a kerfuffle ... or maybe fisticuffs! Austin came and gave Vanessa a whack just as she was starting her interview with Jeff. He was a bit heated, but she begged and rationalized and he realized that Jeff had turned and they were filming this. They hugged and made up, at least for the cameras.

Over the next few days I'll be posting or linking interviews with the hamsters.

Once again, thank you all for another fun season on the blog!


Chacha said...

I was up and watched all interviews as well. I am here at dinner and can barely keep my eyes open.
Steve in the Talk will have to wait for tomorrow.
Again thank you for doing all you do. I have made my donation again this year! It's not much but I love what you do and am ready for next year. Well I am always ready but just hope no Vanessa type person enters the house.

~~Silk said...

Nick Uhas explains "The Science of Big Brother" (including why they sleep so much, and why people wrap in blankets) at

Sharon N said...

Thank you for 'The Talk' link Jackie!
Also, thank you again for all the summer nights that you lose sleep, just so you can provide a witty synopsis of daily and nightly events, and the captioned pictures that make us all laugh! Your blog is the first site I check each morning of BB.

And now the fun continues with Survivor and TAR!

David said...

KFROG Backyard interviews. They are audio only but some of them are funny. =)

Judy said...

Missing your updates more than I'm missing the show! Thanks again, Jackie, for another great summer!

Becky said...

Jackie, please forgive me for letting sending you slide. It was very ungrateful of me, especially in light of all the appreciation we feel for you. There is no way I would want to watch hours of live feeds on this bunch of people.

It looks like Survivor will be a great season this year. I am also looking forward to seeing Amazing Race. It will take all fall, winter and spring to get the bad taste left from Big Brother this year. I hope CBS realizes that a bunch of recruits, I don't care how buff and beautiful -- or screwey... can take the place of true Big Brother fans.

Clover said...

Thank you Jackie. You're a fabulous blogger and a big part of why I keep watching Big Brother every year(I've never missed a season) is because I enjoy following your blog.-clover

David said...

It will probably be missed on this post, but here is a video of Liz cutting off Austins disgusting pony-tail beard. lol