Friday, September 04, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Friday Daytime, Nominations - September 4

How I like Vanessa ... quiet

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Six Hamsters a'Scampering:
  • Although the rules say you're not supposed to tell the nominees that they're going to be nominees, Steve all but blatantly told Austin and Liz they're going on the block.
  • He actually explained his reasoning very well to Liz. He told her that, with as few people in the house as there are, it's becoming a numbers game -- the individuals will be trounced by the block of people if the block of people isn't broken up.
  • He called out the individuals as himself, Johnny Mac and Vanessa and the block as Austwins.
  • He promised that he wouldn't put both her and Julia on the block.
  • He told Austin pretty much the same reasoning.
  • Of course, this is what Vanessa wants him to do, yet her hands remain "unbloodied."
  • But it's also the logical move at this point. Liz, nor Austin, have never been on the block, if memory serves. I know Austin hasn't, at least. I don't think Liz has.
  • (The mind is the first thing you lose as you age!)
  • This week, if the nominations are Austin and Liz, they only need two votes to vote one out -- Vanessa and Johnny Mac.
  • If Julia wins the veto, one would come down and gum up the plans.
  • If Austin or Liz win the veto and one gets saved, Julia would go up.
  • Vanessa told Steve that Austin told Liz that he (Austin) is not the target.
  • Meanwhile, Steve had already told Liz she's not the target.
  • Steve thinks that just makes more ammo to get Austin out.
  • I personally think, at this time, they need to get Austin out over a twin. Twins can be next. And next.
  • Then Vanessa ... with a final two of Steve and Johnny Mac.
  • Now, that would be a hoot! 
  • Liz cried. And cried. And cried.
  • Her memory is short. Last week she mocked Meg for crying when put on the block with James.
  • Julia is ticked and says that she doesn't want Johnny Mac to win because he's a dentist and will make so much money.
  • I guess her memory is short, too. I remember them all sitting around discussing school. Johnny Mac has over $40,000 is student loans he pays yearly. 
  • Liz claims she's going to pull an Audrey this week.
  • Liz is all upset also because Steven supposedly made her swear on her family that she wouldn't put him up and she thought it was reciprocal.
  • Steve says he doesn't remember.
  • The feeds have been blocked for a while now for nominations.
  • I'm mindlessly typing while awaiting their return.
  • They've played the same Jeffish highlights reel over and over again.
  • Make it stop!
  • Finally. Liz is bawling her eyes out, Austin (looking upset himself) is trying to comfort her.
  • Liz and Austin on the block.
  • Vanessa's dirty deeds done dirt cheap. But, at this time, it might be the best for Steve and John's games.
  • It's a good thing Steve now has his teddy bear.


And, Liz cried ...


Sharon N said...

Guess it's somehow different when it's you crying OTB, Liz!
Everyone will really be watching their own backs now, so I doubt anyone will mock Liz, or go so far as to tell her to just get over it.

They've all done Vanessa's bidding and now they are paying the price.
The only thing that can upset the apple cart for Vanessa is someone actually having the nerve to put poor little "I'm so alone" her on OTB. LOL

Anonymous said...

What is Steve going to do if one of them win POV, Austin has already said he wont make a Clay promise, so I guess he'll have to put up JMac or Julia(he he) because you know he wont have the Balls to put Vanessa up, he's talking a good game to JMac but he's taking Vanessa to the end because he'll be afraid not too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz "ain't no fun,when the rabbit got the gun." boo-hoo-hoo


Becky said...

I hope he or J-M win the Veto and leave things the same. If they had voted out Julia things would be set for Steve and J-M. So, they did this to themselves.

Sharon N said...

Anon 8:22

If either Austin or Liz wins POV, Steve will put up Julia.
He's already said his target is Austin, so if Austin goes off, I doubt he'd put up anyone (like... uh... Vanessa). With Vanessa's guidance, I think he'd still put up Julia.

If Steve, JMac or Vanessa win POV, they'll leave noms the same.

David said...

I have feeds for a few more days and there is nothing on TV because of the memorial day weekend, I guess I will just have to enjoy seeing the twins get what has been coming to them for a long time now. =) Why do Liz's tears make me smile so much? lol

The twins actually said when talking to each other what you did Sharon. Why did we do all of Vanessa's dirty work for her. They are mad at themselves for getting out James now.

Cheryl in NC said...

Ok worse case scenario...Julia wins pov and of course takes Liz off the block.....Does Steve put up Jmac who definately goes home because the twins will vote him out..or does he have the balls to put up Vanessa..who has a fighting chance to get the twins to keep her because they still think she is on their side...of course if Van goes home..thats not such a bad thing either...gonna be a fun week !!

David said...

The only monkey wrench that can be thrown in now is if Julia wins Veto and removes Liz from the block. That will force Steve to put up either JMac or Vanessa.

Sharon N said...

If Julia wins POV, the Vanessa's (oops, Steve's) plan is screwed.
Vanessa would have to do some fast-talking to get Steve to put up JMac.
That's when the poop hits the road.
Would he put up JMac, or will he honor his agreement with JMac and put up Vanessa?

monty924 said...

Exactly, David. That is the ONLY thing that will derail this train and I'm betting that ain't gonna happen. Don't forget that Julia won a crap shoot veto. Just sayin' :))

Anonymous said...

Vanessa has played a good game, but I really can't say she's so smart, after all she has been in the house with a bunch of dummies, hoping for a Julia POV win, so Vanessa can have a hissy fit, not that Steve would put her up, but if it's JMac or Vanessa one of them would go home over Austin, because I don't believe the ywins would vote out Austin, more than likely it would be Jmac because they really don't like him anyway, they've sent him out once.

JonMD1267 said...

I so want Julia to win that veto. There is not enough pepto in all of California to calm Steves stomach if that happens plus it will be some good scampering going on then lol

Jean said...

I'm watching last night's BBAD. Do you think that the twins are the children of the Whiners from Saturday Night Live?

Sharon N said...

If Julia wins POV, Vanessa will have a big situation to ponder.
Keeping 'that' twin this long just might end up messing with her numbers game.
Should have kept easy-to-lead and disposable Meg instead.

Anonymous said...

I could almost see Julia convincing Liz to vote out Austin. I could also see Julia voting out Austin with or without Liz. I don't think she is that stupid. She knows who he would take to the F2 and it wouldn't be her. I just hope if Vanessa wins HOH next week she doesn't put Steve OTB after he has done her dirty work. I also think the people voted out say it's Austin's game to lose because he has played a better social game than Vanessa. Vanessa may have a poker face, but her true feelings come out through her voice or body language. I feel like she talks down to people and I won't say bully, but she pressures people into doing what she wants. That's why she hated James. He wasn't playing his game for her.

Sharon N said...

Anon, 'hated' doesn't fit someone as people-savvy as Vanessa. It was more that she felt he was that wild card she probably wouldn't be able to control like the others.

Princess83 said...

Anyone of them take Vanessa to the end, they lose.....Vanessa has played the game, unlike everyone else. Of course I'm all about Johnny Mac, think he should actually take Julia, he'd have his best chance at winning!!

Nickelpeed said...

Well, well, well. I'm not sure they want to keep a twin in the game; but Austin would be the better target.

The only problem I see is if Austin or Liz win the veto, they take themselves off the block; Julia is put you think they just might target Julia? Steve can't vote and neither can the two on the block. That leaves JMac, Van, and whomever isn't on the block. If Liz is taken off the block and her sister put on, would she really vote for Austin? If Austin wins the Veto and Julia put up, we know he'll vote to get Julia out.

Steve has to grow some huge gonads to do what's good for HIS game.

IAgirlsmom said...

Ack! Kinda nervous to find out who wins POV tomorrow. While a Julia win would be exciting, I'm fairly certain JMac would be up and out. If Steve wouldn't vote out Julia Thursday, he certainly isn't going to put Van OTB. But it would be so cool if he did. Imagine.

monty924 said...

Penny, if it comes down to Liz/Julia on the block, Vanessa and JMac will keep Julia and vote Liz out! If it is Austin and Julia on the block, Austin goes to jury.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

I think the odds of Julia winning are slim, but it could happen. That would be best case scenario for drama, and would be great feeds. I also think that would be the defining moment for Vanessa....if she can convince Steve to put up Jmac, I think she wins the game hands down.

Stormy said...

Austin will be able to have that coveted "air time" He is always talking about if he is the one that is voted out. Watch for a "flair" exit for sure.

Stormy said...

Austin will be able to have that coveted "air time" He is always talking about if he is the one that is voted out. Watch for a "flair" exit for sure.

Petals said...

Love all the comments!

If JMac wins POV, Steve would re-nom Vanimal. He wants to go to F2 with Johnny, not Lady MacBeth.

That's my wish.

Petals said...

Bwhahaha, read the Jokers from last night, and Aushole says he & Skiz will be stars when they get out, "like Caleb".

I wish there could be cameras that follow them around after the show ends, so we could see Aushole's face slam in to that brick wall of reality.

Petals said...
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