Monday, September 21, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Monday - September 21

Thinking on his feet

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of It's the Final Countdown:
  • Again, most of their time together was spent playing cards, eating and small talk.
  • Except for Steve, that is.
  • He was up a good portion of the night pacing the backyard, hammocking and talking to himself/us.
  • He went over his whole strategy for the game.
  • He went over his speech to evict Vanessa (if he wins Part Three).
  • He went over all of the reasons he's done what he's done in the game.
  • He all but explained the Meaning of Life and Everything.
  • I'm sure Vanessa is also thinking out her final approach to the game.
  • But she doesn't vocalize.
  • Meanwhile, Steve has been pressuring Vanessa to commit to telling Liz that she won't take her to the final two.
  • Vanessa hasn't/won't do so.
  • Steve is wisely taking that as an indication that Vanessa would take Liz over him.
  • So, he keeps studying and planning.

Thinking on the hammock

Thinking while diagramming


Anonymous said...

Do we have any idea who Vanessa actually intends to take with her should she win round 3? I can see good arguments for either.

Anonymous said...

My opinion is if she takes Liz. She will hurt herself. Austin and Julia are in jury ear saying no that wasn't Vanessa idea it was Liz. Now if she takes Steve she can claim all her victories. Also show how she help Steve grow socially

Anonymouse said...

I would think she likely wins against Liz but slam dunk wins over Steve.

Jackie said...

I think she will take Liz if she has the choice.

chrob61 said...

IMO, it's Vanessa's game to lose. It's best for her to win round 3 of course so the decision will be hers. Liz's only chance I think is for Steve to win round 3 and decide to take Liz. I think Vanessa would win over either of the two.

chrob61 said...

I also think that Shelli will have a calming affect on the bitter jury members. They should realize that Vanessa's played the best game, despite all the hard feelings.

uncartie said...

Has Steve ever followed through on his private ramblings?

On the blog party last night several of you were speculating about Becky getting hit in the face by a train and how it seemed odd. During her time on the show she also claimed that she got hit in the head by a dime falling out of someone's pocket who was on a ride at an amusement park. She also claimed a bat flew into her car once and hit her in the face. Each of those anecdotes actually happening are millions to 1 shots on their own. Base d on that I don't believe any of her stories.

monty924 said...

uncartie, I saw somewhere earlier this season when BB first aired her telling the train story that it was substantiated through news reports. At least that story is true.

I think Vanessa beats either one and Steve beats Liz. My pool girl is playing for second place.

Sharon N said...

As each has entered the jury house, there has been a discussion (and video) of each eviction, and Shelli has been very vocal as to who created each demise... there were a lot of nodding heads. The only one disagreeing, so far, has been Austin, and that's only because of HIS extreme bitterness. He's such a sore loser. I'm sure JMac wasn't happy either, but I firmly believe he will agree with Shelli.

Vanessa doesent want either of her F2 agreements coming to light with each other. Both are stuck with keeping quiet now.... in the event Vanessa wins #3. I really have no clue which she will pick...if she wins that comp.
Steve has won just as many comps as Van, but he's not particularly well-liked.
Liz has won a few comps; not nearly as much as Steve/Vanessa, but she is generally liked, and Austin/Julia are talking her up.

JonMD1267 said...

Vanessa better pull some rabbit out of her many hats and win that final part. I just really don't want "superfan" to win its bad enough he got this far lol

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what Vanessa did with the millions she has won gambling, she said she needs to win to help her family.

Anonymous said...

Come Steve win part 3 and take Liz to the F2 with you. Do something right for a change. You probably won't win but you sure,won't win against Vanessa. ANYBODY BUT VANESSA

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:23
Do anyone believe anything that Vanessa says. It's been explained on here to us before that gamblers don't really make much money and the whole bit about having all the entry fees to play tournaments, and she has a lot of expenses since she lives in Las Vegas and yada, yada, so I guess she just doesn't have any of that make that 4 million left that she spoke about in her bio. All that crying about "I need to win," like no one else there needs the money. I don't see why they don't just give her the money and spare up her BS.

Sharon N said...

Living in Las Vegas can't be cheap, especially with poker tourney entrance fees, and the amount she would have to bring to the table to play. Like everyone else, she has living expenses as well.

Who's to say where all the money has gone... or IF it's really gone. She might have just been saying that to throw everyone off. In any case, her finances are really none of our business.

Terry is a Texan! said...

I usually hate to see BB coming to an end, but this season Im glad it will be over. Im not thrilled with any of the three winning the money......

BJ said...

I lived in Vegas for 15 years and believe it or not the cost of living was cheap. They don't even have a state income tax. Granted that was awhile ago but I don't know that it has changed all that much. If you are a good player most entrance fees are paid by a sponsor.

Anonymous said...

Vanessa may or may not need the money, but as she is a gambler it's winning the game. Not the money

Petals said...

IMO - Vanimal is a liar, everything out of her mouth is a lie. Every word. Anything she's said about anything should be taken with a huge grain of rock salt.

Sharon N said...

We can only hope the Jury realizes that Petals!

Good grief, do none of these people WANT to win? @@
I don't think either Steve or Liz have the guts (or brains) to tout their own accomplishments... not without giving Vanessa all the credit. Both are perfectly willing to accept 2nd place to Vanessa... before the 3rd comp is even played!

Liz sings Vanessa's praises TO Vanessa and says how she 'deserves to win.' Could be her way to get Vanessa to take her to F2, but.... is Liz that smart?

Steve acknowledges Vanessa is comparable to Derrick. He always plans his eviction talks about tossing Vanessa to the curb, but when it come right down to it, he's been perfectly willing to bow to her will. Every. Time.

uncartie said...

What is Vanessa supposed to say? "I'm worth millions,I drive a Lamborghini,and I don't need the money". Of course she's gonna say she needs it and will use it for a good cause. It's the right thing to say and what's best for her game.

The 4 million she won is just the tip of the iceberg. She's probably won hundreds of thousands,if not millions more in side games and the Internet. I believe she's pretty well set for life,and as a result,has decided to stop playing poker.

As "BJ" pointed out,it's very cheap to live in Vegas. I lived there too for a couple of years and can attest to that.

She has 2 sisters,one in pre-med school,and the other working on a Masters in Psychology. They may need help paying student loans. She also has stated that she wants to pay for her girlfriend "Mel"'s education.

No one deserves to win more than Vanessa.

Sharon N said...

Personally, I could care less how she spends her own money. She earned it. And if she's planning to help her Mel and her 2 sisters with their educations, more power to her!

I also agree that she 'should' win, but there's no telling how much bitterness will affect the voting. It's frustrating to see how willing ALL of the players have been to swallow her lies and blow their own games away. Even now.

It's probable that most people would be more on the Vanessa bandwagon if she would have simply acknowledged her lies in DR, but no...the lies continue to people who have watched everything. The lying isn't the issue (to me) because it's all part of the game, but why can't she at least be honest in DR? Quit pretending all the viewers are just as stupid as those she has duped in the house.

monty924 said...

I agree with Sharon in that if Vanessa would have just owned her game in the DR, people would be more favorable to her. I also could care less how much money she has or any other HG for that matter on any season. BB isn't a game where the one who needs it the most wins. The person who makes it to the end, regardless of how they do it, and convinces the jury to vote for them deserves to win. I think she's played the best game out of the three sitting there at the final 3. It all comes down to who wins part 3 and may the best one win.

Petals said...

Agree Sharon & Monty.
Vanimal was just too unlikable to cheer for, regardless of how she played the game.
I don't give a flip if she's worth a million bucks or a million trucks, Uncartie - that broad is a real snake.
I'd bet (pun intended?) you could fit Vanimal's entire fan club inside a Gap Outlet store.
Earlier today, Vanimal was listing her triumphs to Liz, and detailing how she'd calculated & orchestrated each eviction. To me, that says she's taking Steve, and filled Liz with all that game ammo to take to the jury.
And in Likable Player news: voting is closed for AFP, but from the buzz I've read, James & JohnnyMac are front runners, yay! It'll be interesting when the Fave winner is revealed and the shock on Austwins faces (think Caleb last year, he believed he was a shoo-in for Fave).
For any Anonymous or BB only fans - please consider hanging-around and do Survivor with Jackie and the party crew. We have just as much fun, it's only once weekly, and the shows are never boring!

Cheryl in NC said...

So while I agree Vanessa should win for best gameplay.....I am not sure she is an a automatic lock to win in final 2. But I believe and it seems she believes that her chance against Liz is better. While Liz has an automatic 2 votes..i am not sure anyone else votes for her. Now with Steve and Vanesa or even Steve and Liz...He comes with a good amt of comp wins but also more of a likability factor than either of the girls( well unless you are Jon MD...hahahaha) I could see the majority voting him over Vanessa..and Van may think think that too,which is why I think if she wins part 3 she will choose to take her chances with Liz.

We shall see in a couple days!

monty924 said...

Petals, it's funny that you mentioned the AFP because I was just saying that last night with some friends. I said it will be awesome to see the deflated looked on Austin's face much like it was to see April so p*ssed off when Keesha won it in S10. Austin is in for a world of let down when he gets out of there, but he's in the show business and he'll probably take his "few" fans and blow it up in his mind. Liz will be devastated I think. They really think they are America's sweethearts.

Cheryl, I completely agree with you that Steve vs. Vanessa is the more tricky one to predict. Shelli loves Stevie B as she calls him and I could see them voting Steve over Vanessa, but I'm not 100% convinced of that. It all depends on who evicts who and how well they own their own game. If Vanessa continues to deny everything she's done to the jury, I think she loses. It's going to come down to who's in the F2 and who makes the best argument to the jury. We'll know more about how the jury feels when we get to see the roundtable on Wednesday. I hope they bring Dr. Will back this year for that. Last year was great when he said they all thought that Victoria was a summer camp, but she's still in there and you all seem to be at summer camp. :)))

~~Silk said...

About Becky's "train" -- it wasn't what we normally think when we hear the word train, you know, locomotive pulling cars. It was what we here in the US call a tram or streetcar. That's why she got hit crossing the street. I think people say "train" because it runs on tracks.

~~Silk said...

Petals said that "Earlier today, Vanimal was listing her triumphs to Liz, and detailing how she'd calculated & orchestrated each eviction." Do you think maybe Vanessa was "testing" her speech on Liz to see how the average jury member would receive it? Admiration or revulsion?

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Funny how LIz, bless her dumb little heart, doesn't realize she has 50K locked in the bank! This is the problem with what BB has evolved into, namely these recruited players, that are given past season dvd's to cram a week before starting their own game. It's really time for Grodner and Meehan to wake up and smell the coffee. Les Chen even said the cast really sucked this year.

Sharon N said...

My suspicion is that Vanessa is doing her best to keep them both 'cowed'... believing SHE 'deserves' the big $$$, and Steve or Liz can't get better than the $. And truthfully, they both continue spouting all of Vanessa's wonderfulness. Kind of crazy when neither will have a vote with the Jury, but guess their final words 'could' influence the votes.

I also believe that Steve was so excite after winning comp #2, making a point of how good that win will look to the jury, that he put the screws to himself bragging about it to Vanessa. He talks about winning #3 and evicting Vanessa, but he's been very weak about following up on tha plan up to this point.

monty924 said...

Fred, I think I've figured out who Les Moonves was talking about.... the 5 or 6 who were a a drag on the season. Jeff and Jackie from TAT for certain, then add in the Audrey because she didn't live up to what they wanted her there for. I'd also add in Davonne and Jason because they didn't win comps to stay in the game and provide the divided house that everyone wants again. There are your five, and I'd add Clay into the mix because he GAVE UP HIS GAME for a showmance before jury. There were so many people on the "other side of the house" aka the Sixth Sense that just didn't play the game until it was entirely too late. Becky and James tried, but they were just outnumbered.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

That didn't come out right. TAR and not TAT and the other side of the house against the Sixth Sense. The original eight minus Clellie and the Goblins didn't live up to dividing the house for entertainment if nothing else. It was a bust as soon as Vanessa and company started running the house.

It wasn't for me because I was rooting for that side of the house, but I can see where it turned a lot of folks off.

monty924 said...

Vanessa and Liz convo just now makes me think that Steve has Vanessa totally snowed. She was laying out why Liz was deserving of third place. Good job Steve!!! I want Steve to win the last HOH just to show Vanessa that all her game theory in the end won't win you the game.

No knocks on Vanessea, uncartie :)))

Anonymous said...

It was nice to hear that Vanessa has a sister that 's studying psychology , because Vanessa should be her FIRST patient, because she is a paranoid fool and needs help badly,she seems to be a pathological liar,. It may very well be true that lying is part of the game, but when she looks into the camera in the DR, she makes me feel as though she's saying to us " who do you believe me, or your lying eyes and ears". These jurors will not all of a sudden get a brain and think for themselves, my only wish that if she does win, that it's only by one vote and it gets down to that one last vote before she knows if she has won and we get to see her almost pass out, I hope to never see her or another pack of skittles again.