Sunday, September 06, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Sunday - September 6

I'm in the final five!

Things did calm down some in the house. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Which Twin Goes to Jury:
  • Austin is totally understanding about why he was put on the block along with Liz and why it's time the others split up Austwins.
  • Sure, I doubt he wanted it to go down.
  • But it makes sense as the numbers dwindle in the house -- not so much for him, but for the others vying for the win. They need to break up the solid block which makes up half the house right now.
  • In between tears and hating on Austin, Liz knows it's the right thing for the others to do for their game.
  • Julia is having a hard time grasping the idea, though. She just can't understand why they need to be broken up.
  • @@
  • Liz is still mad at Austin for not throwing the PoV comp to Julia so all three of them could be safe.
  • However, Austin wanted the limelight. And, he got it. It comes with baggage.
  • Austin made a heart-shaped chicken dish for the twins. They refused to eat it.
  • After drinking some wine, listening to Vanessa's double-talk, trying to eavesdrop on Johnny Mac shouting in the Diary Room, the twins went to bed together ... no Austin allowed.
  • The boyz hung out by the hot tub. I'm talking all three -- Steve, Johnny Mac and Austin.
  • Aha! Austin admitted that the wrestling dropped him, telling him he doesn't have what it takes! HA! He said they didn't think he was funny enough, didn't have the right looks and used his injuries to drop him. HA!
  • He honestly thinks that he's proved how entertaining, funny and athletic he is and they'll be begging him to come back into the fold.
  • @@
  • While Steve keeps turning to the camera (when he's alone) and telling us he's onto Vanessa, I doubt she'll be the renom.
  • It's probably going to be Julia.
  • And, as of right now, it looks like Julia will be the one to go.
  • Both twins have fussed about how they're so over this show, this game, this house.
  • I only wish Austin was going. He annoys me. And, it annoys me that if he makes the final two, he'll win.
  • But it's not over until the fat lady sings ...

How do I kill them all off with no blood?

Listening to Austin's delusions of grandeur

Why me? I hate Austin!

One of us is going home!

No room for Austin tonight!


Witt said...

Seriously doubt that Steve will renom Vanessa. It is more important that the twins are broken up first. Don't know how long he'll really stick with her; he may be a super fan but just doesn't have the stomach (literally) for this game. Austin's delusions of grandeur are simply hilarious.

My favorite moment ever on this show in all these years was Dan's Funeral, and how he turned a certain eviction into a final two seat. Brilliant!! One half-step behind was Jeff's use of coup d'etat (spelling?), when Jessie was finally escorted out the door (and that's just personal -- just never ever, ever, ever could stand that guy).

Your favorite moments?

Anonymous said...

It's funny and amazing how everyone has turned on Austin, when the game started several people were talking about how "hot" Austin was, however I thought they were seeing another person in the house that I didn't see. He was totally disgusting from day one to me, he had that ridiculous hat, that horrible hair and beard and of all other things, the appearance of looking as though he smelled, never wearing shirts and walking around with no shoes on, I was saying to my daughter "what if he has some kind of foot fungus, why would these people not demand he where shoes UGH. I know getting one of the twins out (preferably Liz) is a good idea, but I believe getting Vanessa out would be wiser, getting these twins out later will be a piece of cake. Them winning HOH and POV was a fluke, the next physical comp would take one of them out right away, and lets not forget, Steve still has a crush on Julia, he might throw JMac under the bus, because Vanessa really wants Jmac out.It's not over yet since " Mr. Don Knots" (Steve) doesn't ever know what to do other than"I want my mommy", or run to Vanessa for guidance if she wasn't already standing on his heels. That being said if Julia would say three kind words to him she could probably stay of the block. But they are so self absorbed with why "us". Well twins know that everyone is "just not that into to you". I guess Liz has found out sometimes you can't sleep your way to the top.(pun intended)

Cheryl in NC said...

ok so if Julia is the renom as we alll expect at this point...why in the hell would they even consider taking out her first...WAKE UP HAMSTERS..she cant win anything and she certainly won't win in the end.....use your brains and take out LIiz...geez

Chacha said...

Its amazing that Steve, who knows Vanessa's dubious ways wont just put her on the block.
Austin needs to go to him today and spill some beans. I don't really like the twins but getting Vanessa out should be top priority.
Austin can spill about a final two, then Steve would know that Vanessa has played the house.
It probably wont happen on either end.
All houseguests think they are the only final two with Vanessa.
We do see now that Vanessa will throw HOH on Thursday. She stated it to Austin that it isn't in her best interest.
So in my opinion, Austin, Julia/Liz, or Jmac will win.
I really would like to see JMAC win this HOH when he really needs it.

IAgirlsmom said...

OK, so it seems true that if Austin had thrown to Julia they really would have been safe another week, because Julia and Liz (presumably) would be the majority votes. So.... Did he really have opportunity to do that and didn't? It must be kinda to throw it to a specific person. Throwing in general not so hard, but just so one other guy gets it. I'm thinking he really wasn't presented with the right opportunity or why wouldn't he have done it? Wouldn't it be something if Vanessa had a hand in somehow? Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

It was a one on one Austin V Julia round. But no guarantee that Julia would go on to win it.


Petals said...

Thanks Jackie!

I'd researched Aushole before he'd entered the house (I wanted to like him), and knew he'd been dropped from WWE, and that he'd not wrestled in a few years. Same with gymnastics - if you notice, he only somersaults and does 3-sec handstands. He's a hack. A dilettante. Period.

If Steve is truly "on" to Vanimal, and he knows he has JMac on his side, he could go for a Van removal. I don't know why he wouldn't.

One good thing from yesterday's kerfuffle? No Skinemax on the Handi-Cam.

JonMD1267 said...

I will be ok with any of the remaining fools winning except Steve. I just can't get behind him. For the so called superfan the only thing he does is talk to us but the fact Christine was one of his favorites lol. Again I know it's different inside the house but come on you should know the type of person you are and if you need medication or have that much angst dealing with stress keep your superfan self on the couch lol

Carol Calvin said...

Chacha I think getting Vanessa out is important, but I think they need to split the Austwins at the earliest convenience because they are a voting block. Just my opinion.

JonMD1267 said...

I do love how double mint are taking all this. And Austin is in the dog house.... "No Twins For You" lol

Sharon N said...

Plus, Aushole wanted that TV Time, with Jesse awarding him the POV.
He really thinks all this TV time will be his ticket to the "big time" in wrestling...or anything else will crop up because he's had a chance to prove how entertaining and athletic he is. Barf

The idiot had to #1 tell Jesse his Judas name, but continues to think Jesse knows who he is, and #2 thinks Jesse cares enough to get in the ring with him. @@

News flash: nobody cares about you or your tv fame dream Aushole!

uncartie said...

Aushole prepared dinner in an attempt to make up with Lizard. I watched him prepare it. Handling raw chicken without washing his hands and then touching other stuff,etc. The result?@@
Sat 9:57 PM BBT The twins are eating ants. Liz found ants all in the food Austin made but keeps eating. Julia: Austin is trying to poison you.

Ummm...Yummy..Mr Wonderful's cross contaminated dinner. Would you like a side order of salmonella with that?

Sun 1:56 AM BBT Austin done with shower, (he did not wash his hair after his workout). Using toilet now. He puts mic back on, messes w/hair puts his shirt on. Steve comes in talking about kool-aid he got in his HOH basket. Now Austin is in the fridge (never washing hands). Austin is touching food in the container that will go back in the fridge.

If I had a choice for a dinner cooked by Bogfoot or Hannibal Lechter I'd probably go with Lechter.

Ed in Ohio said...

Bummed that Bigfoot won the veto:(( I really wanted to see him go next!

Glad Liz changed her sleeping arrangement, at least for a night! P.S. Liz he doesn't 'luv' you that much (to use the veto on you)

They should really vote out Liz (sorry Monty). Liz is more likely to 'reconcile' with Bigfoot than Julia would. And Liz I feel is the stronger player. Julia would be more inclined to work with Vanessa. If they don't break up the threesome now they may never. (Even though there's trouble in the Austwins paradise @ the moment)

Steve & JohnnyMac remain a mystery to me. But at least Steve is doing something. Not sure where JMac's head is? Bobcat JMac has confused me all summer!

Anybody but Austin!!

Chacha said...

I get that the three need to be split.
Steve though realizes how close Vanessa is to the twins. He is just to stupid/manipulated to do anything against her.
these hamsters are only thinking about jury management.

Sharon N said...

JonMD, another nail in Steve's coffin for me: he is also a fan of Ronnie!!
Bad enough he liked Christine, but Ronnie too?
As I said on the other thread, the kid has issues.

Sharon N said...

Everyone get their barf buckets back out....
Aushole & Lizard are back together.

Anonymous said...

Liz knows that she or her sister will be leaving on Thursday,so she better get back in with Bigfoot so she can continue to hide that coattail. I just wish this week would hurry up and be over because the whole season has been so predictable, I just want to see Vanessa get evicted and then I'm be good, and I won't have to look at these sorry ass players any longer. Next season has got to be better. I wont watch anymore of this show, but I will continue to read Jackie's Blog to see what happens, her recaps and comments are much better than the show anyway.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say I just want to see Vanessa get evicted then I'll be good.

Ed in Ohio said...


Aushole & Lizard are back together. Kinda' thought this would happen.....$500 G's at stake. All the more reason to vote out Liz!

Anybody but Austin!

monty924 said...

The whole point about keeping Julia over Liz is that she CAN'T win in the end. She's become the new goat. Johnny Mac will take care of that. He wants to be the goat to take to the end.

Lili said...


My favorite moment is Janelle yelling "Suck it bitches" while being carried out of the room by her buddy Howie. I loved Janelle, Kazar, and Howie. The strategy sessions, the way Janelle killed the comps while wearing her special gloves, the sheer entertainment value of her and her alliance was great TV.

Meanwhile I fear what will happen next if Vanessa or the remaining Austwins get the next HOH. If she decides it will serve her Van will put up Steve and JM without hesitation. And surely the Austwins will put up Steve and JM. So if JM loses the upcoming HOH he and Steve are at risk and we are at risk of ending up with Van, a twin, and Austin as F3. Gak!

David said...

Vanessa has painted herself in to a corner I think. They all know now about Vanessa and her forked tongue but is anyone willing to do anything about it is the question. They can all see she is standing in the way of them winning. It is crunch time and the next HoH has to take a shot at her if they stand any chance of winning. They all say it and with Steve not being able to play this next HoH, it is crucial to win for everyone, including Vanessa, though she may not think so.

With one of the twins out, the spotlight on Vanessa becomes brighter. I think the talk the boys had away from the girls helped them all get a feel for what needs to be done. We will see but I don't want Vanessa to stroll to the end like Derrick did last year. Someone needs to take a shot at her to keep it interesting. Only the HoH will really be safe next week as the veto winner can force the HoH's hand to put up someone they don't want to put up.

Jackie said...

Witt -
One of my favorite moments dates back to BB2 ... Dr. Will harassing Nicole with the radio-controlled car and several just crazy times when he talked to the cameras about gay dolphins and such.

Anonymous said...

If that happens then is would serve them right, Steve doesn't deserve to be in the F3, he says to us he's on to Vanessa yet he allows her to stay in the game, why doesn't he take this time to get Vanessa out, he has to really depend on JMac to win the next HOH and absolutely nothing has been guaranteed by JMac except he knows how to throw comps. I do believe he might even throw Steve under the bus for Vanessa and vice versa. The Austwins will surely but Steve up for putting them up. The chance of Vanessa putting the up is also verrrry possible, sending Steve to the jury will probably be her best bet because he will feel that she has played a phenomenal game, I guess he doesn't need the money because he has been her puppet through out the game, he's will just be glad to tell his friends that he played in the game with what he'll say was the best player to every play the game, looking at the people he has most admired on BB

monty924 said...

I think deserves to be in F3. He's stepped up his game her at the end and he is making a power move this week no matter what he decides to do. Who knows, he could even renom Vanessa even though I think chances of that happening are slim. At this point, they all deserve the final three if they get there.

Anonymous said...