Sunday, September 13, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Into Sunday - September 13

Let's not tell them

Sheesh, even when her conversations go on and on, I should hold off posting until they finish. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Ten Days to Go:
  • Okay, by the time Johnny Mac and Vanessa stopped talking, the target changed to Steve.
  • Why is that?
  • After telling him a gazillion different scenarios and possible outcomes, Vanessa asked, "Which way are you leaning?"
  • "To evict? Steve, for now anyway."
  • Gah! They're still too dumb to break up the obvious couple!
  • Going into the final four with a couple is just too risky, methinks.
  • One wise thing they did is decide not to tell them ahead of time.
  • "Heh-heh, why do people always tell? It's against the rules and everything, heh-heh," according to Johnny Mac.
  • They still don't know, although they're guessing, that the schedule will switch up or speed up to get everything in by the finale date.
  • Steve mentioned to Johnny Mac that no star ever got their start in BB.
  • JM brought up Frankie. Steve told him that BB might have helped, but was not the root of his fame.
  • Meanwhile, both Liz and Austin have visions of sugarplums and open doors throughout the land waiting for them when they get out.
  • Ha. Only BB fans will know them and both have been unpopular with the online fans.
  • That's all for now. Things could change again. We won't know until we know, I guess!

I'm leaning towards evicting Steve

If we were BB2, we'd be out by now

Could I be going this week?


Witt said...

Since Vanessa is so good at talking people into doing just about anything, I wonder if she could contact my boss (and his boss) and convince him I need an all expense paid trip to Hawaii? Then the Outer Banks? For about a month? Maybe? Could she do that? LOL

WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY won't they get rid of the couple????? All Austin and Liz have done during their HOHs is follow what Vanessa told them to do. I am sure the jury knows this. Austin is so ridiculous....I'm thinking back to his POV and him saying "They should be VERY AFRAID." Oh PLEASE!!

Can't wait until this season is over. The only fun part has been listening to everyone on this blog chat. Thank you for all you do, Jackie!!

uncartie said...

Sat 9:06 PM BBT Liz: "My image leaving this means more to me than any amount of money. I want to leave her with integrity..."

Sorry Toots,That ship sailed the moment you crawled into bed with Icky Fingers.

Anonymous said...


There you go again making me laugh again until I cry, I just read one of your previous post, stating that Vanessa needs to stop the skittles thing and go with her PARANOID GUT. That was too hilarious. Jackie,you and Petals make my day. When I'm feeling a little low I come here, where it's fun. Thanks, to the three of you.

Nana in the NW said...

If Vanessa/Jmac keep Austin/Liz then they deserve to lose. It doesn't matter what the couple says they are going to take each other to F2. If you have Vanessa/JMac/Steve in the F3 it's anybody's game. I agree with Witt...ready for this to be over. There have been no surprise evictions. The hamsters have been so afraid to go against "the house" it has made for a boring season. I guess that's what happens when over half the contestants are recruits and don't really know the game.

uncartie said...

Nana,There were at least 2 surprise evictions,Jackie after Steve put her up with Meg,and Clay after James promised Clelli of them they would be safe.

I like this season overall. It certainly was better than the last 2,and my cheering for Vanessa since day 1 has been a major factor.

Of course if Vanessa gets voted out I will immediately declare this to be the worst season ever,complain that the game may have been fixed,followed by my usual empty threat of never watching the show again :)

IAgirlsmom said...

I understand that Vanessa would be the deciding vote, but why wouldn't JMac at least try to sway her to get out a Liztin. Or talk to Steve to also try? It isn't as though JMac has anything to lose with her, he was her target til the POV. I'm guessing Van must think she has better odds with Liztin for votes. But first she's gotta get that far.
On the other hand, she appears much smarter than me, so what do I know?

Sharon N said...

Call me crazy... I don't think it a matter of people 'not knowing the game.'
It's more a matter of mixing people who do know with those who don't, but most of all, prepping them with having previous seasons to review!

Think about it...the original players were ALL recruits who didn't have ANYTHING to review, They were completely clueless, and yet they managed to make it interesting all summer.

JMO, but it's time for BB to go back to the basics.
Bring on ALL green recruits, with none of this BS of them reviewing so they know which comps will be coming up, and how to prepare. Let them figure it out by themselves and fly by the seat of their own big girl/boy pants!!!

monty924 said...

Johnny Mac would rather go up against Liztin than Steve in the F4 veto and then in the 3 part final HOH. That's why he wants Steve out now.

Petals said...

posted it once, I'll post it again:

When did candy become so integral? WTF?
Van is the like the love child of Willie Wonka & Victoria Gotti.

monty924 said...

The only ones I can remember before this season were Evel Dick and Danielle and then Pig Pen and Kevin. ED and Dani did it with sugar packets, tea bags and candy bars in S8, and PP and Kevin had some wonky kind of board with play dough or something. ED and Dani did it for strategy like Vanessa, but PP and Kevin did it to Jedi drill the days and comp events.

monty924 said...


Sharon N said...

Although there was candy/stuff in other seasons, the Skittles Decisions came down in BB16. A silly attempt to evict Donny, but not get blood on their hands because, after all, it was "the Skittles fault." @@

Vanessa using Skittles enters a whole realm of crazy. She must have used 3 or 4 bags to have that many on the table and show her every angle. But then she still corners everyone for their thoughts... when she really knew what she would like to happen by that time anyway. However, she always has to try and 'find a reason.' She will try every angle so it can look like it wasn't her fault... because she had no other choice. Therefore, no blood was actually spilled by Vanessa. @@ Yeah, right.

Beyond all of Vanessa's machinations, I think JMac sees Steve as more of a threat in Final 3 than LizTin or Vanessa.

Sharon N said...

If JMac can work it so he wins the 500k, he could care less who gets the 50k.

Petals said...

agree Sharon. Is that a Mizzou avatar?

Sharon N said...

It's a pseudo Colorado College hockey player/puck. When the stick hits the puck, it shows the school's Tiger logo. :)

Yes, I'm an over-the-top CC Tigers fan and get very involved with team functions.
Each year, I have season tickets, go to every home game, and (with my hockey buddies) try to travel to least one road series (2 games). This year, depending on finances, I'm hoping for a St Cloud, MN trip.

Anonymous said...


"Van is the like the love child of Willie Wonka & Victoria Gotti.", LMAO, I'll have to take a nap after that one.

Anonymous said...

I say this every season and wish my idea would be tried. People are afraid to use pov because they know one of there allies will go up. IF You Win POV, you save on person and YOU then pick replacement. This will turn the game around.

Witt said...

Deb, great idea!! They say POV is truly the most powerful person in the house; make it that way! I wish they would also do this the night of there is no time to figure out "what the house wants."

Nickelpeed said...

Such oblivious people. Clueless, clueless, I say again and again. To NOT break up Austin and Liz is too risky. How dumb, dumb.

I am thrilled JMac won the Veto, but ever since he came back from eviction, he's changed. I just wish I didn't have to see a final 3 of Van, Austin and Liz; but they made that promise a long time ago and I think it's going to stick unless JMac wins HOH.

Come one clueless to keep Steve in the game!!!

Susan in MA said...

I hope Van puts Austin up and evicts him with her tie-breaker.