Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Wednesday - September 9

No, he didn't carry her over the threshold

Yep, I'm still here! I just got caught up between life, work, live feeds and catching Stephen Colbert's debut. The live feeds lost out a bit because they've been in the BB Doldrums for the past few days. But I'm caught up now and here ya go -- the latest from inside that Big Brother House of People Not Welcome at My Dinner Table:
  • Steve got his HoH camera yesterday.
  • Unlike some other seasons in which there's a lot of animosity at this point, they all had fun with the camera.
  • Even though Austin was in a Grumpy Cat mood and didn't want to don his tutu, that is.
  • The biggest news of the day is that the twins finally realized that Vanessa has a final two deal with everyone in the house.
  • Well, duh.
  • It took them long enough to figure that out!
  • Julia thinks Vanessa will throw the HoH comp because she's good with everyone.
  • Well, yeah. Duh. Johnny Mac is on the slate to win that one.
  • Can't get any blood on her hands!
  • Vanessa continued to make her rounds and talk how much she's hated by the jury.
  • She really wants to get herself in the position in which someone will choose to take her to the final two because she says she won't win.
  • Vanessa got Johnny Mac to agree to make Steve a renom and tell him no promises were made if he gets HoH. That's assuming he nominates Austin and Remaining Twin and one takes him or herself off.
  • Of course, Steve and Johnny Mac have their own final two deal.
  • This begs the question: If you have six people in the house and each person has several final two deals, how many final two deals are possible? It's kind of like the math question about two trains heading at each other at different speeds, when will they collide?
  • It keeps going between Liz and Julia which one will stay this week.
  • Liz and Austin want to blow up Vanessa's final two deals to Johnny Mac.
  • They think JM in the finals with them would be less risky than Steve.
  • Vanessa continued to tell Johnny Mac and Steve they would be the final three.
  • Oh. And Austin would be in the final two with her.
  • Now, how's that gonna happen?
  • Mind you, she didn't tell her boyz that. I said it.
  • The latest seems to indicate Liz will be the one to stay this week.
  • Steve is getting frustrated that Austin has been talking a lot to both Vanessa and Johnny Mac (separately). He fears he will be targeted.
  • Remember, his initial target this week was Austin until that fell through with the veto win.  
  • As an observer, it's easy to see what Vanessa and Austin are doing. Steve tells us his thoughts when he can. The twins just don't really know the game and will go the angry/emotional route rather than any sort of strategy.
  • Then there's Johnny Mac. I think he sees through Vanessa. I think he's more loyal to Steve.
  • But, who knows?
  • Oh ... and they finally got their last take-out dinner, a Chinese food delivery.

Taking a skyway shot

Having tutu much fun

Austin was Grumpy Cat

What? She has final two deals with all?!?!

Steve hangs out with twins


Chacha said...

John said to Steve yesterday that he would nominate Austin and a twin if he wins HOH.
I can't believe these two have not talked about Vanessa and her deals. Here's hoping it happens at some point today. With a lockdown looming not sure how they will get the time without Vanessa protecting her deals all over the house.
I do hope that Julia blows up vanessa and her deals in her speech or in her way out the door like she is threatening to do

Ed in Ohio said...

If they don't vote to evict Liz, they all deserve to lose!

Why would you leave a 'couple' to remain at this late stage?

Chacha said...

These hamsters are idiots. There is a week and a half left in the game. Getting rid of Liz cuts two "powerhouse alliances" off.
I love to read after the season what these people have actually thought about during the game.
John- I was just trying to survive.
Steve- I couldn't make a decision without Mamma Vanessa
Austin- I was just trying to get a piece, it was game
Liz- no comment I am in hiding
Julia- you mean I wasn't on bachelor in paradise or Twinning.
Vanessa- Umm Yeah so I think this is why its not a good time to talk to me. I think I need to put my green beanie on and think about it for a while.

Ed in Ohio said...

LOL Chacha, You nailed it! That's these hamsters in a nutshell. Totally agree!

Nothing against Liz but the smart move would be to vote her out. I really wanted Bigfoot out this week but that darn veto.

Sharon N said...

Vanessa needs to put her green beanie back on and work with JMac to get out Lizard.
If she votes to keep Liz, I'll have revise my opinion of her game and put her on that derailed train... along with the rest of the dummies!

uncartie said...

I still think Vanessa is in a great position. The Austwins will go after Steve/Jmac and Jmac/Steve will go after Austwin.

Vanessa said her reasoning for why she would keep Liz is the "piss off factor". Why get Austwin totally P'O'd at her and take the focus of their hate off of Steve?

Then again we still have almost a day and half for her to change her mind a dozen or so times :)

Anonymous said...


who knows Austin might be glad to see her go, remember he stated he wont be Clay and be ready to fall on the sword for someone he just met "his words not mine, and he really needs that $500K so he wont have to continue to live at home with his Mom,I don't think he's about to give up that money for a little honey. He might realize now it's about time to get rid of that dead weight, if she goes to the jury as gullible as she is she'll probably vote for him, thnking she'll get part of the money

Anonymous said...

I see Austin didn't get so P'O'd that he didn't think about not using that POV on himself, I can't stand the sight of him but he's not a complete fool. and since every one now knows what Vanimal is up too, she could make it to the F2 and still not win the money, remember with these idiots it's not about who played the best game or not, it's about likability with these nuts they like to hold grudges. They have absolutely no clue on how this game was to be played or why you're suppose to really give props to the person who played the best game, who would have allowed the twins into the game in the first place? These hamsters were excited to see them, go figure, we don't know whats being said or will be said by the time a couple more of them get in that jury house, and for all we know we might see Vanimal in there. Now that would for me the only thing to made this a good season for me.

Anonymous said...

I wish Jackie could put a like button for each persons' comments! I agree with them all!

Dolores in Hollywood.

monty924 said...

Me too, Dolores. :))

I can't keep up with all the logic and rationales that come out of Vanessa. I mean, who thinks this way? Answer: she does. She's either going to win this thing or lose it very badly. So I guess my pool girl is safe another week. @@

Had to laugh at the twitter and joker's hate that was attempted to be started over a comment Steve made taken out of context. Austin and Steve were telling Liz about S6 and the Cappy obsession and that turned into a convo about Howie bullying April over her husband and her dog (Pepperoni) and Steve said Howie was a bully. He then said it isn't bullying if the person your are bullying is unpopular (aka April and the Friendship). He was talking about how the folks on the feeds and out here loved it. It was true and we did. The folks posting and commenting on it tried to make it sound like Steve was saying 'bullying is okay'. My second @@ in this comment. He wasn't saying that at all.

Chacha said...

I am just excited that I am actually still in the pool, even with it being Vanessa.
I still joke about Pepperoni. My husband and I talk about it all the time.
I loved Howie.

Chacha said...
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Chacha said...

Steve was just saying that

He is Derricks Cody....
He is Vanessas ONLY number 2

but then states he can't beat her in the final 2.

Brent McKee said...

15 possible deals.

It's simple permutations and combinations (6*5)/(2*1).

Or to work it out the heard way:
Vanessa with: Liz, Julia, Austin, Steve, Johnny Mac (5)
Liz with: Julia, Austin, Steve, Johnny Mac (4) - her deal with Vanessa is set above
Julia with: Austin, Steve, Johnny Mac (3)
Austin wit: Steve, Johnny Mac (2)
Steve with: Johnny Mac (1)


monty924 said...

I do too, Chacha, lol. I'm also excited about still being in the pool at this point. I'm just not sure Liz has what it takes to win it, but you never know. This has been a strange season all around. I'm actually still completely enjoying all the turmoil this season.

Anonymous said...

Steve is a SUPER IDIOT, not a super fan, he makes absolutely no sense at all about nothing, people he still talking about him having an alliance with JMac, when all the while he talking about going to the final 2 with Vanessa. oh how I wish he would get evicted soon, that might happen if Austin or Liz (if they leave her in the game) win HOH if that happens Vanessa will vote Steve out in a heart beat.

Petals said...

Brent!! Hey man! Haven't seen you lately, how are you??

ChaCha - love your post-game analysis, LOL!

Jackie - I want to tell you (while the mood is striking) how much I appreciate all that you do - watching this cesspool of a season and then relaying the info to us in your pity & humorous way. I'm sorry can't donate more to the pool fund (I haven't worked in a while, but hope to get back to normal when my ankle heals), but I do give what I can.
Anyway, thank you for letting us party here. ♥

Roger plays tonight, so I may not be able to party with you guys.

monty924 said...

Good luck to Roger at the Open tonight, Petals. Will miss ya at the party.

I'm mixing up my Sangria to bring to the party and cutting up fruit. Can't wait to watch all of them make fools of themselves in the dizzy bowling veto. See everyone soon.

Anonymous said...

Without dictating, Vanessa has been able to influence others' logic and decisions all season long. That should help her get to F2, where I suspect the power of persuasion reflected in her final speech would turn enough jury votes to her favor.

Because Austin is the only remaining HG who's at all articulate, and he has used his alliance effectively to protect himself, Vanessa should want to avoid opposing him in F2. Imagine the quality of speech she could make against one by Steve, JMac, or a twin.

monty924 said...

Unless she doesn't really own her game. If she comes across like she played the game all alone, I think she loses by a wide margin.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:33
You're probably right, but she better watch what she says, in the past some players will reveal how they were able to get people out the game which is what you're suppose to do, however this is a completely different kind of group of fools, they will take it personally, I think she has already revealed to much about herself the fact that she has offered money cars boats and everything else you can imagine, so they may feel she doesn't need the money, contrary to what most people think she has done some pretty stupid things herself