Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday into the Evening - September 7

Bein' a goof

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Move Along, Nothing to See Here:
  • See the renom was already known before the PoV ceremony, the twin tears subsided for most of the day, just a few intermittent bouts. That is, after an extended bout of crying as they (the twins themselves) decided who should go home. Like it's their decision, y'know.
  • Austin, who fancies himself as an aspiring comedian, actually made me smile at one point today.
  • Yep, you heard me.
  • He was cooking and told the the twins there were ants all over the spoon-uhhh.
  • Of course, that humor would only fly in the BB17 environment.
  • Today was a whole lotta nuthin' going on -- excercise, pool playing, lounging about, talking about how hot it is ... and such.
  • I wonder why they didn't get a grill this year. No tie-dyed shirts, no dollar store toys. Hmm. 
  • Steve told us he trusts Johnny Mac more than he trusts Vanessa. 
  • Well, that's smart.
  • The BB voice actually told Austin (over the PA system) that he didn't wash his hands after using the bathroom.
  • Heh.
  • Of course, I saw one of the twins biting her nails as she prepared food.
  • BB gave them alcohol. They either hope to pep them up or poop them out, I guess.
  • Get braced for this one ... Johnny Mac is planning on returning to school to get his orthodontist certification.
  • Braced, orthodontist ... get it?
  • Okay, I'm bored.
  • Vanessa told Steve she would put up Austin and Julia if she wins HoH.
  • That tells me two things -- they will keep Julia this week and Vanessa has no plans to win HoH.
  • That's it for now.

You can't hide

Lovin' a teddy

We're on the block-uhh

Claws. I tell ya. She's got claws.


Nickelpeed said...

Just like Van making sure she's secure no matter which way the wind blows. She needs to be on the block with Austin if JMac wins HOH. I'm thinking he'll throw it again because if Van wins, I can see her putting up JMac and Steve. One vicious circle.

Thank you for the updates, Jackie. It's greatly appareciated.

Sharon N said...

Trouble is, everyone is on to Vanessa's game now. Even Julia was trying to tell Liz.
Aushole spent a lot of time trying to explain how the game would go once they reach F4...all depending on who wins the next HOH and POV, and who EACH would take to F3 and F2.

Those silly girls still seem to be under the impression that THEY will choose which of them will be evicted... and everyone will just roll with their plan. @@

So many nincompoops in the world. Who knew, they would all be gathered together on BB this summer?

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure Vanimal won't be America's Favorite Player, we can all agree on that, and I also doubt that JMac wifi be either he might even lose some patients, it's laughable to even imagine that he's a dentist,he screams, acts unintelligent,and just down right silly to be any kind of doctor, well maybe a veternarian they need to keep there patients happy, and entertained, I just don't understand all the hype about him. Maybe he should consider trying to be a comedian, he's just not quite there yet either as far as I am concerned. Some people on here (Petals and Sharon) just to name a couple, are much funnier than JMac to me.