Thursday, September 10, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Thursday - September 10

Practicing speeches

Wake up and smell the hamsters! Ew. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dubious Deals:
  • Steve proposed a deal with Liz that if he and Vanessa are on the block and she (if HoH) has to break a tie, she'd vote for him.
  • She agreed.
  • But she told Julia and Austin she has no intention of doing so.
  • Austin also agreed and claimed he controls Liz's actions in the game, so it's all good.
  • He also has no intention of honoring the deal or getting Liz to honor it.
  • But, he did point out that maybe Steve would vote Vanessa out if Liz and Vanessa were on the block and he (Steve) was the sole vote. That is, if he thought he had a deal with Liz.
  • Doesn't he have a deal with Vanessa?
  • Hmm.
  • The twins are acting like they've never been separated since birth.
  • They don't live together in real life.
  • They'll live.
  • Julia said when she first saw Meg's Memory Wall photo, she thought Meg had to be really old ... like in her 30s or 40s.
  • @@
  • I'll be happy when one twin is out. They're way too loud when they're together. They randomly scream much too often.
  • Austin promised to keep Steve next week if he's on the block with anyone other than Liz.
  • Meanwhile, Steve lied to him and told him that Vanessa had nothing going with Johnny Mac -- the only reason she didn't put JM on the block is because she wanted to be sure Meg got evicted.
  • Hmm.
  • Steve and Julia roughhoused, Liz and Julia taking Steve's stuff and him trying to get it back.
  • They played PotBall.
  • Austin told a ghost story to the twins.
  • He needs to keep his day job; he's no writer.
  • Wait.
  • He doesn't have a day job!
  • Steve, alone in the HoH room, said he deliberately kept Austwins up late so they'd be tired for the HoH comp.
  • Vanessa and Johnny Mac turned in early.
  • Steve was up latest of all. But, then again, he can't compete.
  • It still looks like they're going to be foolish enough to send Julia home instead of Liz.


Twins beating on Steve


David said...

The twins should have hit Steve harder. Maybe it would knock some sense into him. Probably not. He has shown that he has no spine and is nothing more than a jellyfish out of water.

It looks to me like the only hope for anything to happen is a JMac win tonight. Anyone else and it will be the same old stuff as the rest of the season. Vanessa as HoH. The worst part is they all know she is running the show now and still won't do anything about it.

Tried watching BBAD last night and fell asleep within a half hour. This cast is just so amazing that they knocked me out at the first mention of pot-ball being set up.

Anonymous said...

Steve is a freaking idiot, what makes him think he can go make a deal with Austin and Liz even before he kicks her sister out. These are the most idiotic people I've ever seen, he won't get rid of Vanessa because this fool thinks he has a chance to best her in a F 2, then two second later he's almost sure he can't. I'm glad he fell for that stupid deal. If JMAc doesn't win that HOH, he butt is going on the block and out that door, because now Vanessa can have an alliance with Liz and Austin to get JMac out. What makes these fool think that they can guarantee a JMac HOH win, as I've said before these people do not have a clue as how the game is played, if Vanessa isn't gone next week, she wins the game hands down, because everyone of them knows she playing them yet because dumb ass Steve put Liz and Julia up he's going up,and they (Austin and Liz ) will run to Vanessa and tell them about Steve proposed deal with them STUPID Steve I will so glad to see him go.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long after the before Liz dumps Austin.

jamie Shonk said...

I'm a little slow since I have only seen a few episodes here and there and I dont watch the feeds, I always just read Jackies Blog or Jokers..but what exactly is Potball? lol Any help would be appreciated =)

David said...

Jamie, pot-ball is a game Meg came up with to pass the time in the house. They set out different sized bowls and pots on the floor and mad balls out of aluminum foil. They try to throw the "balls" into the bowls/pots and keep score. They made up their own score system according to the size of the bowls/pots. Extremely boring to watch. lol.

Anonymous said...

POT BALL. The most boring game ever and will guarentee to bore you to sleep when ever played more than two minutes. The two words that will make you want to run and scream and stick your head in the freezer. POT BALL. Understand it now?

Stormy said...

Almost as bad a Austin strutting around without a shirt on flipping his long locks and lovingly rubbing his ponytail bread. As least that is the way I see it.

Chacha said...

These idiots missed the boat when Liz or Austin were HOH. They all have short term memory when it comes to Vanessa. It will be finale night and still saying we have to keep the bigger targets here.
The bigger target being Vanessa will walk away with the money.
I believe deep down Becky, James, Shelli, and possibly meg so far will vote for Vanessa to win.
The only way j see her losing is if Johnny Mac is sitting next to her. Then his winning will just be a personal win and not based in game play.
I haven't been the biggest j Mac fan. He really doesn't do much at all besides sleep,

IAgirlsmom said...

Still really hoping that JMac and Van (and non voting Steve) decide to vote out Liz and break up 2 duos of Liztin and the twins. Seems doubtful at this point, but a girl can always hope. Hoping also for a JMac HOH. Otherwise keeping Liz could really bite him in the you know what.
Loved on the show last night when Steve, in his HOH robe, told JMac he needed to win one "bucko". (I think that's what he said)

Susan in MA said...

The few times I've attempted to watch BBAD, Austin bored me to death with his talk about wrestling and, of course, himself.

Chauncey said...

I'm still amazed by Vanessa telling Julia to pick Austin and SHE DID IT. That move alone should give Vanessa the win even though I hope she doesn't but she is playing her butt off, the rest are just observing.

uncartie said...

Athletic Gear is the dress code for tonight.

monty924 said...

I really hope Johnny Mac wins the HOH but that could be trouble for my pool girl

Sharon N said...

Wish we'd get a surprise tonight... them voting out Liz.
If nothing else, the shock value would be awesome to watch!

Anonymous said...

I'm not looking forward to JMac winning HOH because it will just be another Vanessa run HOH without getting blood on her hands, I'll just be glad when this season is over, because it has not been that entertaining to me. I can't say that Vanessa is so smart it's that the other house guest are so stupid, starting as we all know by letting those twins in the house and after they got there allowed them so stay so long.

Anonymous said...

Patty Q

Anonymous said...

Dear Jackie, I've been following your blog for years. Tonight on chenbot live night I am banned from watching live. My husband a Patriots fanatic has to see Brady play.I know you work miracles with the blog,your photography, job etc. just wondering if you could wisk me to your party? PLEASE

Sharon N said...

The only answer for couples with a TV "Conflict of Interest"... TWO tv's!!! LOL

uncartie said...

Anon 8:20,Vanessa is very smart. She helped the twins stay in the house and as a result had 2 solid allies in her pocket that voted her way all season. Liz let her run her HOH and put up who Vanessa wanted. Vanessa is the only one in the house that ever planned more than 1 day ahead.

Tonight should be interesting as she does not want to be HOH,preferring to win it next week. It's a huge gamble because she could end up on the block but I think she's willing to take it.

Yes there were a lot of stupid players but that's the case every year. It's CBS's fault for casting people with talents far superior to the average hamster. Derrick from last year is another example. A trained police officer skilled at questioning and undercover work? Huge advantage over everyone.

Sharon N said...

Makes me wonder how this season would have gone without a Vanessa.
All these hamsters have been so clueless, even the self-proclaimed BB Fans.
Imagine, having to think for themselves, with nobody telling them what to do!!