Friday, September 11, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Friday - September 11

What will I do?

September 11 -- a day we'll never forget. Fourteen years have passed and the wounds don't heal. But, life does go on.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Indecisive Decisions:
  • As you know from the HoH comp update post previous to this, Vanessa won HoH with Johnny Mac on her heels and Austin not far behind. Liz was so far behind the others that she took the luxury prize when she got egg #4 across.
  • We don't know what that prize is yet. But, we can predict that if she can take a guest, she'll take Austin.
  • Although Vanessa kept saying she didn't want to win before the comp, she said paranoia took over and she didn't want the chance Austin would win if Johnny Mac dropped an egg.
  • Paranoia? Vanessa? You don't say!
  • The Vanessa rounds were all about "incentives" and how Vanessa is "incentivized."
  • I'm tired of that word this season. It can go away like the old "that's what she said" of a past season.
  • In talking to Austin/Liz, she told them in the long run a bit of what they wanted to hear, but also confronted them with various betrayals (real and perceived) by Austin.
  • In talking with Steve, she also brought up what she thought were some moments of weakness against her in his game, yet told him a lot of what he wanted to hear.
  • In talking to Johnny Mac, she didn't mention betrayals and seems to be favoring him.
  • With him, she talked about maybe putting up one from each side (for example - Austin and Steve) and letting the chips fall where they may.
  • But the hitch is that only two people vote this week -- in her scenario, Johnny Mac and Liz would vote. Normally, Liz would keep Austin, JM would keep Steve. Vanessa asked Johnny Mac if he'd vote the way she tells him. He agreed.
  • If she puts up one from each side and the other from each side votes their buddy, Vanessa would be the tiebreaker.
  • She'd have to make up her mind.
  • Oh noes!
  • Then Steve comes in and Vanessa confides in him about all the bad points from her talk with Johnny Mac. 
  • Hmm. 
  • I do get the feeling that she's leaning more into going forward with Steve and Johnny rather than Liz and Austin.
  • She claims to be in the middle of two couples -- Austwin and Rockstars.
  • The Have Not room is shut down and some sort of construction is going on inside.
  • They're also on an inside lockdown the house, so something is going on in the yard.
  • There's a ticker going across the top of the feeds screen saying they will pause from 9:45am PST to 11:30pm PST. I would guess for 9/11, but I question the times. Unrelated, wouldn't be Daylight time, not Standard? Second, could it be 11:30am, not 11:30pm? The times just aren't making sense. I suppose it could be all day. I guess we'll find out.
  • Back to Steve and Vanessa, they crunch numbers and scenarios.
  • Now it's to Austin and Vanessa. She mocks her talk with Johnny Mac to him, telling him that JM said he hates him all and she will never win more than second place.
  • Maybe she is with him.
  • Heck, I have no clue what she's going to do. Every other time we've known clearly from the get-go who she wants out. This time the future is cloudy.
  • I personally think she needs to get rid of Austin first as he's the most popular with everyone else in the house. But I'm privy to more private conversations and evicted hamster interviews than she is.
  • At this point, he would need to go first. Then Liz. Then it's a toss-up between Johnny Mac and Steve because they both have detractors on the jury.
  • But now, in her talk with Austin, it looks like Johnny Mac will be her target to go, then Steve.
  • Gah.
  • I guess we'll find out later today (or real late tonight if the scrolling marque is right time-wise).
  • This will go 'round in circles until nominations.
  • I'm getting dizzy.
  • Maybe I should go bowling.

Steve overlooks all the quiet

Making the rounds

Making the rounds

Are those times right?

Maybe I'll put up one from each side


Anonymous said...

I have always believed that Vanessa would turn on JMac and Steve because they came into the fold last. She also thinks (and she is so wrong)they might have a little sense. People can say what they want about how funny and good JMac is but to me he is very foolish, I will be glad to see him go, what has he done in the game besides throw comps and now look where he is, I don't know why he fought to get back in the house,he's still a none factor. People were almost certain ( I dont understand why) that he would win HOH, somehow I knew he wouldn't. I do not like Vanessa at all, but she deserves to win. JMac wants to be funny or a comedian, maybe he should have tried out for Last Comic Standing, because he surely hasn't played this game to win. I'm not sure he didn't throw that HOH last night, you can never tell with him, who knows he might be waiting, like the rest to get Vanessa out later LOL

Anonymous said...

I am gutted that Austin or Liz might make it to the F2. I really dislike both of them and hate the thought of either one winning or getting any money. Of the people left standing I think Vanessa has played the best game (the only game) and deserves the money. It will really turn me off though, if she puts up Steve and JM and Steve ends up leaving after what he did for her last week. Of course, I guess it's Steve's fault for being so clueless, but that was just outright lying to him and using him to get her to do her dirty work. I think the best thing for her to have done would have been let JM win HOH and get rid of Liz/Austin. Then she wouldn't have been to blame.

Anonymous said...

Dumb Steve will get just what he deserves if she puts him up, what was his reasoning for keeping her in the game after telling us he knew what she is up too, I don't like Austin and Liz either so as far as I am concern they are in the same boat as Vanessa,she has played the best game, I just don't get her entitlement, calling other people liars , when she has been one of the biggest. anyway she has played the game she should have after figuring out that she was in the house with a bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just watch with amazement Vanessa's power over everyone. It is really pretty impressive. I don't like anyone left in the house but Vanessa deserves to win. Of everyone standing, I like JM best. Steve is definitely one of the weirdest prayers ever.


Cheryl in NC said...

Vanessa has to understand that she cannot go into final three with Austin and Liz....She is a numbers girl.I just dont think she will let that happen and she must get one out now. If you take Liz or Austin to final 2 ...they automatically have 2 votes ..meg and james vould easily vote for them also ..and they would only need to persuade one more...and I think Shelly would go with Liz over Vanessa.....So heres hoping she sticks with Jmac and Steve and takes out Austin this week ..fingers crossed...and then they can take her out I think the 2 of them can beat loz in final 3....a girl can dream....right??

Becky said...

Jackie, I have a funny feeling that Vanessa is trying so hard to hedge her votes that she will end up voted out. As the saying goes, she should fish or cut bait! She should put up Austin and Liz. If one wins the POV put up J-M or Steve and take responsibility and break the tie. She could even use the excuse that Auliz were such good players that she was afraid she had no chance against them.

BTW I did not skip out without thanking you last night. For some reason my thank you comment would not post.

I also stated that we would celebrate your BD Tuesday since they changed the date.

Terry is a Texan! said...

Its a sad day and my heart goes out to all in NYC, DC,PA and NJ who experienced such sadness and tragedy.

I was in California at the time, getting ready for work, and saw the tower burning and the second plane flying horror was so miniscule next to all of yours.

Vanessa is very smart but keeping Liz could be her downfall. If she doesnt get one of the duo out soon. She needs to realize she waited too long to break up a three way cord...its not easily broken

Sharon N said...

It's a sad day indeed, and burned into the hearts and memories of all who lived and watched as the horrendous events unfolded that day. One more that's burned into my memory is the assassination of JFK. Those of us who lived to see both of these things will never be able to forget. I still get chills thinking and remembering the horror.

I'm sure the first period of time for the feeds to be down is in memory of 9/11.
However, the longer period of the time down seems beyond any other 'memorials' taking place. Maybe BB is attempting to keep some things a secret and hoping for a surprise factor?

~~Silk said...

Is it possible that Vanessa would not be satisfied simply winning, she'd want to win against higher odds? What honor is there in beating a chihuahua if you can go against a wolf and still win?

Chacha said...

I think you may have nailed it.
She doesn't want the easy win. In her mind I believe she thinks she is the best player ever.
Liz and Austin would be stupid to take her to final three.
I don't think Liz or Austin will throw any part of the final three.
They can tell Vanessa they will all they want.

uncartie said...

Silk,Chacha,Sorry but the last thing Van wants is higher odds. She's a gambler that wins because she plays situations that are the most favorable to her,not less favorable.

Anonymous said...

I watch the 9/11 coverage on fox news every year because they replay exactly what was broadcasting on that morning, etc. On the 10 year anniversary, I watched it like all day, sobbing my heart out. Today I watched for about an hour and tears just slid down my face, I wasn't crying, just uncontrollable tears I didn't really realize I was shedding. Fourteen years. So crazy.

Have you guys seen the new freedom tower tour and the observation deck? You can see for 50 miles! And the elevator tour up.....omg, so freaking crazy!!! If you don't know what I'm talking about and want THE COOLEST experience ever, don't spoil it for yourself by looking in advance, just go and take a tour of the freedom tower as soon as it's open. Otherwise, if you can't go or whatever the case, search for video of the elevator ride up in the new world trade center.

Chacha said...

Her odds of final three is greater if John is there.
I truly believe Austin and Liz will cut her if she doesn't win POV next week

monty924 said...

This day will forever be in all of our memories. I can remember precisely what I was doing when I saw the news coverage. I was off work that day and sitting at my computer with the TV muted and caught a glimpse of a plane crashing into the second tower. I stopped what I was doing and turned the sound on and just stared in disbelief. I wasn't on social media then but my email box started blowing up. Such a horrible day.

Nickelpeed said...

I believe she'll put up Steve and Jmac.

Cheryl in NC said...

I swear if Austin and Liz end up final two....i might just have to boycott them showing the winner..don't think i could take it..haha

monty924 said...

I think she will too, Penny. It sounded like that from what I've read today. The feeds are down until 2:30 EST so we'll have to wait until morning to know.

Julia had a cute interview with Jeff today. Sad that now she thinks that she obviously forgot Freud from her philosophy class because he was a great philosopher. @@

Jeff even plays into it later and says psychology but changes to philosophy. These people, LOL


Witt said...

Cheryl in NC....I'm with you!! Vanessa deserves to win this game, and as much as people are burned that she got the better of them, I still think they will vote for who actually played the game.

uncartie said...

Witt,I agree. Time heals a lot of wounds. Shelli totally ignored Van during the get back in the game comp yet she later has said she would vote for her. I think Becky will too. James is a pretty straight shooter so I don't see him holding any grudges either. Jackie may still be bitter but I haven't heard her say anything one way or the other.

These idiots are still seeking fame and recognition. Holding on to a perceived grudge and voting against someone out of spite is not the way to go if you seek good public relations. It might make you popular with a small group of feedsters but not likely with the general public.

Sharon,With the feeds down so long and the have-not room being reconstructed in some way, I have a sick feeling that Grodner's elves are planning something like "Pandora's Box".

Petals said...

Monty - me too. I was at work in Ridgewood New Jersey - with a clear view of the NYC skyline. I can remember every detail as though it were yesterday.

Petals said...

Uncartie - good guess, re the Pandora's Box. Or heck, ANYTHING to get people to watch the show again. I haven't seen a show since, oh, hmm, I think some day last week, but I don't even remember.

I did read some conversation 'tween JMac & Vanimal. He refused to play in to her game, he took no bait & gave no info whatsoever. I love it. He refuses to lick her butt like everyone else. If nothing else, he will leave the house knowing that she never got over on him. He isn't some dupe at a card table.

Sharon N said...

uncartie and Petals,
When I saw that there's construction noise in HN room as well as the yard, that definitely smells like Pandora's Box... and a comp.

Since Jesse already made an appearance this summer, I doubt it will be him popping out of Pandora's. Certainly begs the question, but hope whatever it is, it will mess with Austin somehow!! lol

JMac is intelligent, but other than doing his hysterical DRs, I actually think he has been completely bored playing this entire game with a bunch of nincompoops. He reached the point of not particularly caring a long time ago. He had fun at first, accepting the part of Pawn 2 or 3 times, but then everyone wanted to 'use' him. He saw that if/when anyone said no to generous offer of being pawn, they were dropped into that 'uncooperative' vat, the 'dye' was cast, and they were left few choices.

David said...

Wonder what they are going to do about BBAD if the time they say for the feeds to come back are accurate. That is a half hour after BBAD will be over with, not that it has been anything to watch for over a week anyway.

Them letting in the twin ruined the reset button twist. They haven't had a get all the free clothes you can put on deal this year. No pandora's box last year or so far this year. I am sure they had a lot of takeover twists planned that they never used, so they probably have a whole bunch of stuff they could do that is just sitting somewhere gathering dust.

Sharon N said...

Exactly, a LOT of twists were kicked to the curb FAST this summer.
As predictable as it's been getting, it makes me wonder how bored Grodner is with this show... other than the $$$$$ she 'earns' for it.

I don't think Julie has even been saying those words we hear every year... "expect the unexpected." Maybe because not much has been unexpected... other than the dummies letting both of the Twins in the game. @@

Just think, they will have all those great twists for next year.
Is it possible the hamsters might go back to 'expecting the unexpected' again then?

Anonymous said...

I don't think JMac is so intelligent or funny for that matter, however that's just my opinion, and if he didn't want to play the game why did't he just throw the comp to come back into the game and let someone play that really wanted to be there, like any of the other three that played for that chance, I think he came back to continue to scream and act foolish. He has done absolutely nothing the entire game.

Sharon N said...

Anon, as you each his own opinion.
JMac is intelligent or he wouldn't be a college graduate, nor would he be a dentist.
But that's neither here nor there because, like many others in the past, he underestimated what it takes to be in that house for so many weeks, and maybe even discovering being a "good"liar isn't easy, mentally or emotionally.

As for why he'd want back in....he said he would like to win and pay off his huge student loans. But he also knew they would all be working to get him back out. Vanessa offered him a chance....he thought, and it was going to be the only one. Steve didn't really count in the equasion.

Well folks, 11:30 came and went, but BB production was still messing with the feedsters. Time to check and see if its finally up and working...then off to sleep!

Sharon N said... hour past time and nada. Wonder if there is some kind of comp going on....or maybe they had Pandora and. BB doesn't want feedsters in on the big secret yet.
Guess we'll find out sometime tomorrow!

Stormy said...

I think Luck plays a bigger part in the last one standing when it gets to this stage of the game. ie who wins HOH/VETO etc. Keeping Austin/twin in to long will probable hurt all of them. Everyone is playing for self except the "duo"

David said...

I don't have feeds but according to another web site JMac and Steve on the block. Frankie was involved somehow in whatever went on they don't want us to know about so it had to be how much torture can each HG endure. Liz complaining about a tattoo (fake) that she got she can't get off.

Sounds like it was some kind of reward/punishment like Pandora's box but I am just guessing.

So this means either Sunday or Tuesday, most likely Sunday, we will have to endure Frankie Grande so get your barf buckets ready. They should be handy as they are constantly needed anyway for when Austin/Liz go at it.