Saturday, September 05, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds, Power of Veto, Saturday - September 5

What the heck has happened?

Things didn't go quite as planned. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Tears, Fears and False Veneers:
  • The hamsters, despite an early bedtime for them, slept in until past noon.
  • Then it was time to awaken for the PoV comp.
  • Poor little hamsters.
  • Oh my. The feeds came back with Steve in a green tutu, Johnny Mac in a yellow tutu and Austin wearing the veto necklace.
  • Yes, you heard me. Austin. Veto necklace.
  • The twins are crying.
  • Vanessa is crying.
  • Vanessa and the twins are crying together.
  • It's a wonder Steve isn't vomiting.
  • The twins are mad because they think Austin should have thrown the comp to Julia, thus ensuring all three would be safe.
  • Austin is blaming everything on Vanessa.
  • It seems they had to pick each other in the comp and there was also spinning involved (which did in Steve).
  • Austin admitted that he overreacted (to winning the veto?) but claims it was "good TV."
  • Trust me, Austin -- NOTHING you do is "good TV."
  • Except, perhaps, when you eventually get off my TV, out of my life and cease haunting my nightmares that something's gone rancid in that ponytail beard.
  • Liz supposedly cheered Austin's win without thinking that they had discussed how Julia would go on the block if one of them won veto and saved him/herself.
  • When Liz realizes that, both she and Julia turn on Austin.
  • Austin told Johnny Mac they need to get Vanessa out.
  • Steve's tummy hurts.
  • Austin, Liz and Julia want to throw Vanessa under the bus to Steve so Vanessa will be the renom.
  • Johnny Mac is just sort of hanging out, all secure from the kerfuffles all around him.
  • Liz claims she can't stand to even look at Austin.
  • Good. I don't want to see them looking at each other either.
  • Vanessa ran around crying to whoever would listen to her -- the twins, the twins separately, Austin ... damage control in high gear.
  • Too bad I'm not really seeing real tears from her.
  • Steve seems to be having second thoughts about Vanessa and told us her stories don't add up.
  • But, of course, I have no faith that Steve will turn on her and think for himself.
  • Oh, geez. Jessie Godderz hosted the comp. Ew. Him and Austin will be together on my television screen. Ew! Ew!
  • Austin tried to lay a guilt trip on Liz -- how he ruined his life and left his girlfriend for her.
  • @@
  • She doesn't want to hear it.
  • "Hey, it's a game. Sometimes you get evicted," says Johnny Mac.
  • It really doesn't help that Austin keeps bragging about the comp and wore that PoV necklace forever!
  • Liz and Julia hit up Steve's HoH wine and trashtalked Austin.
  • Meanwhile, Austin, Johnny Mac and Steve are drinking more wine in the kitchen.
  • What we have here is one fine kettle of fish ... I'd say the fish just might be piranhas.
  • Heh.
  • They knew the job was dangerous when they took it.
  • I would think that Julia will be the renom when Austin wins veto.
  • But it should be a traumatic (for them) two days until the veto meeting.

I am SO OVER this game-uhh!

Trying to do damage control

Mr. PoV PTB (Ponytail Beard) Ew.


jamie Shonk said...

lmao!!!well at least we had a interesting day in the house

Witt said...

Jessie?!? Jackie, I'm so sorry. :(

Sharon N said...

Julia thinks Mr Pectacular is positively yummy.
She thinks his muscles are soooo much better than Aushole's.

Liz thinks Aushole is ugly now.
Well, yes, he actually is, but it's mostly of his own choosing.

Aushole, Mr. Sleaze, also thinks the girls in Jury are all naked.
Maybe he thinks BB sent them to Glen Eden Nudist Ranch? @@

David said...

Oooooo, more whining and crying going on again tonight, can't wait to watch it later when my internet speed is up. =) Got 4 more days until my feeds are turned off, may as well get the most out of it.

So nice to see that all our predictions are coming true about what would happen if they succeeded in getting everyone that wasn't aligned with them out of the house. The more the tears flow the bigger my smile gets. Wish it would have happened a lot earlier in the season, but they deserve to feel every bit of the pain they inflicted on everyone else and laughed at them about it.

Witt said...

Jessie?!? Jackie, I'm so sorry.

Sharon N said...

Ok, I'm seriously off the Steve train now.
He not only loved Christine, but now we learn he was a BIG fan of Ronnie too.
That boy has issues.

Petals said...

@@ OMG, Austin says, "they are re-writing the whole show" (based on his win)

I'm so glad that Liz gets to see the kind of Hole he is now.

Petals said...
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monty924 said...

I caught that, Sharon. I was eating cheese and crackers and almost choked when he said it.

Anonymous said...

I so wish that Vanessa would be the renom and get her out but I guess one of the twins, really needs to go, maybe Vanessa can be next ,now it seems they might think of having a all guy f3, I really do not like the twins they are mean spirited, wasn't it Julia who said to Jason "now go back and live in your parents basement". There is no denying it Steve has some psychological problems, I don't know whats going to happen to him if he doesn't win, he over thinking the situation while still making some of the wrong decisions. I would not be surprised if Steve with Vanessa's encouragement puts JMac.

JonMD1267 said...

Can't they find any other past houseguest other then Jessie lol. I must say I flashed on them all crying when he got voted out that time like he was murdered or something that season I think that was when Jeff used he coup de gras or can of tuna whatever it was called lol. Really hope they can pull a rabbit out and Austwins can stay just on how foolish they all were leaving them in this long. Poor Austin his ego is going to go from hero to zero in like two seconds when he realizes what people think of his " good tv". Ha

Nickelpeed said...

Oh the web we weave when we practice to deceive. LOL. Well, if I were all of them, I'd put the guys against the girls. What else could go wrong. lol.

David said...

Something else must have gone on during the veto comp besides just Vanessa giving bad advice to Julia, or it must have been the way she did it, but no one is really buying what Vanessa is saying anymore. It was right after the veto and Vanessa was trying to explain herself but no one was buying it.

It must have been that she didn't have on her green hat when was was trying to explain herself. It seems everyone bad mouthed her once they got away form her. If Steve's game wasn't so tied up with riding Vanessa's coattails she would be in danger as a replacement. Vanessa is in a lot more danger of going out the door next week than I think she realizes.

Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike Vanessa, She has played the game and at this point deserves to be in the final. The triplets have also been riding on her coatails and been her puppets. Jmac waited to long to get his game on. Oh course this is my opinion.