Friday, September 04, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Second HoH Spoilers into Friday - September 4

I couldn't play! I had NO CONTROL!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Final Six (and TWINS are still in the house):
  • Vanessa, the only one not to compete in the first HOH comp on the live show and the veto, fussed that she had no control and felt helpless.
  • In the wait for the second HoH comp, there was napping, fretting and reviewing house happenings study prep.
  • They had to pack James's stuff up which was fairly easy as he was mostly already packed (in solidarity with Meg and all, y'see).
  • Liz, in a moment of kindness, shouted out to Julia that she was giving James Julia's cat hat which he abducted early in the season.
  • Steve muttered that the twins were idiots and should have sent home John. That's because he and John (and Vanessa) will team up to rid the house of them.
  • Of course, the smarter move would have never to have let twins in the house in the first place.
  • The plan is for Johnny Mac to throw Steve the HoH comp, but not until after Austin and Julia are out.
  • Austin told Vanessa that Johnny Mac told him that Steve and her (Vanessa) would be his nominations if he wins HoH.
  • Bwahahaha!
  • Mr. Ponytail Beard bought that one hook, line and sinker.
  • Vanessa hinted that Austin should throw the comp.
  • Now, he balks at that.
  • Austwins and Vanessa talked about how Steve and Johnny Mac have to go up if one of them wins HoH.
  • The HoH comp was baseball themed which was about as much info as we got before Jeffish kicked in.
  • And, looky here ... Steven won HoH!
  • Maybe the plans that Steve, Vanessa and Johnny Mac had for ridding the house of Austwins might come to fruition!
  • Vanessa is already covering her jury bases -- she told Julia she's sure Steve won't put Johnny Mac up as she thinks they must have some kind of final two deal or something.
  • Austin thinks "mathwise" it would make no sense to put him (Austin) up.
  • The twins, of course, think that Steve's totally in with their group.
  • Sans Austin, the twins think they're good and think it might be time for Austin to go on the block.
  • Heh.
  • Liz got her HoH basket, but the wait for Steve's HoH room reveal lasted into the wee hours.
  • Steve commented on how his day which started vomiting in the sink (nerves) has gotten better and better.
  • Liz got a letter from her mother in her basket. Steve told her he misses his mother.
  • Y'think?
  • Julia and Steve talked about how loud the applause was for both Meg and James. They think Jason's applause was the loudest, though.
  • With the decision for nominees, the only issue is which combination of Austwins to put on the block.
  • Steve had shaken hands with the twins well before this and said they were safe.
  • He told Austin tonight that he's safe.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Austin told Steve his biggest worry is that if the twins go on the block and one wins veto, he (Austin) will go up.
  • I'd say it's about time for Austin to go on the block! What do you think?
  • Austin is willing to sacrifice Julia and go into a final three with Steve and Liz.
  • Isn't that so giving of him?
  • He claims he would throw the final HoH.
  • Yeah, right. Keep on talkin' ponytail beard.
  • And on and on he went. I almost thought he was morphing into Vanessa. He offered both twins to save his own butt in the game.
  • Meanwhile, elsewhere in the house, the twins think Austin is probably throwing them under the bus to save his own butt.
  • Heh.
  • Austin went told the twins that Steve had promised both Johnny Mac and Vanessa safety, so two of the three of them would have to go up.
  • Finally, Steve got his room. He didn't get a letter from his mother -- it was from his father. He got a teddy bear.
  • Johnny Mac and Steve talked -- JM thinks it's better to get rid of Austin than Liz.
  • Vanessa talked Julia into proposing a deal with Steve that if he puts Liz and Austin on the block and she (Julia) wins veto, she won't play it.
  • Let's see if she buys that one.
  • Gulp. She does! She goes to Steve with it!
  • Let's see if she keeps her word if it comes down to that.
  • Nominations later today ...

Oh my, little Steven is HoH

Everybody but ...


Willing to give up a twin

What's taking so longgguhh?

Long time waiting, nothing special HoH room


JonMD1267 said...

I really would like a twin to take out Vanessa at this point and one of them win as a mega warning that you fools never leave that strong a bond couple in the game lol

Anonymous said...

Was sad to see James go. Glad Steve finally gets the HOH room. I'll be happy with anyone winning but Austin and Liz. Vanessa is most deserving of the win. Thanks for all you do Jackie!

Anonymous said...

I wish Julia would've been voted out...austwins have been the biggest floaters in bb history. ..vanessa has been carrying them the whole time to send all 3 home !!!

Stormy said...

Think I will pull for Austin and the twins to be final three and one a winner. Serves the others right for letting them stay in so long. Send Steve, looking for his "Bs" , JohnnyMac with that loud scream and Vanessa looking at her clean hands (no blood on them). They can sit by the pool in jury house and see how stupid they played.

Cheryl in NC said...

can't wait to see austin and liz on the block

Chacha said...

Ronke there is no way Vanessa is NOT in the final three. I don't like the way she acts but will say again she has worked the hardest in the game.
Could my pool pick actually make t to finale night? All these years and I might be able to gloat...
The feeds were boring late last night, early this morning.

Chacha said...

I can remember Derrick saying after the game that he had to stay in "character" at all times.
This is what vanessa is doing.
I was sure that there was no way that she would even try for the HOH last night. She can't get the proverbial blood on her hands since she has so much.
Austin thinking "mathwise" it makes no sense for him to go up. Does he really think that eh should skate to the end. Oh wait, yes he does because he has had to carry the twins.
I don't want Julia to go to Jury this week. I am sure Vanessa doesn't either.
I am hoping its Liz.
Meg, James, Becky, and Jackie would like that. I am sure all jurors would like Vanessa but Liz would do.
Although I think James would love for Sasquatch to be there come next friday

Ed in Ohio said...

My my my.....How quickly the worm turns in this game! Steve finally has the chance to do something! We shall see.

Vanessa continues to keep workin' her 'mojo'......she's her or not.....she's really good!!

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Yeah, Steve even recognizes this, called it the Vanessa Mist ala Dan.

Joe in NY said...

It could still be an interesting Final 6 with a 3-on-3 battle. Vanessa has brilliantly placed herself in both a 3-3 and 4-2 house, which gets her farther. BUT BUT BUT, she really has left no room for error. It's the numbers game, you don't want 3-3. You want 4-3. They are a round late. Taking out Julia instead of Meg, especially with Steve taking the blame, would have left Vanessa with more room for error.

As the numbers wind down, comps become more and more important. Unlike Survivor where there is only immunity, BB has HOH and POV and so you can't as easily control the house. She's damn lucky Steve won this immunity but she really can't completely control things moving forward, not even this elimination.

Imagine she puts up Liz and Julia. If Austin wins POV, he can take Julia down and then either Vanessa or JMac have to go up. The Triplets then control the vote as they have 2 of the only 3 votes to evict. As I say, no margin for error.

Even if they get someone out, say Austin. If Julia or Liz win the next HOH, then Vanessa or crew have to win POV or the twins are in Final 4 and then it's all comps and numbers don't matter.

If they had just taken out one of the triplets, their path is easier to the Final 4. And that's all you can control with strategy. In Final 4, POV winner has all the power with the HOH safe. In the Final 3, the HOH winner has all the power. Comps are far more important than strategy after 4.

IAgirlsmom said...

So, how many more normal HOHs? This and then 2 more, right? 6 people and 3 need left for the finale.
Is Vanessa wanting to keep Julia because she thinks she can get the votes over her in F2?
Did Julia tell Liz about the Steve pitch? They must be ready to let Austin go.
Yeah - it really is going to come down to who is winning the comps now.
Still pulling for JMac (I always like the underdog), but guessing he is the most dispensable in any combination.

Ed in Ohio said...

From this point forward the veto is going to play a critical role in the outcome, regardless who the nom's are. Luck may become a factor.

Hoping for an Austin nom & eviction. You can do it Steve......put your big boy pants on!

uncartie said...

I'm with you,Cheryl in NC...Lizard and Bigfoot on the block with Bigfoot going home.
From Vanessa's point of view,even though the twins will remain they are easy to manipulate. I hope she makes him the target.

Chacha,Yeah Van definitely didn't want HOH. She was really overacting last night about how poorly she did. "I don't do comps well at night" LMAO! She hung on to that twirling rope all right a week ago Thursday night .

Goldie said...

If you win POV, does the winner and the person he takes off the block become safe or just the person he uses it on?

uncartie said...

Both Goldie. The POV winner is automatically safe and cannot be nominated

Sharon N said...

Goldie, there is one caveat...
If the veto winner is already OTB, that person can only choose to save him/her self OR the other person. Both can't be saved in that event.

Nickelpeed said...

I'll say it again. These are some of the dumbest people ever. Steve is like a little puppy dog. If he doesn't put up at least Austin, he's stupid. Vanessa is good. She secures her place. The two who should go up are Vanessa and Austin. I am hoping someone does this soon. But, it still leaves two others who were just as bad. However, I would not care if the last 4 standing were Steve, JMac and the twins. Steve and JMac need to get smarter. They've played so dumb. Hopefully, it has been their plan the whole time to be dumb.

Nickelpeed said...

I actually think Vanessa has played well. Love her or hate her, she has manipulated every one. You do not have to get blood on your hands to win this game. I'm just tired of hearing that phrase.

Austin has done nothing to be in the final 3. I like Julia better than Liz.

I want to see Steve and JMac make huge moves. The huge moves should have been made a long time ago. Why would anyone let a family member in to the game? That was one of the dumbest moves ever.

If all the people who were voted out had banded together and stayed together, we would not have seen the situation we see now. They allowed Vanessa and the Austwins to stay together. If they had really listened to Vanessa, they would have been able to figure out that she was in an alliance with Austwins. She never wanted to put them up. Isn't that a sign? She always wanted to target the easy ones. I'll never understand that.

The biggest DUH moment is hearing Meg and James STILL NOT REALIZING that Vanessa and Austwins were working together. How clueless is that????

Sharon N said...

NONE of them have caught on yet that it's Vanessa pulling the strings.
She tells each of them what to say/do and follows up with you NEED to not say anything! LOL
So, like good little followers, they follow her command. @@

David said...

What I would like to happen is a combination of one/both of the twins and Austin on the block. The remaining of the three win Veto and then remove one of the other two from the block. This will force Steve to put either JMac or Vanessa on the Block, hopefully Vanessa. I do think Vanessa is the only one left in there that deserves the win but just like last year with Derrick, I don't want her to win or at least be in real danger of not making it to the end.

Getting Vanessa out is the big move one of them needs on their resume to actually win and someone needs to take a shot at her. That is what frustrated me last year is that they let Derrick float to the end and gave him the money without any challenge. Steve knows this but he doesn't have the balls to do anything about it.

It is time to cancel my feeds. Nothing I need to see I can't get from reports at this point and does not really have anything on there I want to pay to access I can't get from another source. CBS has been bad about keeping the exit interviews, access to the Ponderosa archives available. Their search engine for the site blows monkey chow with no way of filtering the results for newest first so you get results from years ago even when you enter season specific information.

uncartie said...

Meg said in her vote out speech.."I played this game as an independent individual".
That is exactly how not to play.

"And I was your activity coordinator".
Treating the game like summer camp @@

Lili said...

Ed in Ohio...

Personally I do not believe that Steve possesses "big boy pants". He may talk game to himself incessantly but in the end he does whatever Vanessa tells him to and this week will be no different. If an Austwin had won HOH Vanessa would have targeted JM and Steve. But since Steve won HOH she will target the Austwins. Vanessa rules over the remaining players to such a degree they might as well write her the check today.

I enjoyed Derrick last season, he may have stayed in character the whole season but he was strategic in an interesting way, and generally pleasant, cordial and never whinny. There were no crocodile tears, no playing the incessant victim, no whining about being all alone while simultaneously having deals with 98% of the house and no locking himself away in HOH and complaining about what an awful terrible unwanted ordeal being HOH is. I know Vanessa has played very successfully and will very likely win and will deserve to do so. But I find her approach to the game so annoying I very often mute the TV when she comes on.

Oh well, it matters not a whit. By next month I will only remember a few of their names, and I imagine as we speak James and Meg are having a great time in the jury house.


Anonymous said...

I find Julia and Liz to be very nasty individuals. I don't care for them at all. I have often wondered what parents think when they see their offsprings acting the way they do on televison or on the live feeds. At this point, I want anyone to win but Julia and Liz. I am rooting for JMac, but it will take a miracle for him to win. Zoe in California

Ed in Ohio said...

Lili, I pretty much agree.

I don't know if Steve owns or is capable of wearing 'big boy' pants. I just want him to make a move already. Steve & JohnnyMac have disappointed me all summer with their gameplay (or lack there of). I really couldn't figure either one out. In an earlier post I referred to them as Vanessa's tweedle dee & tweedle dum.

As for Vanessa I am not a fan of hers either (actually not a fan of anyone left), but she has outplayed everybody. It's just that all the others have played so poorly I feel none of them deserve to win, and IMO if one does it would be by luck/default.

This entire cast has been very disappointing to me, and I've always felt the cast is what makes the show. I'd like to see Steve nominate Austin & Liz (Austin the target) with Julia as replacement if needed. At least that would negate two of the Austwins votes.

P.S. Derrick was my pool pick last season but he made it kind of dull too. Dan is my all time favorite BB player. Wish they could find more like him!

Chauncey said...

Dan was the man. Derrick worked his mojo flawlessly. Cody gave him the $500,000. he knew that if Derrick was in the final 2 he would win yet he picked him anyway, well at least he has a friend. Vanessa will do the same thing this year, she completely manipulates everyone left in the house. Its her money to lose.

monty924 said...

I watched Meg's interview with Jeff, but James' interview isn't up yet. One thing that has come out in a lot of the jury members' interviews is that 'Austin is playing the best game'. Smacking my head against the wall as I type this. They don't know it in the house, but he would be the one to get out at this point if they want a chance of winning. It's his social game and I get it, but he isn't pulling the strings like they think he is. Vanessa is.

Steve needs to just grow a pair and do what he said last week that he would do if he won HOH. Nominate Austin and Liz and unless Julia wins veto keep the noms the same and vote Austin out. I have a feeling that if it is Austin and Vanessa on the block come Thursday, Vanessa will be sent packing.

uncartie said...

Vanessa got rid of the people that suspected or knew she was pulling the strings. Jeff,Shelli & Becky all knew. She got very lucky when Steve got rid of Jackie. Jeff was a huge move by her that noone seems to remember.

She tells Steve she'll vote however he wants,Of course she will...her picks are on the block. Right after she convinces Steve who should be voted out. :)

David said...

That may be true as they head out the door Monty, but it seems to me from the jury house and the way they acted towards Vanessa when they came back for the competition, they know in the jury house who is pulling the strings. That could be good or bad for Vanessa depending on how she admits to it if she makes it to the end. If she does the fake crying thing at the end, or being her normal confrontational self, she could win all the battles but lose the war.

Steve is in the same boat as Vanessa, which since he is her puppet it would be obvious why, he has deals with everyone left in the game. He may pull the trigger as HoH, but as soon as they get to jury house that person will know of all the deals made and who is the puppet master. They may hold it against Steve for not having any balls and playing the fool even though he knows what is going on.

So it all comes down to who actually gets to the end, and with whom they decide to go against for the win, that determines what will happen. I think Vanessa needs to take either Steve or Julia at this point for the easy win. Vanessa will chew Steve up and stomp on him like a dog if they both get there. It is Vanessa's to lose, but even if she gets to the end, with whom she gets there with could make a difference.

monty924 said...

Here's James' interview... not surprising. He says the same thing. I'm telling you, Austin is high on their vote favor list.

Sharon N said...

uncartie, I really do think that's why Vanessa wanted James gone too. She knew he was a wild card she didn't have control over in the house... especially considering he had won comps and might continue that trend.

During BBAD one night, James was talking with Meg (in HN), and he had analyzed that it was more Vanessa's plans rather than Austin's. Meg kind of kept insisting she thought it was the AusTwins, so James didn't continue, but he had things pretty well pegged.

Having dealt with the military, I can understand James' reasoning that he should stay in the background, and not call attention to himself by talking a lot of game. That rationale just doesn't work in the BB house.

monty924 said...

I'm sorry but I've been trying to figure out who Johnny Mac reminds me of. I finally figured it out. When you watch him in profile, he looks like the Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot. It's the new jaw/chin strap beard. :))

monty924 said...

But David, if they can get Austin out then it doesn't matter. It would only matter if Austin and Vanessa were sitting in the chairs at F2.

Nickelpeed said...

Austin? The only reason I can see him high on their vote list is because of Vanessa. She made it sound like he ran everything. They still did not catch on that Vanessa and Austwins were in an alliance. Austin came across as a big man, but we know Vanessa ran the show.

Austin and Van plyed their parts well. James nor Meg really liked Van. They talked more to Austin, especially James. That is the only reason both of them think Austin is the big man. Heck, Austin has two gorgeous girls. Who does Van have?

I'll say it again, Meg and James really were clueless. I'm hoping Steve has the gonads to make a big move. If he does, he needs to grow a bigger pair if one of them wins the veto. I have a feeling he could put up Jmac as a replacement.

monty924 said...

Best tweet today award goes to this one:

"Steve finally found some balls #BB17 Hope they don't turn out to be Brady Balls.... #Deflated! Should have kept James!"

Nickelpeed said...

Exactly. Monty.

Nickelpeed said...

LOL! Love thst tweet. Monty! Kudos to the author! LOL

Stormy said...

THANK YOU Monty. I Love it. Just got off of Joker'supdate and Liz and Julia are cursing up a blue streak about Steve. SO FUNNY what all they are calling him

Ed in Ohio said...

Brady Balls...Ha ha!! Good one Monty!

Liz really has a potty mouth. She's cussin' out Steve up & down. Swearing like a sailor!! Those twins are some mean girls.

Nickelpeed said...

I see Liz as more of a mean girl.
But. Steve should have known it was coming. You're down ti the final 6. It's going to get worse.

Nickelpeed said...

I see Liz as more of a mean girl.
But. Steve should have known it was coming. You're down ti the final 6. It's going to get worse.

monty924 said...

The Liz/Julia dynamic these past couple of weeks is what happened to turn me sour on my pool girl. I don't mind the smack talking but they are so wishy-washy and just turn their opinions and thoughts on a dime depending on the last person who talked with them are. It's usually Vanessa and they just flip like it's nothing. I'll still root for my pool girl until the end out of "pool" interests, but I really don't want Liz or Austin to win it. I think Chacha said it earlier... I've never had a pool pick go this far before. I'd be happy with a Johnny Mac, Steve or Vanessa win. Fingers crossed. :))

Goldie said...


Goldie said...
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