Sunday, September 06, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - September 6

Big wheels keep on turnin'

Sunday isn't necessarily Funday in the BB House. It's more like Nap More Than Usual Day. Nonetheless, here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Exercising Egos:
  • The hate for Austin didn't last long. Liz is back with him.
  • Ew.
  • They deserve each other.
  • Liz is whacked. She complimented the chicken he made for her despite the fact it had ants in it and likes that (he hasn't been out of bed) his fingers smell like garlic.
  • Why would his fingers smell like garlic while in bed nowhere near the kitchen in either time or space?
  • EW.
  • Lots of exercising in the backyard today.
  • Lots of napping.
  • Lots of ants in the kitchen.
  • And, they're out of Raid-uhhhh!
  • Lots of small talk.
  • Lots of yawns.
  • Little game talk going on today. Johnny Mac said he'd vote whichever way the twins want.
  • Keep in mind that, technically, Austin is still on the block with Liz.
  • But everyone knows that Julia will go up in his place.
  • And, it looks like Julia will probably go home although it would be smarter to take out Liz at the point.
  • We'll see.

Ew, back together again

Ants-uuh! It's an infestation-uhhh!

A hamster is indeed a rodent


Sharon N said...

Jackie made my night: "A Hamster is indeed a Rodent" LMAO

On a different front, is Steve acquiring a case of HOHitis Stupid?
Steve: "Would I beat you in finals?"
Vanessa: "100%"
Steve: "Then why the f*ck would you take me?"
Vanessa: "My prediction is you win the game."
Steve: "Then why the f*ck wouldn't you target me?"
Steve to Vanessa: "I could send you home this week."

Steve? Verbally messing with Vanessa? Unless he DOES put her OTB, it seems rather risky to be quite so forward. He can't play for the next HOH.

monty924 said...

Steve and Vanessa have a very weird relationship... that's all I can say

JonMD1267 said...

That Austin screen cap is EPIC lol

monty924 said...

Odd thoughts tonight about what we haven't seen this summer... we haven't seen anyone use the HOH tub like in seasons past and BB never gave them a grill in the backyard this season. Maybe BB was afraid of the ones left in there burning themselves???

Susan in MA said...

Jackie, hope your night is quieter than last night! That is scary stuff, SO close to home.

Anonymous said...

Monty are you connected with the site Monty TV?

Ed in Ohio said...

Oh Jackie, My eyes!! That screen cap of Austskiz almost made me choke on my morning coffee @@

Witt said...

Steve needs to remember he can't lose someone in his voting block yet (Vanessa) until the Austwins are broken up!

Nickelpeed said...

How clueless are these guys. They just do not get it. They are convinced Austin is the leader. They are just about guaranteing Van' s or Austin's win. All because theyhave fallen for Van's speil, hook, lineand sinker.

monty924 said...

No anon 7:28... no connection