Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bug Brother 17: Live Feeds into Saturday Night - September 13

Okay, need to regroup again

Johnny Mac's win of the veto sure put a monkey wrench into Vanessa's latest plans. Now she'll have to renom either Liz or Austin. Whatever will she do? Why, she could switch sides again. Yeah, that's the ticket! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Skittles Strategies:
  • Scratch my LFT statement on this morning's update. Austin, Liz and Vanessa aren't the Likely Final Three.
  • Not since Johnny Mac lives on another few days (at least).
  • As usual, Vanessa held long revolving talks with each of her fellow hamsters.
  • Liz was rather quick and adamant the Austin should go on the block instead of her. She's still angry about Austin's behavior and quasi-reliving her anger with him over the veto last week.
  • While Johnny Mac was Vanessa's target (until now), she's worked to make him think he wasn't and that she'll remain loyal to him.
  • She told Steve that she wants him to remain in the game.
  • Johnny Mac went crazy trying to get everyone to tell him the name of the Scamper Squad.
  • Vanessa finally told him, in front of all.
  • Steve is actually very good about being on the block even before the veto. He's been betrayed by Vanessa but he never went into a groveling mess of humanity as did Austin some weeks back.
  • This time, when Vanessa spoke to Austin about maybe/probably having to put him on the block, he was better about it.
  • But, then again, he thinks Vanessa has his back. He also probably thinks he can get Johnny Mac to vote to keep him and/or Vanessa would break the tie in his favor if he can't get Johnny's vote.
  • Johnny Mac told Steve he'd vote to keep him.
  • But who knows with Johnny Mac?
  • It's looking like Austin will be the renom.
  • And, it looks like Austin is who Vanessa wants out this time.
  • But, ya never know how these things will work out.

The Skittles strategics

Thinking hard. I expect steam from the ears.

This talk needs shades, no hat

I won the veto. Heh heh heh.

Austin needs to go on the block.


Brent McKee said...

The best laid plans of mice, men and poker players (especially poker players) gang aft aglee.

JonMD1267 said...

I will be ok with anyone winning this but Steve. It is my duty as a Big Brother super fan to will them through my tv to vote him out lol

Nickelpeed said...

I really hope the target is really Austin this time. It definitely will be a tie unless some switches their vote.


David said...

It has been really hard to tell from what I have seen/read which way Vanessa is leaning, but that has been the case all season. She seemed to keep going back and forth on if she wants Steve or Austin out. I have even seen her throw Liz's name out there so not even sure which one of the Austwin she will put up.

If she puts up Austin then she probably wants him out. If Liz then it is Steve probably going. But all that could change depending on which M & M she happens to eat off her table.

Anonymous said...

Vanessa really would like to go to the end ALONE,!!! LOL. If they were smart next week they should put her on the block,so we could see some excitement and her have a hissy fit, now that would make the season for me, They really owe US that excitement for this boring season, if she does go up on the block I want to see her mix that kool-aid one last time not that any of them deserve to win over her.

Anonymous said...

Jackie's pictures captions and remarks are PRICELESS This blog is better than any TV show.

Anonymous said...

Vanessa better work those SKITTLES right, since Julia now seems to love Austin so. Austin will feel betrayed if there is a tie and she evicts him so he might not vote for Vanessa to get the win along with Julia, James ,Meg, and Jackie, what the hell she doesn't need Steve anymore, give him the boot because he'll tell his friends "I got the chance to play with and evicted by the best BB player ever". DUMMY
I'm with JonMD1267, I'm good with anyone winning but Steve., well I also wouldn't,t mind if JM doesn't win either, It's really a shame that these people (except Vanessa ) really didn't know how to play the game and now hold grudges and will probably vote with their emotions, I don't care for Vanessa at all,but she played the best game and deserves the win.

~~Silk said...

Is the post title a typo, or a comment on the kitchen ants?

Petals said...

Brent, it's so good to see you posting :)

When I read about Vanimal's candy calculations, I literally LOL'd. Get over yourself, already!

Van is the like the love child of Willie Wonka & Victoria Gotti.