Sunday, September 27, 2015

Insightful Big Brother Article (Not Inciteful!)

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This HuffPo article is really, really long. I mean REALLY long. And, since Sheila is one of the ones speaking, I brought up an old Zoetawny GIF of her. It still stands today.

But First, an Oral History of Big Brother 

But, any Big Brother fan who's invested all these seasons watching the show should give it a read. It features various hamsters from season one on asked questions regarding aspects of the game. From the day to day action (or lack thereof) to whether production takes part in the game and how it's evolved over the years. They even talk about sequester and the jury house, places we hear or see little of ... well, we see what that want us to see from the latter.

I'm not going to chime in with my thoughts at this time because you're going to have enough reading ahead of you.

But I will be in comments after you've absorbed it! See you there!


monty924 said...

I read it after RHAP had the author on the podcast. It's a good read and his interview with Rob was also great.

monty924 said...

Link to the podcast... it's audio only

~~Silk said...

Well, if these folks can be believed, then we can put all the production conspiracy theories to rest.

David said...

OMG, you were right about it being a long read. I didn't really learn anything from it though other than I still can't stand Andy.

In case you missed it, Liz cut off Austins stupid beard thing he had hanging from his chin.

monty924 said...

Saw that, David. I wish the video wasn't so dark, lol. James Rhine seems to be the most bitter of the bunch, go figure.

Petals said...

Silk - you mean to say that yes, production does create twists & scenarios to protect certain players?
Because I believe they do, and I think the article confirms it.
I couldn't tell, from your comment, which way you believed.

Petals said...
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Sharon N said...

wow, LONG read is right!! I have mixed feelings.

It's obvious some players have felt there is Production manipulation, but others almost vehemently deny. My personal opinion is... the fact that Production keeps some of the players in DR for extended periods, asking various 'leading' questions over and over again, causes me to feel that IS a form of manipulation.

Throwing various 'powers' in that can benefit certain people could also be considered manipulation... unless those powers are listed/dated on the schedule prior to the game starting. If they just toss in a power willy-nilly, that's manipulation.

I do have a hard time believing the competitions are 'fixed' because they are all scheduled prior to the season beginning. Heck, over the last few years, the type of comps has been so regulated that most know when in the game those comps will happen! So it's difficult to believe the comp results are manipulated.... especially when we see an unexpected player win.

monty924 said...

I still don't believe it's rigged even with Pandora's Box. There have been negative consequences along with positive for the HOHs that have had them over the years. Rachel's PD in S13 wasn't so great. The other things like the diamond power that Matt got was comp based, and Ian's was also comp based. Boogie's coup de'etat was comp based but Jeff's was America's vote. The players who were the most negative like James Rhine sounds more like sour grapes in my opinion.

Petals said...

I don't think the game, in general, is rigged.
I DO believe that certain HGs are favored by production and are given hints in the DR.
Of course the people who deny that are the ones who production didn't favor.

But see, it's more fun - for me - to believe in the conspiracy. I'm just weird that way.

Sharon N said...

Monty and Petals, we missed you at the AR party last Friday!

It's rapidly reaching that part of the year when I'm going to start missing AR on Fridays and will have to catch up the next day. With season tickets for my college hockey team, the weekend 'home' games will be taking precedence on Fri/Sat nights.

Jackie said...

Yes, Petals ... I know you're a grassy knolls kind of gal. But you're usually wrong when you dislike someone you think is getting favors. I don't think I've seen any of the ones you've been vocal disliking actually win.

Both Chima and James Rhine sound bitter. Sheila sounds like she did in the house. She needs her meds!

monty924 said...

Eric Steins' comments were the ones that I read closely and respect. His game was screwed the minute he showed up and was given the option of being America's Player or NOT. Not in not being on the season. I could see him being bitter, but even he of all players, still respects the game and isn't overly critical of production. At least he can poke at and have fun with his comments. I always enjoy when he's on a podcast and gives his opinion on BB. He was a suprerfan and while it's a shame he didn't get to play his own game, he sure made my season 8 fun to watch and participate in. I'd like to think that if they have an All-Stars that they weould have him back and let him play his own game. Fingers crossed... :))

Chauncey said...

Chima brought nothing to the article at all, hence she didn't have a lot of quotes, still bitter and so full of herself in a bad way. I absolutely loved Danielle's insights and James also. Those 2 are my all time faves and I have a big crush on Danielle, LOL. Boogie was great also and its good he admitted to being a butt hole. I don't believe production steers the HG but they do seem to make you think more and seem like second guess your decisions. Overall it was a good read, worth the time it took me to complete it while at work.

ceemurph said...

And funny how skewed their opinions still are even after all this time. Chima thinks she's super cute but production pushed her till she snapped, and Andy thinks he was behind all the evictions but they didn't show any of that on air. They know we were paying attention 24/7 right? Silly hamsters.