Saturday, June 18, 2016

BB18: First Impressions -- Glenn Garcia

Glenn Garcia, age 50

I've read his bio on the CBS website and watched his Jeff interview on CBS All Access. Here are some facts about and my first impressions on Glenn:
  • He's the only real adult in the cast at 50 years old. The next oldest is 32, the rest are in their 20s.
  • While he has the Latino surname, he didn't mention it in the interview, unlike the rest of the Hispanic folks in BB18 I've written about so far.
  • That said, he mentioned The Bronx quite often.
  • His hometown is The Bronx and he still resides there.
  • He's currently a dog groomer.
  • But he was a police detective. Hmm.
  • He has a fiancee, but will do whatever it takes to win. He says she would understand.
  • He is a big fan of the show. Yay.
  • Among his favorite players are Dr. Will and Evel Dick. (Yays from me.)
  • He also named Boogie and Frankie. (Boos from me.)
  • He has a daughter that he will miss a lot.
  • Aw.
  • Did I mention he's from The Bronx?
  • He seems quite set on the win. 
  • Despite the age difference, I think he'll fit in much better with the younger cast than Donny Thompson did.
  • I'm not too sure how he will do in physical comps. I think he might have endurance, but perhaps not speed.
  • I want him to do well ... he's stuck in there with all those kids!
  • While he really wants to win it all, he definitely wants to be there in the end (final three) even if he doesn't win.
  • But he's sure he'll win.
  • (They all are.)
What do you think of Glenn?


You can check out my first impressions of the BB18 hamsters by clicking the label at the bottom of the posts entitled "first impressions" or by using this link. It's a work in progress, mind you. I'll get them all before long.


Petals said...

So he's "Glenny from the Block...Da Bronx!"? lol

I like him, because he was a cop, is a dog groomer and is my age (ack!)
Hoping he knows how to stay above the fray of the young panty-sniffers
and fame-seekers. *sigh*


Chacha said...

I think he will try and get in with Paul(Cody squared).
Hopefully he will last a while.

Chacha said...

I guess I have to distinguish.... Paulie.....