Thursday, June 16, 2016

BB18: First Impressions -- Michelle Meyer

Michelle Meyer, age 23

I've read her bio on the CBS website and watched her Jeff interview on CBS All Access. Here are some facts and my first impressions of Michelle:
  • Ah, we have a superfan in the house! She's watched the show, international BB versions and live feeds. She also says she's involved online with BB fan stuff.
  • She's hoping to get out a shout-out or two on the live feeds. I doubt she'll shout out to us here on the blog. I don't think we know her.
  • She hails from and still lives in Washington Township, Michigan.
  • I have no clue where that is. I've been to Detroit if that counts.
  • Not surprisingly, she's a huge Ian Terry fan.
  • It seems like she wants to pattern much of her gameplay after his game -- laying low, taking punishments, being friendly, winning comps when needed. Now, she wants to appear weak, yet win comps. It's hard to do both.
  • She's a dietician and seems quite concerned with healthy eating. Oh my. I guess she would recommend kale over chocolate chip cookies. I'm not sure I can deal with her ilk.
  • Ahem.
  • She does have a strategy, albeit based on Ian's for the most part. But, had she listened to advice from Ian, she'd know that you can't really have a set strategy -- you need to play to your own strengths and weaknesses and things can change so much in the house.
  • She's single and not adverse to a showmance, but not seeking one.
  • Michelle feels she might have a problem staying out of the drama in the house.
  • Hey, I say drama makes the live feeds FUN. Go for it!
  • I'm not sure if all will work out for her. Superfans can win it all or crash and burn. I think it wise that she doesn't plan to talk all the time about how much she really knows the game.


You can check out my first impressions of the BB18 hamsters by clicking the label at the bottom of the posts entitled "first impressions" or by using this link. It's a work in progress, mind you. I'll get them all before long.


Chacha said...

seh reminds me of Nicole (bb16).
If the rumor of Nicole coming back is true then
this will be a fun duo.

Petals said...

Agree - she is Nicole in a brunette wig (IMO).
But, at this point, it is all speculation & rumors.

(ack - I have theories!)

~~Silk said...

Does everyone wear hair extensions these days? Especially such obvious fake hair? Sigh.

Chacha said...

anyone read this?

Interview with Grodner and Meehan....


Petals said...

Yes, ChaCha - YAY!!! I was so glad to read that! And there was something else about telephones from the HOH to downstairs.
ANd no more HaveNot comps.
Or so the article read.