Wednesday, June 15, 2016

BB18: First Impressions -- Natalie Negrotti

Natalie Negrotti, age 26

I've read her bio on the CBS website and watched her Jeff interview on CBS All Access. Here are some facts and my first impressions of Natalie:
  • Quasi-local to me, she lives in Franklin Park, NJ. She's originally from Venezuela, though. Yep, a Latina. Ohhh ... diversity speaks!
  • Other than that, she's typical of the cutesy 20-something casting we see over and over again over the BB seasons.
  • She's single as a Pringle. So she says in the Jeff interview.
  • She also says she'll lie and deceive, but won't sleep with anyone. (But she is open to a showmance, just -- apparently -- wiser than to have sex on the live feeds.)
  • She's seen very little of the show. I'm thinking RECRUIT by BB.
  • Natalie lists her occupation as an "event coordinator." In her bio, she mentions she was a cheerleader for the NY Jets. (Or, is that NJ Jets?!?!)
  • She wants to form a girls allowance ... er, alliance. She thinks three girls will be optimum.
  • Sigh. Those plans usually fail.
  • Her favorite hamster was Donny Thompson because he was so nice and genuine. I'll give her credit for that. But, remember, she's seen very few seasons. And, absolutely no live feeds.
  • She thinks everyone will want to be in an alliance with her because she's so nice and so pretty. @@
  • She thinks no one will realize how tough an adversary she can be because she's so pretty and girly. @@
  • She can't live without her hair glitter and spray-on tan. Oh my. I don't think we're in for much in the way of intellectual conversations from Natalie, do you?
  • I've really mixed feelings about Natalie. In some ways, in the Jeff interview and online CBS bio, she seems so oblivious as to what she's getting into. At other times, it's like she knows what it might take to win.
  • Will she win it all? I kind of doubt it.
What do you think of Natalie based on what little we have?

Images © CBS

You can check out my first impressions of the BB18 hamsters by clicking the label at the bottom of the posts entitled "first impressions" or by using this link. It's a work in progress, mind you. I'll get them all before long.


Petals said...

hello Frankie Grande! (I'll bet she is a relative of his...)

David said...

I have seen all of the Jeff interviews and read the bio's, I don't think we will be finding any Einstein's in this group. Even the one that says I like to do problems asked for a calculator when asked a math problem. LOL At least Victor comes off a lot better in the interview than his bio reads. His Bio reads like he is a major Douche-bag only interested in banging the girls. Natalie video confirmed my first impression I got of her from the Bio and it was not good. lol

Working on watching the K-Frog interviews to see if I get any more information from them.

David said...

Petals, I think you may be onto something about everyone being related to previous HG's. She does have the Frankie/Ariana look about her.

Petals said...

ALL of them resemble a former HG, David. Check-out Michelle Meyer - she has got to be
related to Nicole Franzel (plus they are both from Michigan).
I think the only reason that they "released" the Rousso & Califiore info is because
their sib resemblance is SO strong. And both Cody & Vanessa are pretty well-known.


Jackie said...

I see conspiracy theories have already started.

monty924 said...

I'm just waiting anxiously for next Wednesday. I've only watched one and it was the older man. I'm still watching them when I get time and reserving opinion for now. I love BB season!!

Petals said...

I have theories, all right. Not necessarily conspiracy theories - YET! hehe

Malcolm said...

She's a hottie!