Monday, June 20, 2016

BB18: First Impressions -- Tiffany Rousso


Tiffany Rousso, age 32

Welcome to my last first impression of the new BB18 hamsters! I've read Tiffany's bio on and watched her Jeff interview on CBS All Access. And, of course, we know her sister Vanessa from last season. Here are some facts and my first impressions of Tiffany:
  • She's a high school teacher currently residing in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • It's not mentioned in her bio, nor do I recall Jeff asking, whether she's single or not.
  • She says she will not be as emotional as Vanessa was in the house.
  • Oh, that's so good.
  • I just hope she brings no beanies.
  • She might have an edge coming in. Not only does she have insider knowledge via her sister, she seems both athletic and smart.
  • She's not really willing to jump in with the information about who her sister is. She'd rather they not know, but will play things by ear.
  • In her bio, she mentioned being a Janelle fan. She thought Janelle was great in comps when she needed to be and was likeable. She would like to do the same herself.
  • I think she's quite pretty.
  • She doesn't mention her cuteness. That's in her favor with me!
  • She'd rather win and be hated by America than lose and be loved.
  • Good.
  • She plans a loose alliance with bigger targets so they would be targeted first and a close alliance with fewer hamsters.
  • Y'know, I like her. She's not really reminding me of Vanessa. I thought Vanessa was a shrewd BB player, but her emotions were whacked out and she drove me a bit bonkers. I'm not getting that analytical vibe from Tiffany. But I know she knows the mistakes in her sister's game.
  • Tiffany just might be very interesting!
What do you think of Tiffany?

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Sharon N said...

Uncartie is happy. Well, maybe... if she's as smart as her sister.
Hopefully, not as whacked out.

Petals said...

Ditto Sharon, LOL!
I was wondering if she'll be as reliant on
meds as her sister. Her skin better than
Van's, but we'll see more when the mask slips.

In MY book, Tiffany is Van, Part 2. Whaanessa
(along with the Austwins) made last season a
very boring and infuriating summer. I look at
Tiffany & it all comes screaming back to me. The fact that
she plans to HIDE who she is just makes me dislike her from
the get-go.

Buh Bye Tiffany - I am already bored of you.

Sharon N said...


I just hope she plays a more interesting game than Waaanessa.
Like Jackie, I also hope she's not a crier... and please God, no beanies!

In this instance, I kinda feel like she has little choice about hiding who she is.
The BB greenhorns will have watched last season, so they will know her sister reached the end. IF they find out and give her any chance at all (big IF), they would be watching for similar antics, and with zero trust involved, she'll be one of the 'early out.'

Chacha said...

She looks, talks, and mannerisms are exactly like her sister from what i haved viewed in interviews.
The only difference is the hair color and a toner body.
There is no way she will be able to hide the fact she is the sister of Vanessa.

vanessa was my pool pick last year and as bad as i wanted to win i didn't want her to win.

I will give Tiff a chance but will have a definitive like/dislike after viewing feeds this week.

David said...

If the rumors are true of which 4 returning players are correct, she will have no chance to hide who she is. lol

* Frank Eudy, BB14
* Nicole Franzel, BB16
* Da'Vonne Rogers, BB17
* James Huling, BB17

Da'Vonne is the one who outed the twins last season. But of course, these are just rumors and we will have to wait another day to find out unless Jackie has some inside information she would like to share with us. (hint, hint) =)

Glenn said...

I just signed up for the live feeds for the first time.

uncartie said...

HaHa...Happy as can be,Sharon. I think she's the favorite to win for several reasons. She'll definitely be one of the smarter hamsters, she's more mature than most,yet young enough to be a strong competitor. Being Vanessa's sister won't hurt her if she lays low until she can form alliances. I believe Vanessa was one of the greatest strategists in BB history. Surely she has shared her insights with Tiffany. Ok,I'll stop gushing now. See you all tomorrow :)

Sharon N said...

I've liked many players, but Dan Gheesling remains my favorite. Everyone thought he was so funny and likable... until he had to pull that 'dirty-tricks' rabbit out of his hat. He was a MASTER who showed no mercy when it was needed. I was happy with the winner, but in reality, Dan should have won that season. As usual, jury bitterness got him.

Vanessa was too clever (in her own mind). In the end, it cost her. I think her success with gambling built her ego to a point that she was incredibly shocked not to win. Despite her intelligence and gambling expertise, in the end, there really wasn't much for anyone (except Uncartie) to like.

Jackie said...

Glenn -- Welcome to the madness which is the live feeds.