Thursday, June 16, 2016

BB18: First Impressions -- Victor Arroyo

Victor Arroyo, age 25

I've read his bio on the CBS website and watched the Jeff interview on CBS All Access. Here are some facts and my first impressions on Victor:
  • Another male hamster with a very nice smile.
  • I had to get that out of the way.
  • He's single and from Slidell, LA (although he claims New Orleans) according to his bio.
  • He's Puerto Rican. BB might just have tied their record with the number of Hispanic folks from season one to now.
  • His online bio makes him sound a bit of a male chauvinistic pig (to delve into past feminism chants). But he came across much better in the interview.
  • He does seem to think he's all that and a bowl of jambalaya. 
  • That said, in some ways, he does seem likeable.
  • In the interview he thinks he can "manage" the BB house because he manages a staff of 14 at a gym.
  • Um. I manage 90 currently and have managed more in my workplace. I don't even want to THINK of "managing" BB hamsters!
  • He is looking at some things quite sensibly -- he knows he might be good in physical challenges because he lifts weights and exercises. But he doesn't run and thinks he might tire fast.
  • Victor claims to be a fan of the show, but not a superfan. I'm always on the ledge about folks coming into the house who haven't delved into the live feeds. To me, they show the real show. He might be in for some surprises.
  • I read elsewhere that he's tried out for the show before, but didn't make it. So, at least he isn't a recruit.
  • He cooks. Yay.
  • But does he wash dishes?
  • He says he's open to a showmance, but his real goal is the half-million. 
  • He thinks he's nice to everyone and hopes everyone likes him, but doubts all will.
  • He has a stuffed Ernie (Sesame Street) that he'll miss.
  • Okay ...
  • I think he's going to be interesting on the live feeds (and eye candy, too). But I'm not sure if he's going to be a contender for the win.
Your thoughts on Victor?


You can check out my first impressions of the BB18 hamsters by clicking the label at the bottom of the posts entitled "first impressions" or by using this link. It's a work in progress, mind you. I'll get them all before long.


Petals said...

My favorite so far!! He looks like a Latin Roger Federer!
Go Victor :)

(He's the only cute boy. I just hope he's not a douchetard. haha)

Sharon N said...

Agree with Petals... best looking of the batch!
IMO, there's one other good looking guy, but he's too college-boy smarmy for my taste (think, Clay).

Chacha said...

Slidell is about 20 miles from New Orleans give or take. It is between New Orleans and the Mississippi line.
I say I am from New Orleans but live 20 miles also bit in the opposite direction...
I hope I like him. The last louisianian was Shelly (bb13)
A college graduate but I do believe he is in it for camera time.....

Chacha said...

If our local cbs affiliate does any segments on him or his family I will be sure to post!!

Petals said...

Sharon, I agree with you about Clorey. Too ... Something not good... For me. Lol

monty924 said...

He's easy on the eyes and I've never minded the ones who come into the house with the d-bag tag. They usually turn out nothing like we expecting and did I mention... he's easy on the eyes? :)))

Petals said...


Petals said...
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Lynette Kenyon said...

I'm from Slidell and generally say New Orleans because it's so close and people who aren't from around here never seem to know what I'm talking about. I have a mutual friend with him who says he is pretty full of himself and has a bit of a hot head. Anxious to see and hope I like him!!!!