Monday, June 27, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday - June 27

Late night Cheerio munching

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Excitable Egos:
  • Victor claims that he's mostly mad about James's pranks because James has been wasting food. His own mother would whip his butt for that.
  • Referring to the mayo in the lotion container, Natalie brought up that mayo is actually good for your skin.
  • Bronte says she can't even stand the smell of mayonnaise.
  • That just might be the only common ground between Bronte and myself. Ever.
  • Bronte has been declining in the approval of the returnees and their followers. They think that she's Frankie or Christine-like and will say nice things in front of you, mean things behind your back.
  • Nicole, though I like her, just has to grow thicker skin in the game. She's too easily hurt when she hears something bad was said about herself.
  • Hopefully Da'Vonne will convince her that she shouldn't care.
  • After all, I think back to season one with Eddie shouting "Hater!" Haters are gonna hate. No sense getting all hung up on it.
  • Jozea still retains all of his delusions of grandeur.
  • Paulie said that he knows Jozea was at an event his (Paulie's) company put on and that he is no celebrity.
  • Now, he was at the event ... so he must be somebody, right? But, think about it. There's a New Jersey connection at hand playing into it. Despite all of his talk, Jozea is from Bridgeton, NJ.
  • Ah, unseen by us, before the feeds went live, BB told Jozea and Victor to stop speaking in Spanish to each other. I have to admit, with so many hamsters fluent in Spanish, I was worried that some conversations would be in that language. Heck, I get get lost enough when they whisper in English!
  • Bronte wants all the returnees gone before jury.
  • I want them all to make it far. Who will win the want? Only time will tell.
  • There was movies talk, aliens talk, tattoos talk, shout-outs (not to me, wah) and such.
  • Their dinner looked good -- chicken and biscuits with gravy. It almost sent me cooking for a bit.
  • It was thanks to the new nominee, Bridgette.
  • Paul and Bronte showmancing? It's a scary thing.
  • James told the camera he feels he needs to throw comps because he's on a team who wants his alliance out.
  • Poor guy.
  • Jozea thinks that maybe one person will vote to evict him.
  • Ha.
  • Maybe one will vote to KEEP him (by voting someone else) ... Victor.
  • Bronte thinks on Thursday, everybody will be voting for Paulie to go.
  • Or, should be ... according to the World of Bronte.
  • She thinks James and Frank are with them now.
  • Little does she know ...
  • When Tiffany put on a beanie and got all kinds of comments about how much she looked like Vanessa in it, Corey had no clue who Vanessa is.
  • @@
  • Zakiyah does a killer impression of Bronte's voice!
  • Paulie is ticked because the other side of the house, believing he's going home and it's his final week in the house, are treating him poorly. He says he wasn't raised to treat people badly when they're down.
  • He does know he's (most likely) staying, but he's worried a bit nonetheless.
  • All are still asleep as I post this.

Jozea Doggie and his best bud

Meeting of the mindless?

Zakiyah stretching out that sweater

In with the In Crowd?

Whazzat tattoo on Jozea's back?

Whatever that tattoo is, it reminds me of the harnesses put on kids by the aliens in Falling Skies.


Chacha said...

Its funny we complain that the hamsters go to hard to fast, then there are hamsters like this who have really no clue what is going on.
I don't like the roadkill. Three people nominated is irritating to me. I do realize with the Roadkill it does throw another element in. If any of these hamsters watched the show they would know it was done in season 15 with the BB MVP that fell flat...

Sharon N said...

Sure wish Jozea had to leave the house to go meet Julie in his doggie costume.
But guess the costumes are coming off Tuesday?

Nick said...

I guess the recipe for a week one blindside is as simple as a few crafty vets + a house that is mostly comprised of clueless recruits. I was truly shocked to hear Paul and Bronte talking as if they knew Jozea was staying...Paul even made a comment that Jozea could end up in the Final 5 but he might run into some trouble along the way if he doesn't change his attitude. Hurry up and get here Thursday!!!

uncartie said...

I'm a big fan of roadkill. Nobody in their right mind will throw it and it's every man for themselves. I can't wait until someone who wins it,uses it,and then doesn't tell anyone about it. That will really jack up the paranoia in the house!

Their are going to be some pudgy hamsters with Bridgitte doing all the cooking.

Chacha said...

I don't think that will happen where they don't say anything to anyone.
The Vets will always tell each other and the newbies really have no clue.
I also suspect this wont last long or will be changed. They can't nominate three people the entire game.
If I remember correctly (which I may not) MVP ended when Jury started and no one was coming back in.

Sharon N said...

Agree Chacha,
I can't see a Vet not telling the other Vets when they win. At least, not until it gets to the point that they have to start evicting each other.
Right now, the newbies are too dumb and full of themselves not to tell each other. Although, they might smarten-up a bit when Jozea gets the axe. The dolts 'might' start to realize they don't have the entire game in-the-bag. lol

Chauncey said...

this is what you get when production brings in people that are not fans of the show, a bunch of clueless hamsters. I do like the Roadkill though, it adds some more strategy and paranoia which I love. Paranoia in the house is always a good thing, lol. Glad to see that Davaonne actually learned some things in her short stay before and applying it now, same for Frank the Tank. Hoping for an all vet final 4, not likely but I can hope for it.

Sharon N said...

Personally, I like the idea someone else posted....
Bring in ALL newbies who are totally unfamiliar with BB. Don't give them any videos of past seasons. Just take the show back to the beginning... the 1st show where everyone had to figure it out for themselves.

Heck, BB wouldn't even have to figure out new game challenges! LOL

uncartie said...

Unfortunately,Anybody who's totally unfamiliar with BB probably wouldn't have the slightest interest in playing.

Instead,we get rocket scientists like this:

Mon 12:52 PM BBT Bronte wondering why Paulie isn't mad at Nicole for putting him up.
"I wonder what trick they have up their pocket".

Sharon N said...

Unc, you break me up! LMAO

Chacha said...


That is so true about these rocket scientists.....
Besides the words that come out of Bronte's mouth that sound is driving me nuts.

I want a split screen of Paul and Jozea. Thursday when Jozea is voted out.
I am hoping for the epic look of Dustin (bb11) times ten.....
I guess he nor Paul can really read people!!!!

monty924 said...

I also can't wait for the look on Jozea's face. It will be very satisfying for certain. I keep finding myself talking to the feeds and saying, "get a clue" over and over again. Bronte and company drive me nuts.

Petals said...

Thanks Jackie.

I'm liking the RoadKill twist. Especially when it'll be a different person each week.

Grrr. Jose. Are there any words that I can even post? I can't think of a single decent characteristic, not one nice thing to say about him. Wait - he walks upright. (on water?) So there's that. LOL
I really want to have faith in Victor *ducking*, despite his palship with Jose. And - by the way - I agree with him about James' pranks. I don't mind the jumping out & scaring people, but unscrewing caps on food really bugs me. I mean, you go to the trouble to make a plate of food, then go to salt it, and the entire container spills on to your plate. That would really piss me off. Yeah - I'm an old stick-in-d'mud! LOL
That being said, I was a James fan before, and I love him again this season. In fact, I love all the vets. I can do with out Day (wish Jason had been invited back), but I do hope that James, Frank & Nicole go far this time.
What's up with Zak-aulie? Those 2 are very much in the touchy-feely-sleeping together phase of the showmance. And speaking of showmances... "Praul" ("Pronte" has more personality than they do!) is truly an unusual pairing. All that petting is blech!
Jackie or anyone - Rumors about one of the first 4 evictees having an opportunity to return? Geeminy, that's scary. I'd like to see Glenn play the game, but eeeps - we could see Jose return.
Counting down the minutes until the "eviction heard 'round the world!"

Ed in Ohio said...

Just finished watching Sunday's show tonight. I missed it yesterday & the pool party:(

I like the Roadkill twist. Wonder if Frank might have had an advantage being so tall? With his length he seemed to reach all three buttons easily (as opposed to someone like James).

Paulie is my Pool pick and I'm hoping it will be Jozea going. But you never know when a 'pawn' is being played. I like Nicole but if this backfires I'm gonna' be p'd at her.

Miss Margaret said...

I've been a faithful reader, and finally got up the nerve to contribute. Thanks, Jackie, for making BB so much more fun to watch all summer.

Did anyone else hear Michelle talking last night about fainting during a competition and requiring medical attention? Which competition was that?

David said...

Miss Margaret, hi =)

I saw where it was mentioned that it happened on the first day but no mention of what was going on at the time. Was it the rocket ride or just the heat in the backyard. Maybe someone else knows but I did not see it.

Petals said...

Margaret I saw that too. Something about Michelle passing out?
PS - welcome ! 😃

Petals said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
uncartie said...

Tiffany just admitted that she can remember what happened every day so far.@@

Then check this out. James has the hiccups and can't stop them. Tiffany then offers him $10,000 if he can hiccup again. He stops hiccuping and he's cured.@@ She then explains she uses it on her students all the time. The trick is that it distracts your mind so all your thinking about is the 10,000 and not the hiccups.

monty924 said...

Hi Margaret. Happy when new people start commenting and welcome. I missed the entire Michelle passing out thing. It doesn't seem like it had any real lasting ramifications though. It does get really hot in the back yard during those challenges and there have been a lot of health/emergency issues over the years. The worst was Zingbot almost having a heat stroke during S15 (I think).

I still love the RoadKill challenge and what it does to the game as many people have already describe. Unc said it best last night and today. It practically guarantees that they we all be fighting for it and no silly/stupid throwing of this comp and it can't last forever with three people up each week. The other negative I've read about it is that it takes too much power away from the HOH, but I disagree. It does when someone from the opposite wins it, but a good HOH should have already made the best nominations and have a structure in place to get the one out that they really want out. I think the RK will curb urge to put pawns up constantly. I'm absolutely sure that Frank discussed the options with his alliance and they put up a pawn to match Nicole's pawn but as the weeks go by it will get more tricky. That is the measure of a great BB player. :)))

Jackie said...

Welcome aboard, Margaret! The Michelle passing out incident was before the feeds went live. It's mentioned here and there by the hamsters, but we didn't see it.

Petals - There's always rumors about the first out coming back as it did happen at least once. If Jozea (assuming he's evicted) goes on the Internet interview rounds, he wouldn't be in sequester. He'd have to be sequestered to come back.

uncarte -My brother has always claimed hiccups are in the mind and you just need to convince yourself you don't have them.

monty924 said...

Missed unc's hiccup comment, but now that you reminded me about it... I had a teacher who would always demand that you hiccup if you asked to go out of the classroom to the water fountain because you had the hiccups. Yep, never could even though you really did have the hiccups when you asked and yes, Sister Phyllis was mean that way, but it always worked, LOL :))