Sunday, June 26, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening, PoV Re-Nom - June 26

Pool boys

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Rascally Rodents:
  • Today was SO boring for SO long.
  • Thankfully, the PoV meeting with the secret re-nom livened the evening up a bit.
  • But, first ...
  • Paul told the others he accidentally broke something during the Road Kill Comp. Yep, we saw that and his "I didn't do that." He actually made me chuckle watching it on the show.
  • Bronte doesn't feel well and blames it on drinking coffee in the morning. Um. Okay. If you drink coffee at night you'll be even more animated. Trust me, I don't want that.
  • Several people gave Paul the advice to take himself off the block with the veto. He was thinking it might be a nice gesture to use it to save someone else. @@
  • Frank told Tiffany his re-nom will be Bridgette.
  • Nah, she's not a target. She's not with them like Paulie, but it keeps the focus on voting out Josea.
  • James might be going a bit too far with some of his pranks. Frank had a hissy fit in the kitchen claiming that James booby-trapped some things which will draw even more ants. He said that Victor's upset with the pranks, too.
  • Frank and Da'Vonne are worried that Paulie is starting to get a bit squirrely even though they've promised he's safe.
  • Jozea is sure he's going to be a big movie star, host the Grammy Awards and more.
  • That boy is going to have a rude awakening.
  • There might be some hope for my blog pool boy, Paul. He went to Nicole, telling her how he knows that Jozea is irrational and he's been easing off because he doesn't want people to think he's like Jozea.
  • He told her that both he and Victor have been trying to convince Jozea that she (Nicole) isn't a huge threat.
  • Tiffany told Frank she didn't try out for BB. CBS told us otherwise. Hmm. It doesn't surprise me, though.
  • The feeds got blocked for the PoV ceremony.
  • No surprise to us ... Bridgette was nominated by the secret (Frank) Road Kill winner.
  • She's very upset and seriously thinks she will go home.
  • Jozea tried to console her while pumping his own self up. He's not going home. She's not going home. So, I guess he's saying Paulie will go home.
  • Bronte is squarely in Bridgette's corner. I'd guess she's planning on voting Paulie.
  • And the beat goes on ...

Just an excitable girl

Beard napping

New nominee in town

Playing a bit low key so far


DKNYNC said...

So the Road Kill Winner nominates the replacement nominee after the veto ceremony not the HOH?

Jackie said...

Yes, but secretly.

Petals said...

You have to wonder what the recruiters/handlers/production assistants must have told Jose about Big Brother. He obviously doesn't know the show; how can he think it is the stepping stone to stardom? Poor Caleb is proof that the most you can hope for is a change at Survivor.

David said...

LOL, You are right Petals. The only person I can think of that went anywhere other than porno's or wrestling is Elisabeth Hasselbeck. With Jozea's attitude I can't see how anyone would want to work with him on anything going forward. From what the other hamsters have said he is lucky the feeds were off for the first week or he would be exiting the house with the same reputation as Aaryn did.

jessica UNderwood said...

I haven't been able to comment on anything I've been trying everyday!

jessica UNderwood said...

Ok it's working now!!! Paul is so irritating!!! I liked Nicole in her season and still do! Frank will go far!! Joeza brought this on himself and I don't think he knows much about the show! James may go far too! I'm going for Tiffany Pauly and the 4 past players!

jessica UNderwood said...

Bronte an Paul were on the coach and he was rubbing her leg!! That's a showmance I didn't expect! Will it be a showmance?? I don't know! But on BBAD the camera was on those 2 so much I skipped a lot since I was sick of seeing them talk.