Sunday, June 26, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday - June 26

Leaning on the fish

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lonesome Losers:
  • Jozea picked up on something which already caught my attention this season -- when Da'Vonne speaks, she often covers her mouth with her fingers. I don't recall her doing that last time. I thought it looks like she's covering bad teeth (but her teeth seem okay). Jozea thinks it might be covering lying to him. But she's doing it all the time, not just to him. Hmm.
  • Now that I mentioned it, you're going to be seeing it all the time, as well. Very odd.
  • Do Paulie and Zakiyah have a thing going on? It seems like it might be getting there!
  • Da'Vonne and Tiffany had a long talk. They're a bit suspicious when it comes to Corey and, to a lesser extent, Paulie. They're also leery of being completely honest with Frank, James and Corey as they think the guys are in a bit of a boys alliance. Of course, they're in a girls alliance, so ...
  • They think they need to stick to their alliance of eight (Tiffany, Da'Vonne, Michelle, Nicole, Frank, James, Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah -- I count NINE -- I guess Paulie is their iffy one) for now. But then they'll just be loyal to each other.
  • Frank thinks Jozea calls for meetings so he can get air time on TV. No sh__, Sherlock!
  • Jozea is still sure he rules the house and everybody loves him. There is no worry about being on the block because no one would vote him out.
  • Ha. I so hope the majority house target remains Jozea and he gets the boot on Thursday. Epic. Legendary. Not a night to miss!
  • Frank told Paulie he needs to act like he's worried about going home so that Jozea won't get suspicious.
  • BB gave them more alcohol. Whooppie!
  • Lots and lots of small talk.
  • Nicole thinks alcohol makes her flirty and chooses to abstain.
  • Zakiyah tried to take a bottle for the girls later on and got called out on it.
  • Frank was apologetic for yelling at Tiffany earlier in the evening.
  • So thrilling.
  • Tiffany's mother got kicked off the live feeds chat room last year, probably getting upset with what was being said by Vanessa.
  • Victor is still clueless about BB in general (as is Jozea, Paul and some others). Nicole had to remind him again that she can't vote this week. He probably thinks the nominees can vote.
  • James is pranking again although he said earlier that he let loose last year and this year he's in it to win. He put Cool Whip on Paul as he napped.
  • Jozea continued to talk about how great he is. Did you know that even though he's gay, he's strong? (As if they're mutually exclusive.)
  • James's pranking is addictive. Accompanied by James, Nicole sneaked up on a sleeping Corey, put shaving cream in his hand, then tickled his nose.
  • Things turned into a shaving cream war.
  • They're easily amused.
  • As I post this, all are in bed.

Girls hang out - note Da'Vonne's pose

Not quite a Blue Bloods table gathering

What's with Victor?

Is Paul becoming human?


Oh my


Chacha said...

Love the Blue Bloods reference!
My favorite drama in CBS.
I get that cbs loves the pretty people or who they think will be good entertainment but these newbies are just awful. I can't stand the recruits instead of real fans of the show.
I can't imagine that there aren't enough submissions to cast the show!

~~Silk said...

I kind of like the having recruits who don't know the show. It leads to unintended comedy. To me, perfection would be an entire cast who'd never seen the show and have to feel their way through everything, like a first season, when the viewers, who know everything, shout advice and groans at the screen.

Sharon S said...

Silk, love 5hay idea!

Sharon S said...

Silk, love 5hay idea!

Petals said...

Yes, this crop of recruits are BB-ignorant. I know they are given season(s) to watch while in sequester, and given a BB handbook...but I think Jose in particular chose to not to his research. It shows.
There have been obnoxious HGs before...we all know who I mean. But Jose takes the cake!

From what I've seen, Tiffany is a paranoid drama-queen, like her sister. *smh* Too bad.
James is funny this year, and Frank is great to be around, aside from his chronic flatulence. LOL
The plan this week is to make Jose feel safe to UP the drama & fireworks on eviction night. it!
Thank you Jackie!! *scritch scritch* for Vincent

David said...

I have avoided posting what I think of some of these hamsters and their views. As the saying goes - if you don't have anything nice to say... so I will continue to bite my tongue here. I do hope they get rid of Jozea, and in the planned dramatic fashion, as I think he is the rotten apple in the barrel poisoning the rest.

Thank-you for all you do Jackie. =)

Chacha said...

David-- I applaud you for holding back but as the saying goes---- If you have nothing nice to say then come sit next to me!!!

it just blows my mind that these recruits didn't watch any of the past seasons. They are given to them to watch.

I admit it irritates me where in seasons past the hamsters knew what comps were coming and they were ready for them.

I also hope when Jozea leaves things will change but I have a feeling Victor will try and slide into that spot.

uncartie said...

It's gonna be a long season if all we have to watch is James juvenile pranks. With no designated activity director like Gramma Meg from last year all these idiots are gonna do is lay around,work out,eat and scheme. Hopefully familiarity will bring contempt.

Can't stand Corey,what an ignorant jerk he is. Watch him tell the story of him and his friends buying a goat for the purpose of lighting him on fire.

Sharon N said...
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