Tuesday, June 28, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Tuesday - June 28

Hot tub Bridgette

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lackluster Loonies:
  • When asked, Tiffany told Jozea that he should be staying.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Jozea told Tiffany that by Day 70 or so, he'll know everyone and everything about the house.
  • I agree with him. Watching the live feeds from home will give him more information than he's getting inside the house as a hamster.
  • Heehee
  • Frank doesn't like ketchup. Good. Someone other than me doesn't like it.
  • Jozea's side thinks that Paulie will be going home. Unfortunately, they think they have more on their side than they actually do.
  • The Fatal Five is still meeting daily. Let's see how long this female alliance lasts. It's Da'Vonne, Michelle, Zakiyah, Tiffany and Nicole.
  • Nicole said that she and Hayden broke up because she wants a family and children, he doesn't. She said their goals are very different, but maybe someday ...
  • You can tell it's a sad thing for her.
  • Sniffle.
  • Jozea doesn't know what ZingBot is. Too bad he'll be out too early to get some zings.
  • Paul was going on about how it's ridiculous to be a Michelle or Tiffany and memorize so much about the game. After all, he only watched season 16 and he's confident in his game and his natural instincts.
  • While he is right that you can't develop a set strategy as situations and people differ, really KNOWING BB gives you the knowledge of approaches which worked and ones that went bust. 
  • Plus, you don't look stupid by not knowing who ZingBot is.
  • Jozea thinks he's the male version of Joan Rivers. She indeed must be rolling in her grave if she heard that one!
  • Then he compared himself to Prince.
  • I have no words for that one.
  • Meanwhile, Da'Vonne is leading Jozea along by telling him he probably shouldn't even bother packing his clothes. Ha! I do like it when her devilish side comes out!
  • Michelle is still getting the blame for first putting Paul on the block, then Bridgette. We know Frank did it.
  • Jozea thinks he connected with Da'Vonne on Day One. Um, well, in a way, he did -- not in a good way, though.
  • Natalie thinks there's a big alliance and Da'Vonne might be reporting to them. Uh-oh.
  • Paul is upset with the mess in the kitchen. He wants to find out who's leaving messes and call them out. After all, they don't need more ants! 
  • I can't blame the dude for that.
  • Paul and Jozea acted like jerks trying for the camera's attention.
  • And on it goes.
This is just weird

How exciting is this?!?

Paulie certainly gets around

Prank well done

Zakiyah is rather low on the radar

Idiots acting like such for the camera


Petals said...

Grrrr! Jose is not WORTHY enough to even say Prince's name! I wanted to slap the decaying teeth out of his mouth. How dare he? Really?

The Jo-Paul show got better as the morning went on. Check out their Nairobi rant, from about 5:45am CST to... right now (6:38am). Visions of red carpets danced thru their heads.

What was funny was when production messed with them (JoPaul); we got fish then the boys thought the feeds were off. That was funny, watching the air fall from those sails.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone. XOXO

Cherry Pie said...

Did anyone else hear the comment josea made about when he is hoh he is not going to allow anyone in his room like other hoh's do?

ILoveAGoodTrainWreck said...

@ Cherry Pie - - he said that to Nicole on Sunday night's episode.

jessica UNderwood said...

Ok well the way Jozea was talking he acted like he knew the game like the back of his hand! Yet m he doesn't know who zig bot is??????? Is he a recruit?

jessica UNderwood said...

I just have never been able to have a favorite unless they are a hard core fan

Caela said...

I cannot imagine going on a show like this and not knowing anything about the show! If only they knew how silly they look to us viewers!

Chacha said...

I can't imagine that these two idiots only watched season 16.
Now I understand why they don't realize Tiffany is Vanessa's sister.
Listening to them last night made me sick.

Chacha said...

I am just ready for the teams to be over already.
Yesterday I stated I didn't like roadkill so much but I wouldn't mind that staying as long as we can get rid of the teams/.

uncartie said...

Let's see how far Paul's "natural instincts" will get him when they start the quizzes
about events and items in the house assuming he even makes it that far.

Does anyone know how much time the hamsters have between getting notified that they have officially been cast and their entrance into the house? I'm curious as to how much actual time recruits would have to study and learn the game.

Chacha said...


I know that Tiffany and Paulie had a two to three weeks after getting the official notice.

The newbies probably had the same amount of time. I remember people in past seasons talking that they barely had enough time to get everything in order.

Paul's "natural instincts" aren't very good if he and Jozea can't see that the "others" have rallied the votes.

uncartie said...

Thanks Chacha. 2 to 3 weeks seems like more than enough time to at least know the basic rules of HOH,Veto,etc. Instead I'll bet the clueless spent all their time promoting themselves on social media instead of trying to learn the basics of the game.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Jackie. It just wouldn't be summer without you. I've been spending my summers with you and Big Brother for many years now. I like the way this season has started.


Becky said...

I forgot about Jackie doing daily updates. I spent some time reading and catching up. Jackie, you are the best. Thank you from all of us for keeping us informed and a providing a place for us to meet and visit.

Judi Sweeney said...

I agree with Tracey.... Thanks Jackie!

Grove Wiley said...

I have been thinking, as an "old guy" at least by BB standards, I would be MAJORLY working out, hire a personal trainer- something to face the physical challenges. I'd be hanging off things all day long while friends splashed water on me!

Chacha said...

Grove Wiley-
house guests the past few seasons had done some "athletic training" but don't know they will be picked until just before season starts.
Callbacks if they are flown out to CA aren't until late april early may.

This season is supposed to have new comps and so far they have been.
I would say the last 6 seasons or so the house knew what comps were coming.

I am glad they have brought in a new person to handle the design of comps

Terry is a Texan! said...

I cannot believe it!! I was without my computer and I missed out on the pool!!
Guess I will be a lifeguard instead of Laurie??

Petals said...

What would be SUPER FUN is if a player go to "play" with a fan at home! We could email (or tweet or whatever) to tell them what is going on in the house, and we could get a percentage of the winnings if our player wins!

Sharon N said...

Dream on Petals, dream on.... but fun to imagine all the grand plans that would get all screwed up! LOL

Petals said...

OK, you're right Sharon - that's a dream. LOL

But is it a dream to hope that BB MAKES JOE PUT ON SOME EFFING PANNNTTTTS???? Him running around in his tighty-blues, spouting profanities and half-baked ghetto threats is
really getting old.

Jackie - you have my sympathy...I don't know how you watch & listen to Jose. He seems like he is better-suited to Bad Girls Club than Big Brother.

Sharon N said...

Now Petals, don't be so harsh. LMAO
We all know those are Jozea's well thought out plans. After all, he KNOWS we want to see him in all his 'glory' and, well, he NEEDS to 'punctuate' his well thought out plans... don'tcha know!

Petals said...

OK...am I the only person who noticed that the Latinos have segregated themselves? It's like West Side Story. I'm not being mean, b/c you know I love Victor, but the house seems to have split in to two obvious sides.

I hope when Jose leaves, things will become more cohesive.

Petals said...

Sharon - LOL!!! "punctuate" hehehe

Sharon N said...

Yup... on the Latinos. A couple of days ago, the were apparently speaking to each other in Spanish and BB made them stick to English.

Petals said...

it's a real division... Very timely, politically - you know?

Becky said...

If Jozes wants to get attention he should put a potato in the FRONT of his tighty blues. Might attract some interest. Of course as dumb as he is he would probably put it in the back of his pants. BTW, that is an old Aggie joke about a freshman who wanted to attract attention on the beach. An upper class man told him to put a potato in his swimsuit. He came back later and said all the women ran from him. The older student had him show where he put the potato. He had it in the back where it looked like he had ../... never mind.

monty924 said...

I'm just ready for the first eviction and the new HOH. This first week lull is always a snooze fest to me. We won't get into real Big Brother until at least weeks two or three. Thursday can't come soon enough for me. I turn on the feeds and doze off almost.

Sharon N said...

Jackie has a new thread up!! :)