Tuesday, June 28, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Tuesday into the Evening - June 28

Losing Internet favor, if he ever had it

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wanton Wombats:
  • Oh my gosh ... Thursday's eviction can't come soon enough. These doldrums are among the boringest (I'm sure that's a word) ever!
  • One of the problems is is that everybody on the whole kind of gets along. There aren't any real clashes in the house.
  • Because they're letting Jozea think he's indeed the Messiah of the house, all is going fairly smoothly.
  • Sure, there's a bit of tension here and there.
  • The only violence has been against the ants.
  • And they deserved it.
  • They talked movies.
  • Paul gave Nicole a chess lesson.
  • Paul is actually meshing with both sides of the house better than Victor, Natalie or Bronte. The diary room segments on the aired show don't show that. 
  • Bridgette is a bit iffy. She's allied with the newbie bunch, but the returnees think she MIGHT have promise.
  • Frank told the others that he heard the producers say there will never be another All-Stars version.
  • Natalie and Bronte are still all giggly in their BFF mode.
  • Jozea offered to help Michelle with her social game. Bwahaha! She's in with the returnees and most of the girls in a separate alliance.
  • The HoH digital camera came out. Lots of mugging for the camera. Thrilling.
  • Frank is pretty sure the vote will be 7-4 to evict Jozea. I think that's probably just about right.
  • Tiffany made strides to get closer to James because she heard tell that he didn't trust her.
  • Tiffany is starting to get a bit paranoid. Hopefully she won't go all Vanessa on the place.
  • There's really not much going on. Lots of talk, no action. The plan remains the same.
  • I won't miss those tight undies Jozea wears all the time.

Applying lip gloss ... anyone remember BB1?

She fusses with her hair and it's this

HoHing, maybe next?

Jozea is not a good cheerleader


Dr_Celine said...

Thanks for the updates Jackie - Thursday CANNOT come soon enough - AGREED!

Rich said...

Agreed, this week has been almost a waste of money for the feeds... I usually can find an interesting conversation or something on one of the four cameras, but this week has been the equivalent of watching paint dry. That aside, thanks as always for the updates Jackie!

David said...

I find that the only time I smile when Jozea is talking is when he is proclaiming how the vote will go and Paulie will be voted out. I hope he takes Tiffany's advice and doesn't even bother to pack his things because you know he is loved by all and is staying. Bwaahaahaa!!

I hope they have multiple camera's on not just his face but Victor's, Bronte's, Natalie's, and Paul's faces when Julie says Jozea, you are evicted from the BB house. I am just mean that way. Taking joy in the deserving getting just what they deserve.

Kathy said...

Big brother wouldn't be complete without your updates and comments. Thanks for giving BB fans a place to discuss and vent.

Nickelpeed said...

Thank you for the updates, Jackie. It is greatly appreciated. I really do hope it is Jozea who leaves.

Petals said...

DRAMA happened overnight, it was fun.
Frank tried to let Bronte, Paul & Jose know that NO ONE gets famous from BB. Jose asked about agents, Frank told him "No - no one has agents" *laughs*. Frank was being serious, trying to
make the newbs understand that BB does NOT lead to fame.
When he walked away, Jose & Bronte scoffed, saying that it WILL lead to fame for him, because he's driven & already in the "limelight". (PS - Bronte doth protest too much about the fame thing; I think she is as thirsty as Jose for fame)

Vic & Natalie are showmancing. I'm jelly. *pout*

Bronte is stirring-up a lot of DRAMA between the Sharks (newbs) and the Jets (the good side). TimeStamp around 1:55am their time. Bronte made-up a huge lie about James. She told the lie to the Sharks, and they are fired-up against James.

Bronte needs go soon, she is a trouble-maker. Right after Jose. I hope they make him wear pants when he sits down with Julie.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the vulgar language! Why do guys think that is a proper word to use??

~~Silk said...

I just hope Thursday is not one of those nights when I scream "Noooooooo!" so loud at the TV that Jasper Cat hides under the bed. As Julie says, expect the unexpected, but please please not Thursday.