Wednesday, June 22, 2016

BB18 on Jackie's TV Blog - What to Expect ...



No, that's them. We're us!

A bit about me and my Big Brother background:
I started out writing about the show, monitoring the AOL Big Brother message boards and chat rooms for the show way back in the beginning -- season ONE. When a knee surgery knocked me out of work one summer, I started blogging the live feeds in addition to working as a freelance writer for AOL Television writing show recaps. Unfortunately, my earliest seasons blogged went away when AOL sunsetted their blogging platform -- AOL Journals. I then moved to Blogspot for blogging and continued the freelance gig until Ariana Huffington shut out all the paid freelancers when the Huffington Post took over AOL TV. (Grr.)

Since then, I've been "working" for myself, blogging both live feeds reports and live-blogging the shows right here on this blog. I also work a "real" full-time job and don't get a heck of a lot of sleep all summer, every summer! Technically, I don't get paid to do this -- I do receive some ad revenues, but receive no monies for any CBS All Access referrals. (Not sure how to get in on that or if the blog would qualify!) I really appreciate any donations made to the blog -- money is always welcome, but it also gives me the feeling that folks actually are entertained and enjoy the blog. The Paypal link is in the right sidebar if you feel so moved. Not that you have to, mind you.

A bit about YOU:
Many folks involved here have "known" me from the early AOL days, some even from the first season! Many others are new to us each season. The community here continues to grow each season and we welcome people to get into the spirit! I do monitor comments and those disruptive troll ones will vanish. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions of the house hamsters without being "attacked" by fellow commenters. Not that that happens a lot ... but it will get squashed if I see it.

This blog is generally a friendly place! And, that's due to the community we've built here and the great folks who are a part of it all. Hate speech, slurs and such will be removed and I do ask that things stay on a PG-13 level for the most part. I know it seems like a lot to ask of you, but it seems to work for having the best blog community around! There are plenty of other places where it's the Wild West; I'd rather things remain friendly here. Merci in advance!

Without you, I wouldn't be doing this!

What to expect from the blog:
THE UNEXPECTED!!! Oh, wait. I need to stop that.

  • A minimum of two live feeds reports a day. I'm on the East Coast (and have to work for a living), so it's likely to be early morning and late evening in my time zone. 
  • My live feeds have been compared to Reader's Digest Condensed. Heehee, but it's kind of how they are!
  • Each live feeds report will contain some screen caps. I have to admit that sometimes I like to go for the unflattering ones. I'm mean like that.
  • If time and action allow, there may be more live feeds reports within a day, but never less than two (even if they're boring hamsters).
  • I'm only one person and have to work to keep the roof over my head, so I can't post every breath the hamsters make and I sometimes am not available to post some events as they happen. But I do flashback on the feeds to see what I might have missed!
  • The commenting community here will pitch in with comments for exciting action during times I may be at my workplace or in the rare event that I actually might be sleeping.
  • Comments will be monitored to make sure they're truthful and false reports will be taken down. 
  • In the event of an endurance comp after a live show that plays out on the live feeds, I will make every effort to hang in with them watching, posting what's going on and providing screen captures of the comp. One of these days I might conk out, but so far it's never happened. I'm just really sleepy at work the next day!
  • Keep in mind, the live feeds often run things a few days before the shows air. They are SPOILERS and intended as such. If you don't like spoilers, you probably won't like the live feeds!
  • First off, it's traditional that they're called hamsters because it's like watching hamsters in one of those Habitrail cages.
  • The hamsters have put themselves in the public eye, so they're opening themselves to public opinion. Yes, they can be mocked (unlike fellow commenters).
  • That said, comments which go too far might be removed. Hate speech, concentrating on weight and other things a bit beyond their control such as looks will all be monitored. 
  • Now, if they do weird stuff to their hair or cry all the time or something like that, that's something easily controlled and that could certainly be mocked! :)
  • Please call them by their names, especially at the start of the season. While some nicknames can be funny, it's often hard to know who you're talking about!
  • Back when I was a paid freelancer writing show recaps for other venues, I wanted to provide something for my own blog community as I couldn't post the recaps here as well due to copyright issues. Thus, I came up with "blog parties." 
  • They're basically a live blogging East Coast time of every episode (typos and all) with all the community partying in the comments.
  • They can be considered spoilers for those in other time zones.
  • Everyone is invited to watch the show and join in on the fun with us real time! 
  • We like cyber beverages and snacks.
I realize this is quite long. But I know there are some new hamster watchers out there and think they should know what to expect! (THE UNEXPECTED!!!) Plus, I'd like to encourage lurkers to come on out and join in! As Dr. Will once said, "We don't bite ... HARD!" Okay, we don't bite at all. We're in it for the fun!

All BB-related posts made here on the blog will be linked at my Big Brother on Jackie's TV Blog Facebook page immediately upon posting. So, if you never want to miss a post, like that page to get notifications!


Margo said...

Woo Hoo it is BB time! I want to personalty send a BIG THANK YOU to Miss Jackie for the wonderful community you have made for us fanatics. I have met many good life long friends here. We have a friendship outside of Jackie's Blog. I hope we have some lively, funny hamsters this year. No mean bullies or boring people who sleep all the time. Let the festivities commence!


Petals said...

Best blog and best blog PARTY in town, folks!!
I'm excited about tonight, thinking of bringing fixings for Sea Breezes (since it's so jungle-hot lately).
See you all later.

Petals said...

I'm thinking maybe a New England style buffet...clams, new potatoes, chowder, cob corn, baked beans, lobster rolls, crab cakes, succotash, cranberry cocktails, salt water taffy, Boston Cream Pie... what do you guys think?

Merrilee said...

Here's me raising my glass to Jackie! Thanks!!

Petals said...

*cheers* Jackie!

Anonymouse said...

Margaritas are in the blender

Witt said...

Petals, school just got out YESTERDAY here but a Maryland girl is happy to bring the crab cakes!!! Happy BB, everyone! Thank you in advance Jackie!

Petals said...

Witt!!! WoohoooooO!!!! Thank you, baby!
Mouse - awesome. Getting ready, YAY!

sandy said...

Best part of the summer. Jackie and bug brother!

Anonymouse said...

Hmmm. Would you throw it to use your weakest member and then be HOH to target someone?

Dr_Celine said...

Did I miss the blog pool? Ugh! I'm usually in there! Too late to be added????

Janice said...

Great post about the background of you and Big Brother!! Hey I'm still an "AOLer" and I remember the days of their boards, so much fun!! But I don't remember how I found you Jackie, but sure glad I did!!
Keep up the great work!!
Janice from GA

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you do each and every summer! I would be lost without your blog!!