Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Big Brother 18: Meet the Hamsters

Um. Okay. The new BB18 hamsters were introduced today. So much for diversity! Ten 20-somethings, one 32 year-old and then an "old guy" at all of 50 years old. Of course, he's a generation apart from all the rest. Nothing let setting a guy up for the fall! The only real noticeable ethnicity diversity is that more than usual seem to be Hispanic. Leave it to Grodner to go for the models casting once again! I prefer real diversity in casting. Oh, well.

Two are siblings of previous players:
  • Paulie is Cody's brother.
  • Tiffany is Vanessa's sister.

I haven't watched the videos yet as I had to work today and got home a bit late. As the days go on towards the season premiere, I'll be delving more into the cast so we might kind of sort of get to know them.

What do you think?

Bridgette Dunning, age 25

Bronte D'Acquisto, age 26

Corey Brooks, age 25

Glenn Garcia, age 50

Jozea Flores, age 25

Michelle Meyer, age 23

Natalie Negrotti, age 26

Paul Abrahamian, age 23

Paulie Calafiore, age 27

Tiffany Rousso, age 32

Victor Arroyo, age 25

Zakiyah Everette, age 24
Images © CBS


Anonymous said...

Arghhhh! I want a BB with our generation!

Dolores in Hollywood

Petals said...

Anon - I agree! That's why I'll be rooting for Glenn to stick around
for a while.
There aren't any cute boys except for Cody Pt 2, maybe Victor?
It'll be another summer of young girls chasing social media
fame. *sigh*

Petals said...

Yes, gotta go on record saying I like Victor. He looks like a Latino Roger Federer.
Hope he isn't stupid.

Sharon N said...

Cody Pt 2 is too model-cute.
I'll take Victor!!
But I'll be cheering for the "old" guy... unless he's obnoxious.

Sharon N said...

Anyone else think Michelle Meyer looks like a brunette version of BB16/Nicole? LOL

Petals said...

Sharon - YES, first time I saw her.

Cargy said...

Does anyone know the cost of the CBS All Access? Any early discount?

Petals said...

I pay $5.99 monthly, but not sure if there is a "deal" for the summer

Chacha said...

Cbs all access is 5.99 per month. I actually use it all year round.
These house guests aren't my favorite either. Ready for the season to start to see if I actually am going to cheer for anyone. I will be watching the videos tonight. Saw a few earlier and was like meh

Petals said...

ChaCha - meh is right. Been there, done that (S16).

The chicks are especially vapid.

Glenn said...

Hi Jackie and Everyone. I am sorry I have been away from posting. My Mom died on May 15th, 2016.I was her caregiver. When does Big Brother start and I have never had the live feeds. How much are they? I was thinking about getting the Live feeds this year.

The Cast looks like the same type casting as usual.

Petals said...

So sorry about your mom, Glenn. *prayers & hugs*

Petals said...

{btw, Glenn- I went thru the same thing with my mom, not long ago. It's rough, hang in there. XOXOX}

Petals said...

Feeds are a great way to see all the crazy stuff that doesn't make it to air. You see how the HGs REALLY are, as opposed to how the show edits them.

uncartie said...

I'm all in for Tiffany Rousso. A Masters in psychology,athletic,a little more mature than most of the others,along with Vanessa's experience,might give her an edge. The only question remaining is will she bring the famous green beanie with her?

Glenn said...

Thank you Petals. I am sorry about your Mom as well. It seems like the feeds would be a good idea.

Chacha said...


I am sorry to hear about your mother. If it wasn't for my grandmother I would never watch BB to begin with. That was our summertime fun.

feeds are 5.99 a month and as Petals said it is a great way to see all the crazy stuff.
Its funny, people ask me why and how can I even watch this show and get so wrapped up in this.
I explain it like this
Big Brother is a television show within a television show. The broadcast episodes are shown one way and the live feeds are an almost opposite of what is going on.
I prefer the feeds much better than the edited version.

Chacha said...


no green beenie. I did watch her interview. I somewhat like her but any other superfan on this season will totally get that they are sisters. Her mannerisms are the same and speaks the same as well.

Cheryl in NC said...

Sooo glad its time for my guilty summer pleasure! I do wish they would bring in some older hamsters though.There are still hot people in there 30s and 40s even 50's.If they have to go all pretty.Personally I would see a group of normal average everyday folks.
It's great to be home! Thanks in advance Jackie for supporting our BB habit!

Glenn said...

Thank you Chacha. That was a great way to describe Big Brother.

Cheryl in NC said...

Glen and Petals,

So sorry for the loss of your moms.Mine will be gone 3 years in July and I still miss her and think about her everyday.(((hugs)))

Petals said...

I had enough of Whahnessa last season; not a fan of Van part 2.

Jackie said...

Glenn - My condolences on your loss. You were missed here!

Sharon N said...

So sorry about your loss Glenn. I was also the caregiver for my mom and although it was hard watching her fail, it was comforting that we were able to keep her home (she passed in 2007. We still miss her every day, but it's the memories that are important and those will bring you comfort and joy.

So nice to see the gang checking in....
I always look forward to the 'titles' Petals manages to lay on the hamsters!
I'm hoping Vanessa Part 2 won't be quite as annoying.

Todd frost said...

I won if Cody 2 will be as stupid as Cody 1????
Didn't Cody 1 give Derrick the 500000 on a platter?

Glenn said...

Thank you Cheryl,Jackie and Sharon. I missed the chats with everyone also.

Sharon N said...

Yep, stupid knows no bounds with Cody 1.
Although we can admire that he wanted to honor/stick by his word to Derrick, it WAS a really stupid move. He shouldn't have been satisfied to give it all away and take 2nd place! After it was over, he had to have realized that the jury would have probably given him the Win... for no other reason that bitterness towards Derrick (though Derrick obviously played the better game).

Todd frost said...

Thanks Sharon,
I thought I was correct in that thinking!!;)👍👍👍
Can't wait for this to start.
Oh yea Vanessa lil sister, that should be somthing interesting to.

Petals said...

Does anyone else think that there may be more than just two past-houseguest siblings/familt members in this bunch?
Michelle Meyer looks like Nicole in a brunette wig - right down to the innocent grin and round glasses. And Paul is Austin, Jr. (Paulstin). And that Natalie has "Frankie" written all over her; I'll bet she's another half-sib or cousin or something.
And we also have Clay, Part 2 - that Corey kid. He's prolly Clay's cousin.

Just a thought...

Petals said...

AH - just read that "Clorey" also went to A&M, was an athlete. So, obviously a Clay Pt 2.

I sooo hope this season isn't just a regurgitation of last.

Petals said...

Not that it matters, because regardless of what the hamsters are doing, THIS is still the best place to be!

Petals said...
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Wintermute said...

Maybe I'll try out and they'll put me on as the old guy next season... I'll be a whopping 47. lol

JonMD1267 said...

Oh my words it's BB TIME AGAIN lol one of my favorite times of the year :)

Glenn said...

I just signed up for the live feeds for the first time.