Sunday, July 31, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 31

Breakfast small talk

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Suspicious Minds:
  • It was your typical boring Sunday in the house with a few strategic discussion exceptions.
  • The "boys" -- Paul, Paulie and James -- talked more about getting the "girls" shot down one by one ... and using Bridgette to do it.
  • James piped up that Natalie isn't a threat to anyone in the game, making a case for keeping her around as long as possible.
  • Paulie did not say the same of Zakiyah ... another one who's no real threat.
  • The Backdoor Da'Vonne plan is in full motion with almost all aboard.
  • Not aboard are Da'Vonne (d'oh!), Zakiyah and Natalie to an extent.
  • Da'Vonne has an idea that something might be going on and keeps trying to talk to people, including Bridgette.
  • She's getting very paranoid.
  • She's still pushing a Backdoor Nicole plan and thinks it might be a possibility ... but is very nervous.
  • She cried to Zakiyah about it.
  • Meanwhile, in the HoH room, Bridgette and Paul had a long long talk.
  • Well, Paul talked more than Bridgette did.
  • But you know that.
  • It goes without saying.
  • But, like Paul, I said it anyway.
  • He informed her of the Backdoor Da'Vonne plan. He told her that he had vowed to get her out this week, but would accept what happens as the will of the house. And, he's willing to work with her.
  • She said what he wanted to hear -- she wants to work with the guys to get the women out.
  • Bridgette told him that Da'Vonne keeps popping up where she is and has been trashtalking Nicole.
  • Bridgette also told Paul that it was more Nicole and Frank talking while she and Corey chillaxed during their brief working together stint.
  • Both she and Paul think Nicole has been a bit shady, but not like Da'Vonne. 
  • In another Paul talk, this one with Da'Vonne, he lied to her and told her she should have no worries if she goes on the block in Paulie's place. In that one, she sold out her buddy Zakiyah even.
  • If nothing else, Da'Vonne's actions have made her probably the most disloyal person in the house ... out of many disloyal persons.
  • No fisticuffs, no kerfuffles, some tears but no hysterics.
  • And, that's how the day went.
Catching some sun

All about being Victor

Boys summit meeting

How come no one cares when I'm paranoid?

BB18: HoH Comp Finish, Nominations Episode Blog Party - July 31

Hamster watchers ready? The show is running late here on the East Coast due to the PGA golf thing. That's near where I live. I wanted to go over there and give them what for! Let's get this show going! Please! It looks like it should be starting at about 8:41pm ET or so here. I'm posting this at the regular live blog party post time, but won't be live-blogging the episode until it starts. I'm not sure if the delay is on all the East Coast or not.

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll be constantly updating this entry. Refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area!

8:41pm here and we finally have a recap! 

Finally picking up with the HoH comp. They're all doing the comp practicing with their yellow balls.  Paulie doesn't want to win and get blood on his hands, so he just tosses his red ball, getting a score of six. Victor rolls his red ball, gets a 14, now in the lead. Paul gets a 21 with his red ball. That's the highest score possible without getting the ball in the box at the end of the "alley."

Michelle got a perfect shot with the yellow ball, as did Natalie. Natalie did it three times in a row, but got a two with her red ball shot. Corey got a yellow in, but overshot with his red. Nicole got a 19. Zakiyah overshot. Michelle, 16. Da'Vonne, 19.

Paul is HOH. He has vowed to get Bridgette evicted. Da'Vonne thinks she's buddies with him. Paulie wants him to fry bigger fish. 

Paul approaches Corey and Victor about pawning possibilities. Neither want to go on the block. There's friendship for you, buckaroo. 

Paulie really wants Da'Vonne out, telling James and Corey about it. James isn't really keen on the idea, but doesn't tell Paulie that. Paulie is having trouble convincing Paul that Da'Vonne should go instead of Bridgette. He finally says that if the veto is used, he'll put Da'Vonne up. 

HoH room reveal. He does look a lot better without that beard. 

Paul continues to try to get pawn recruits. No one is volunteering. Nicole finally said she would if they thought she was strong. She regrets it to us. 

After a rather odd and unnecessary Corey/Nicole visit, Bridgette approaches Paul and Paulie. She doesn't trust Nicole or Da'Vonne. She thinks they're working together. Paul doesn't really commit, but leaves the door open to make her think he promised safety. 

Now a Paul/Paulie "twinsy" bit. Eww. 

Paul reads a care package announcement. The recipient must open it in front of the others. The first one comes today. A voice screams for them to head to the backyard. It comes down with a little parachute attached. It's for NATALIE! Socks, floss, Never Not Pass -- she cannot be named a Have Not. She was supposed to be a Have Not due to her low score in HoH. Corey wishes he had it this week, but hopes others might be better! 

Nicole tells Corey that she volunteered to be a pawn. He tells her he'll do it for her. But, in a meeting with Paul, Paulie, Zakiyah and Corey, Paulie volunteers to go up as a pawn. Of course, Paulie wants to pull himself off and get Da'Vonne backdoored, but ...!

Time for the nominations ceremony. But we all know what will happen. Bridgette, then Paulie. Bridgette because of you and Frank, promised last week. Paulie, you're my buddy and pawn, want to make sure PoV ends up in the right hands.

Not friendship, Paul according to Bridgette.

Da'Vonne is suspicious because she knows Nicole volunteered.

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - July 31, 2016

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. If you're here for Big Brother news, everything I have for you can be found at this link. I'll be posting another live feeds report late tonight as well as live-blogging the aired show. But this ain't that. This post is a year-round regular "feature" while Big Brother is a summer obsession. Or, something like that.

It was another miserably hot and humid week here in New Jersey. On Monday we had a storm which almost rivaled Hurricane Sandy in intensity, albeit much more brief. It only lasted about an hour. It seems my workplace, where I was when it hit, was on the edge of what they call a "micro-burst." I was just glad I wasn't out in it!

We seem to have had pop-up storms almost daily. Unfortunately, I must have left my best big umbrella somewhere on Thursday. I didn't realize it had gone missing until late last night. Thinking back, I might have left it at the bodega around the corner on my way home from work on Thursday. I only brought a smaller umbrella to do my work commute yesterday. I don't really plan on going out today. But tomorrow, I'll ask at the bodega if anyone turned the good one in. Oh, well.

Work remains work. Gah. After six weeks come and go, I'll be into my next staycation and the weather should be a lot more bearable. Until then, I guess I'll just sweat (er, perspire, glow) and keep on working. I had to cancel the order for the Lamborghini when I heard someone in some obscure state won the Powerball Lottery after I invested two dollars in it! How dare they!

That's about it for today. Onto the photos! Clicking on an image will open a larger version.

Eastern Cicada Killer Wasp

These are so cool. Not only are they colorful and harmless, but they're a hoot to watch while they battle each other! The wing beatings actually make quite a noise. With the rain deluges we've been having, I've worried that the burrows -- they're digger wasps -- might be destroyed. But I keep seeing the males protecting them, so things must be okay. Bridgewater Train Station.

The Plainfield Train Station Groundhog

He is SO chubby! People keep feeding him bread, donuts, pizza and more. While he's still skittish around people -- he won't just walk up to them -- once they toss food, he'll certainly eat it. I would guess none of it is good for him. But, where he is, he's safe from predators and probably doesn't leave his little woodsy territory in search of food. He most likely will never get hit by a car or a train as he doesn't need to really forage. He looks healthy. Chubby, but healthy.

Honeybees are good bees!

While I'm severely allergic to bee stings, I rarely worry about your basic honey bee. It's wasps (not the Eastern Cicada Killer Wasp as it's the males you see and they have no stinger at all) and yellow-jacket hornets that worry me -- they're aggressive. Honey bees, carpenter bees, bumblebees ... they're all all rather mellow. Unless they feel really threatened, they aren't aggressive at all. Bees don't seem to mind cameras.


BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Morning - July 31

I'm HoH! Friendship!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Whacko Wombats:
  • Da'Vonne thinks Paul will put Natalie on the block when Paulie takes himself off.
  • Michelle, who knows otherwise, agreed with Da'Vonne.
  • We all know that, unless Paul thinks with his own mind and sticks to his guns that Bridgette is going home this week, it will be Backdoor Da'Vonne in motion.
  • James knows, but isn't telling Natalie.
  • He told her "someone" will be backdoored.
  • Michelle told Da'Vonne that she doesn't mind Bridgette as much now that Frank is gone.
  • Y'know, they can bake cookies and all together!
  • Throwing marshmallows and jumping in the pool have ticked off the BB piped voice in the house lately.
  • "I said, STOP THAT!"
  • Despite Paulie telling all the guys he wants to drop Zakiyah and wouldn't mind if she got evicted, he still lets her hang all over and snuggle him.
  • They're bored.
  • I'm bored.
  • They get silly.
  • I do not.
  • I yawn.
  • That should all change when (if?) Da'Vonne goes up on the block with the PoV meeting!
  • Eep. Michelle has around 40 grand in college debt. Natalie has 80 grand in college debt. I'm glad I went to college back in the dark ages and had a merit scholarship to help pay some of my way! Plus, worked full time. Plus, didn't go on reality TV shows hoping to win to pay the bill.
  • Michelle's parents paid off her credit card debt. Yep, that's the way to teach a kid how to handle finances!
  • Michelle told Victor all of her self-esteem woes. He told her that she can change all of them.
  • Actually, I think most of them are in her mind.
  • It has to be some sort of sociological statement that most of the girls in the house have low self-esteem issues while most of the guys have delusions of grandeur. What does it say of us as a society? Or, is it just casting?
  • Natalie also tried to talk up Michelle.
  • Paul told Zakiyah that he wants Bridgette to go home, but will put Da'Vonne up if the veto is used because "she isn't as paranoid as everybody else."
  • Meanwhile, Paulie thinks Nicole might have told Zakiyah that Da'Vonne will go on the block.
  • Paulie wants to use Bridgette to get out Michelle and Zakiyah.
  • Then he'd be finished with her.
  • Da'Vonne is talking scenarios with a final four of her, Zakiyah, Paulie and Michelle.
  • Let's see what happens ... 

He has to wear that HoH robe ALL THE TIME

Someone will be backdoored says James

Zakiyah, please remove your hair from the mic

She clings; he doesn't turn away

Saturday, July 30, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening, PoV Winner - July 30

Now he looks like Clark Kent with fake glasses

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Slithering Serpents:
  • Now, keep in mind that Pawnie Paulie was placed as a pawn by Paul to prevent PoV being purloined by Pridgette. Er, Bridgette.
  • I'd like you to say the above sentence three times fast.
  • Are you done? Was it fun?
  • That's the sole reason he's a pawn, though.
  • Natalie was one of the veto players chosen. James told her that if they want her to use it to save Paulie (he knows Da'Vonne would most likely be the renom) -- make a deal for safety next week, no veto, no nominations, no backdoor.
  • This, of course is coming from James, the one who broke his word/deal with Frank and Bridgette last week.
  • Nicole hosted the comp. The other two chosen players were Corey and Victor.
  • Paulie told Nicole and Corey that he wants Da'Vonne to go out instead of Bridgette.
  • He thinks the only people pushing for Bridgette to go are Zakiyah, Da'Vonne and Michelle.
  • He left out Paul, who has vowed to oust Bridgette this week.
  • Paulie has grown weary of Zakiyah. I think he'd rather she get evicted than to tell her.
  • Everybody is planning on Da'Vonne going home as a renom no matter who is taken off the block.
  • But Paul, the one who will make the renom, isn't in these conversations.
  • I'm pretty sure he'd go along with the plan. It's his best buds, after all. But nice of them to discuss it with him!
  • The feeds were blocked for the comp.
  • And, a rather odd and disturbing statement from Corey (who was upset that he lost). He said he wished his father would come and beat him so he could get his head in the comps. He's tired of doing poorly. 
  • Oh my. This is the jock dude. Is that something that kept him going in sports all along? Sad.
  • So, Corey didn't win Veto.
  • Who did?
  • Why, Paulie won the Golden Power of Veto!
  • He's been telling Bridgette that she's safe.
  • No, he'll save himself, for sure.
  • But Da'Vonne will go up and they'll vote her out instead of Bridgette.
  • That's his plan, anyway.
  • James has come to the realization that he, Zakiyah, Da'Vonne and Natalie are no longer in with the in crowd.
  • He thinks something is very wrong because Paulie seems to be working with Bridgette.
  • Uh-oh.
  • If I could offer him consolation, I'd let him know that he isn't as out of the in crowd as the other three.
  • James knows of the Backdoor Da'Vonne plan, but kept mum about it with Natalie.
  • He told Natalie that the guys will use Bridgette to go after the girls.
  • Well, then ... you KNOW Michelle is on that list, too!
  • The problems between Bridgette and Michelle have not been fixed and they probably can't be fixed.
  • You know. Bridgette STOLE Frank from Michelle!
  • Natalie tried to work things to her favor with Bridgette, telling her that she won't vote for her this week, nor nominate her if she (Natalie) wins HoH next week.
  • It looks like the Backdoor Da'Vonne plan is in motion.
  • Will it stick?
  • I don't know. it would be a smart move on their part.

Crying! (Because he laughed too much.)

Not crying ... for now

Rolled her ankle. Ow.

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday - July 30


Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pity Parties:
  • I have to remind myself that the actual airing of the show hasn't even shown the HoH winner yet.
  • A whirlwind recap -- Paul won HoH, Have Nots are Zakiyah, Paulie, Natalie and Corey (due to low score HoH comp), nominated are Brdigette (Paul's goal) and Pawnie Paulie, Natalie received the care package which included the "Never Not" pass and other stuff.
  • Oh geez ... last night was the night for pity parties.
  • And, it was all female ones.
  • Gah. It makes me sad to think they're representing my gender in the house!
  • Of the pity parties, I could most accept the one from Bridgette. She has been trying to mingle with the others and put on a good game face at times.
  • But, when she was alone, she told the camera how alone she feels in the game, especially with Frank gone.
  • True, it's her own fault for getting so segregated from the others by hanging out so much with Frank. Now it's coming back to bite her in the butt and it hurts.
  • She knows she's the target even though she's been told otherwise.
  • It's her party, she'll cry if she wants to cry.
  • Then there was Zakiyah, crying to Paulie about how inept she is at comps and how people think she's worthless.
  • In Paulie's credit -- he's the one on the block even if he's Pawnie Paulie, yet he was patient, understanding, consoling and kind to Zakiyah's personal pity party.
  • You would cry too if it happened to you.
  • Er.
  • Michelle also had her own little private pity party with the camera -- talking about how much weight she's gained, she wants to win the HoH just so she can wear the robe to cover her fat body, everybody mocks her, the clothes BB allowed her are horrible (she says she doesn't usually dress like a homeless person), she's running out of make-up, her hair looks horrible ... and yada-yada-yada.
  • Probably a lot of her own issues stem from having a crush on Frank before the house, then watching Bridgette with Frank in the house. "He's holding her hand, when he should be holding mine." You would cry too ...
  • In other news, Paulie told Michelle that he'd like to see Da'Vonne go on the block as a renom.
  • No kidding. Sheesh, he's been preaching that for a while.
  • He'd rather Da'Vonne get backdoored and then focus on Bridgette, then Natalie.
  • Interesting he's not targeting the guys, huh?
  • He told Michelle that Da'Vonne's whole game strategy is turning people against each other.
  • Y'think?
  • Actually, Paulie nailed that one spot on. Gotta give the boy credit for putting her entire game so succinctly.
  • It's catching up to Da'Vonne, though. Paulie and Michelle are teaming up more than ever with Nicole and Corey mainly because Da'Vonne is targeting Nicole.
  • Paulie, though he didn't say anything to Zakiyah about it, told Corey that he's ready to "cut Zakiyah loose" before long. He's tired of her getting all petty and jealous about the least little thing.
  • Gah. Too many tears! Too Many tears! Nicole cries, Michelle cries, Bridgette cries, Zakiyah cries. I can't take it anymore!
  • No wonder the guys are getting together to target the girls. There's only so much coaching and consoling available in the hamster hearts.

Pity party with Paulie

Stop picking at your face. We see you.

What if Bridgette wins PoV?

Low self-esteem pity party

Paul's new sports bra

Wrapping things up

Friday, July 29, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday Evening. Nominations - July 29

What a heartthrob, huh?

Here's the latest from inside than Big Brother House of Misguided Miscreants:
  • They slept in ... again.
  • Even those who don't stay up most of the night sleep in and nap.
  • BB told them something about the care packages, but it's hard to tell how much. They block the feeds when production tells them anything other than to change their batteries, "Stop that!" and things like that.
  • Paul and Michelle seem to share a rather irrational hate/dislike of Bridgette.
  • Now, I don't care much for her myself from the feeds. But I don't see where she's all that horrible as to cause such vitriol.
  • Whoa! A care package was dumped in the backyard! That didn't take them long.
  • And, the first care package goes to ... (drum roll, please) ... Natalie!
  • She has the Have Not Pass (and she was chosen to be a Have Not this week due to the low HoH comp score), socks, stickers, cookies and more.
  • Ones who didn't get the package are sure the following ones will be so much better.
  • Natalie had told Paul she didn't want to go up as a pawn with Bridgette because she would be weak and tired from being a Have Not.
  • Can't use that excuse now!
  • But, as Paul says, she can't win comps anyway. He wants someone to make sure Bridgette doesn't win PoV.
  • She better watch herself, though. A group -- Paulie, Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle -- think that Natalie's getting a bit too cocky and too comfortable, like no one would ever target her.
  • Paul is still determined that Bridgette must go this week.
  • If not for that, he'd entertain the thought of targeting Natalie.
  • James heard the scuttlebutt about Natalie being a target and told Natalie that Nicole was pushing for it.
  • Now, it wasn't JUST Nicole.
  • Victor keeps complaining about how nasty Natalie's goodbye message was to him while Natalie keeps saying it wasn't mean.
  • If memory serves, it was mean.
  • Not as mean as some we've seen. But mean nonetheless.
  • Paulie talked to Bridgette, but didn't tell her she's the target.
  • I've been waiting for the feeds block to end so I could post the nominations.
  • They really don't need this much time to do noms!
  • Grr. 
  • Bridgette is nominated! What a shock and surprise!
  • And, pretty much as expected ... Paulie is on the block with her as a strong pawn who can beat her in veto.
  • It would be fun if she won the veto, wouldn't it?

How many will yawn looking at this?

Will she continue to ride coattails?

I want a package (with Frank inside).

He really needs a Meg

70s Donny Osmond rather than Cabbage Patch

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday Morning - July 29

Number one on the real short list

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Addled Adolescents:
  • If you missed my last update, Paul is the new HoH.
  • As for the Have Nots -- Natalie, Corey, Zakiyah and Paulie.
  • In addition to slop, they have hot dogs, bacon and capers. If you had to be a Have Not, it sounds like a good week with the extras!
  • Mmm. Bacon.
  • Paul had stated previously to the Get Da'Vonne Out Crowd that, if they want her out, he can't win HoH. because he had vowed to get rid of Bridgette. 
  • It's apparent he wants to stick to his word.
  • Da'Vonne tried to plant her seeds about Nicole and Corey needing to go.
  • Some of them were pondering if there will be another returnee situation if the Round Trip ticket isn't used. Huh. I didn't think of that. BB must have plans in case it's used/not used.
  • Paul asked Victor if he would go up as a pawn with Bridgette being the target.
  • "No! Nononononono! Please, no!" was his response.
  • He's worried, with good cause, that since he came back in the game, he might be voted out.
  • Meanwhile, Paulie and Corey are scheming. They want to get Paul to nominated Da'Vonne as the "pawn." Then, in grand style, they flip the vote and evict Da'Vonne.
  • Paul's goal in pawn is someone who can win comps.
  • That's not necessarily Da'Vonne. She could win a backstabbing contest. But I doubt the HoH will be that.
  • Paulie tried to convince Paul that no "boys" should go up on the block because it's too risky.
  • Maybe if they had some MEN in the house ...
  • (But I digress.)
  • When Paulie approached James about his Oust Da'Vonne plan, James was a bit noncommittal -- he just shrugged his shoulders and said he'd go with it if it worked out.
  • Paulie doesn't want Bridgette out yet. Paul does. After all, he gave his word. And word is bond. Or something like that.
  • Paulie tried to talk Paul into putting Da'Vonne on the block with Bridgette.
  • No go.
  • Paul might be a bit more receptive to putting Da'Vonne up as a re-nom if the PoV is used. But that's it.
  • Da'Vonne continues to try to sabotage Nicole.
  • Michelle speaks of returning the target to all of the returnees.
  • Not Victor ... I'm talking the "veterans."
  • Natalie's name has been tossed around as a pawn. Paul doesn't want to do that because she's a Have Not and he wants a very strong competitor.
  • A side note - In the HoH room reveal, the biggest hit seemed to be a photo of a beardless Paul.
  • Back to the story here ...
  • Paul wants someone to volunteer to be a pawn. But they have to be strong enough to beat Bridgette. He's not budging on wanting Bridgette out.
  • The other guys point out that if it's a guy on the block, the girls could team together and get yet another boy out.
  • Nicole is worried that, if she goes up as a pawn, she will be voted out. She's paranoid. Probably with good reason as Da'Vonne keeps pushing the suspicion about Corey and Nicole.
  • She's worried that Paul and Da'Vonne might be working together because Da'Vonne as a pawn doesn't seem to be in any scenario.
  • Nicole thinks Natalie would be the perfect pawn because she's like Victoria -- can't win a comp yet liked by all.
  • Corey told Nicole that Natalie's already been on the block and is a Have Not.
  • "Big Brother isn't about taking turns!" Nicole replied.
  • Paul told Paulie he needs to get Bridgette out this week -- "My Bridgette is your Tiffany."
  • He does seem dead set on her.
  • But, it will all depend on the pawn put up.
  • What if the house decides to go against his wishes and votes out the pawn?
  • What if Bridgette wins PoV and the pawn goes home?
  • The suspense builds.

But I don't want to be a pawn!

Who wants to see my HoH room?

Saved by a vow to get Bridgette out

We need a good pawn

Thursday, July 28, 2016

BB18: HoH Comp Updates/HoH Winner - July 28

This post will be updated when the feeds return. We'll either have a winner or they'll still be working on it. I'm having trouble getting into the live feeds. Grr.

I'm finally in. We have the Jeff highlights loop.

10:15pm ET -- Feeds still blocked.

10:30pm ET -- Feeds still on Jeff highlights.

10:45pm ET -- Feeds still on Jeff highlights.

11:00pm ET -- Feeds still on Jeff highlights. I'll continue the 15 minute interval updates unless the feeds come back. Then, of course, I'll post that they've returned and figure out who won HoH to get that posted. This is getting annoying!

11:15pm ET -- Still Jeff and the same highlights loop over and over again.

11:30pm ET -- Still Jeff. I think I'm losing my mind. The very least is they could rotate loops or even show the old trivia they used to use.

11:31pm ET --  Feeds are back.


I have no more words for now.

Well, a few more words -- the Have Nots seem to be Natalie, Corey, Paulie and Zakiyah.

Her face says it all

She's already working the Nicole/Corey seeds

BB18: Live Eviction, HoH Show Blog Party - July 28

Are we ready for this? I know I'm SO ready!

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll be constantly updating this entry. Refresh the page to get the latest news. As always, the real party is in the comments area -- come join in on the fun!

Here are the blog pool picks going into tonight's show:

Natalie Negrotti - Sharon N, Jackie P, QuixoticElf, Orkmommy
Bridgette Dunning - Brian, Indiana Jane, Caela, Chauncey, Paula Bell
Paulie Calafiore - Joel, Chacha, Sally, Ed In Ohio, Buzzmaam
Zakiyah Everette - Tilde, Jo C, Jenng326, Ayana, jennifer
Corey Brooks - Fred aka TwoBlackAces, Barbara B. W., Dierdre, Cheryl in NC
Paul Abrahamian - Jackie, Arf Barf, WolfpackRed, chrob61
Michelle Meyer - Rich, Chase, Glenn, Anonymouse, Delee
Nicole Franzel - Kelsey NY, Grove Wiley, Nickelpeed, Sharon C  
Frank Eudy - Dr_Celine, Dennis Comfort, Stephanie in Baltimore, PDX Granny
Da'Vonne Rogers - Donna in Alabama, uncartie, MarthaLight, Donna NY
James Huling - Becky, Donna in Alabama, Sharon S, Willie J
Victor Arroyo - Helenann2K, RBennie, Janice, Monty924

Glenn Garcia
Jozea Flores - Sasha, Merrilee, Tammy, Petals, JonMD1267
Bronte D'Acquisto - Jean in Tampa, elee86, Russ, Cheryl, Donna in FL
Tiffany Rousso - meb, SueGee, David, Jessica UNderwood

Let's get this party started!

Recap, recap ...

Tonight, Frank and Bridgette will be torn apart ... or will they? (Referring to the secret room.)

Michelle is fussing about Bridgette. Whining. Poor baby. Frank advises Bridgette to win HoH. Bridgette tells us she doesn't have many friends in real life and Frank is her friend. Michelle tells Frank that if she used the veto on him, nine people would be mad at her. She bursts into tears.

James notices clues on the screen in the living room, "clues are all around you." Paul picks up on green words on certain signs in the rooms. He links it to flight 211 on the departure board. He calls Paris on one of the two phones. In the booth, he is told to go into a tunnel now or leave the booth and try when the coast is clear. Since there's a crowd, he runs out. He warns James and Corey to keep Frank and Bridgette away from the phone booth. Paul goes into a red tunnel. He gets a clue that there are 12 envelopes, one containing a round trip ticket to return into the game if evicted. They must remain sealed and cannot be exchanged with other hamsters. All of them end up with an envelope.

A segment on past partners in the game. Jason Roy thinks Da'Vonne needs to cool down a bit. Meg talks about James. She thinks James needs to watch out for Da'Vonne. Hayden talks about Nicole. They dated for about a year and a half, still friends. Boogie talks about Frank. He thinks Frank is playing a horrible game, shouldn't have told people about winning Road Kill.

Uh-oh. Julie tells us that we at home can have a major impact on the game. Hmm ... maybe we'll be allowed to duct tape Paul's mouth shut!

To the living room ...
Julie explains the tickets. August 18 is the expiration date on them.
Frank -- Family, love ya. Bridgette, class act, favorite people. The opposite applies to the others, sorry not sorry, never want to see you.
Bridgette -- All goodness and light speech.

The votes to evict:
Da'Vonne -- Frank
Paul -- Frank
Paulie -- Frank
Nicole -- Frank
Victor -- Frank
Michelle -- Frank
Zakiyah -- Frank
Corey -- Frank
Natalie -- Frank

Unanimous ... Frank is voted out.

His envelope contents will be revealed to the entire house (and us) after commercials.

Inside the envelope is a ... one way ticket home!

HoH - Perfect Shot. Red ball and yellow ball, roll red ball up the creek into the box. Can practice with yellow ball. The ball might fall off into a numbered box. If no one gets a perfect shot, the highest score wins. If the red ball goes out of play, player out. Four lowest scores are Have Nots.

They're practicing. This is going to go over the showtime. I'll set up a separate post to update and announce HoH.

America's Care Package -- Can send one hamster a care package with an advantage, first one has a Never Have Not pass. Each hamster can only win once.

BB18: Live Feeds into Thursday - July 28

Nah, no one's back there. Y'think?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Worrisome Worrywarts:
  • Even though Frank will be leaving tonight (unless he comes back). everybody is paranoid that he's not.
  • Da'Vonne keeps planting seeds that Nicole and Corey can't be trusted.
  • Paulie's "leadership" is in doubt.
  • James and Da'Vonne are worried that Paulie will vote to keep Frank and oust Bridgette and the house will flip last minute.
  • Paul grows more obnoxious by the day. For a well-educated guy, he's turned into a foul-mouthed little bully with nothing to back it up.
  • Zakiyah thinks that Nicole is flirting with Paulie and doesn't like it.
  • Remember, a week or two ago, Zakiyah thought Michelle was flirting with Paulie and didn't like it.
  • All the jealousy without reason is wearing thin on Paulie.
  • Natalie told James that she can't trust Nicole because something she said in confidentially to her got back to Bridgette.
  • But, then again, Natalie has always been closer to Bridgette than she has been to Nicole. She'd rather Bridgette be in the house longer than Nicole.
  • Da'Vonne told Paulie that Nicole is saying she (Da'Vonne) is throwing her (Nicole) under the bus.
  • Well, duh. She is and has been!
  • Da'Vonne is paranoid because she heard Corey said more attention should be on her rather than him and Nicole.
  • Paulie told Da'Vonne that is being said only because it was brought up if Bridgette wins HoH, she'd nominate Nicole and Corey.
  • Meanwhile, Nicole is whispering stuff about Da'Vonne to Paul.
  • And, on it goes.
  • Paranoia the destroyah!
  • The house seems to be one pitted against the other throughout, yet it's fairly certain it will be unanimous or close to it for Frank to go home tonight.

Spending the last of their time together.

She's safe. For now.

Da'Vonne continues to plant seeds to him

What? Someone is behind the mirror?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - July 27

No pranks from him lately

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Babbling Buffoons:
  • Once again, there was a whole lotta napping going on today.
  • Natalie cleaned the toilet stall room. She keeps complaining about how disgusting it gets and no one cleans it.
  • She ended up going wild through the whole bathroom on a cleaning spree.
  • Yep, we're paying to watch this!
  • She told James that she would remain loyal to him and that Frank has been trashmouthing Bridgette to her.
  • Of course, we all need to keep in mind that she's friends with Bridgette and Frank is an obstacle to the friendship.
  • I haven't really seen Frank actually talking trash about Bridgette at all. I might have missed it. 
  • Natalie also told James she would expect him to campaign to stay if they were both on the block.
  • Aw, ain't that so sweet!
  • James doesn't think they'll be on the block for a while. He thinks there are bigger targets in the house for the others -- Nicole and Corey, Paulie and Zakiyah.
  • Natalie told him she think Nicole is playing dirty.
  • Yeah, she is. But she's also playing pretty dumb.
  • James has been having problems with his arm being numb and tingling since the HoH comp. Apparently BB has called a doctor for it.
  • I couldn't have held my arm up for six hours without it falling off.
  • Victor cooked up some expired by two days turkey.
  • They must get the stuff at the same dollar store where they purchase the arts and crafts things.
  • Da'Vonne told James about Nicole's betrayal by making final two/four plans with Frank plus Bridgette and Corey.
  • He didn't get excited, said he already knew all about it. 
  • Da'Vonne also told Paulie that Nicole and Corey were working with Frank and Bridgette.
  • Unlike James's reaction, now Paulie is more on board with Da'Vonne going home sooner rather than later.
  • He, of course, brings Paul into it. Paul, of course, backs him up and says, "Yeah, Da'Vonne must go!"
  • Corey told Paulie he wanted to call Da'Vonne out on it.
  • But Paulie isn't quite as anxious.
  • (You'd think that Corey would know that they were working with Frank and Bridgette and it's the truth! Silly boy.)
  • Paulie thinks that if Bridgette wins HoH, she'll nominated Nicole/Corey. That's why he thinks she needs to go before Da'Vonne.
  • Frank told Nicole he's fully expecting to go tomorrow night. He told her not to take anything in his speech personally -- it's not about her.
  • Paul and Zakiyah talked about Nicole playing all sides of the house.
  • He said that if he gets HoH, he just might put Nicole and Bridgette on the block.
  • Paul also talked to James and Da'Vonne about how suspicious both Nicole and Corey were acting.
  • Corey wonders why their names keep getting thrown around.
  • Paul told Da'Vonne she needs to win HoH tomorrow and get Nicole out. He can't win because he promised to get Bridgette out.
  • ::: cue organ music here :::

Da'Vonne tells James dirt on Nicole

How she's playing this season

Oh noes! It's the Vulcan mind meld!

No, he's not crying. I'd pay to see that!

But it's an honor to be voted out, Frank.