Friday, July 15, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Bulletin - Road Kill Winner - July 15

It's a shocker!

Welp, after several hours, the live feeds returned.

And, Tiffany is mumbling to herself about winning the Road Kill Comp and pondering who she'll put up. Remember, the Road Kill winner cannot nominate anyone in Category 4 this week. So ... Paulie, Michelle, Bridgette and Frank are off the table for noms.


Jackie Hardin said...

I really love watching BBAD. You learn more. Not really I meant you learn more reading The Show Must Go On. Jackie you are jewel for doing this. Thank you in a million ways.

uncartie said...

Tiffany's inner Vanessa popped out last night. Paulie was gonna "get in her head" and it ended up the other way. LMAO

Now she has a whole week to put together a plan and reingratiate herself. It may be for naught but she's going out fighting.

Sharon N said...

Ok, so how exactly does this work? Paulie put Tanessa OTB, but then she wins RK.
That only means she can put up the RK nominee... she doesn't come down unless she wins POV, right? So, I would think Tiff is still in danger... right?

David said...

You have it correct Sharon. Now the big choice for Tiffany is does she put up someone she knows she can beat in the veto to help the odds of her winning it, or someone she hopes she can get evicted over herself. I think the answer to both questions would be to put up Da'Vonne as the RK nominee. I don't know what she will do, but that may be her best hope of staying.

Sharon N said...

Well, Tiffany put up Corey as RK. Although he hasn't won any comps yet, if the next one is strength, he 'might.'

In the meantime, Paulie is putting nails in his own coffin with all his rants.
If Tiffany makes it through the next eviction, I think it's quite possible she might go after Paulie.

uncartie said...

If Tiffany can can avoid eviction this week then the Buyback comes back,they'll be the target and she might get herself off everyone's radar. Putting up Corey might be the smart play. Maybe she figures that her best chance is to get the girls against the boys.
I hope she wins veto just to see Paulies head explode.

Sharon N said...

It does appear Tiffany is now working with Frank and they have 'big' plans.
Frank told Tiff that he wants to say clear of her for 1 or 2 days... so he'll get picked to play Veto. If he wins, he wants to take Tiff down.

Maybe we're finally getting some action.
It seems Tiffany might be playing smarter... showing some of Vanessa's ruthlessness.

monty924 said...

Love this. I think Tiffany made the right choice. The big eight alliance needs to be split up and if you are Tiffany it's a must. They've gone after her so why not go after them. Oh Big Brother... this week is looking better than I thought it would after Paulie won HOH.

Chacha said...

if Tiffany wins Veto she takes herself off.
If Corey wins and takes himself off she gets renom.
If Corey wins and takes Natalie off does Tiffany still
pick renom? Corey thinks Paulie will renom but I believe Tiffany should.
There has been no clear cut answer to this

Sharon N said...

Chacha, it would seem to me....
If Corey wins and takes Natalie off...will HE still be sitting in the RK seat?
Or, would they both be safe in that win-scenario?

Paulie would replace Natalie.
If Corey comes down, Tiffany replaces him.

As much as I don't like Frank this season, it WOULD be funny if he won POV and took Tiffany down. He wants to watch Paulie's head explode!! LMAO

Chacha said...


I have heard the HG say that if Corey wins and pulls Natalie down that Paulie replaces but I never heard the actual rules.

I can't stand Frank but I would love that also. Frank was saying last night that he would tell Corey he would take him down if he won but then would actually take Tiffany down.

Sharon N said...

Big Brother (everybody lies) is kind of like Game of Thrones (everybody dies). LMAO

As I understand it, HOH's noms can only be replaced by HOH.
And RK noms can only be replaced by RK winner.

Which would still leave Tiffany OTB.... unless Frank wins POV and takes her down.
It's very confusing.
Would Frank be automatically safe also (as POV winner) if he takes down Tiffany?
Or is Frank so cocky that he thinks he'd be safe anyway?

Which also presents another question... would Corey would be safe (as RK nom) IF he wins POV and takes down Natalie? If so, TWO noms would have to be replaced.
That would be one heck of a lot of safe people...
hmmmm.... pondering.

monty924 said...

I'd say that is possible if Corey wouldn't use it on himself. He'd be stupid to do that.

Chacha said...

If Frank won he would be safe and whoever he took down.

If Corey took Natalie down then he would remain on the block. My question still remains that we never got a clear cut confirmation on who replaces if someone else comes off by the hands of POV(RK nominee)

It is all very confusing and yes Monty924 if he didn't take himself off he would be another Marcellus...

Sharon N said...

Duh... of course Frank would be safe... it's his TEAM. @@
But I don't think Corey would be safe if he was to pull Natalie, leaving himself OTB.

.... speaking of Marcellas.
Did anyone notice the post (on Jokers) that he was on House Hunters?

Chacha said...

yes, I started watching Vintage Hunters but fell asleep.

Sharon N said...

I'm getting a kick out of Paul with his "friendship" routine. Frank really ticked him off with pulling the 'friendship' bit on him, but Paul is making a joke of it... and I don't think Frank even realizes.