Friday, July 29, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday Evening. Nominations - July 29

What a heartthrob, huh?

Here's the latest from inside than Big Brother House of Misguided Miscreants:
  • They slept in ... again.
  • Even those who don't stay up most of the night sleep in and nap.
  • BB told them something about the care packages, but it's hard to tell how much. They block the feeds when production tells them anything other than to change their batteries, "Stop that!" and things like that.
  • Paul and Michelle seem to share a rather irrational hate/dislike of Bridgette.
  • Now, I don't care much for her myself from the feeds. But I don't see where she's all that horrible as to cause such vitriol.
  • Whoa! A care package was dumped in the backyard! That didn't take them long.
  • And, the first care package goes to ... (drum roll, please) ... Natalie!
  • She has the Have Not Pass (and she was chosen to be a Have Not this week due to the low HoH comp score), socks, stickers, cookies and more.
  • Ones who didn't get the package are sure the following ones will be so much better.
  • Natalie had told Paul she didn't want to go up as a pawn with Bridgette because she would be weak and tired from being a Have Not.
  • Can't use that excuse now!
  • But, as Paul says, she can't win comps anyway. He wants someone to make sure Bridgette doesn't win PoV.
  • She better watch herself, though. A group -- Paulie, Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle -- think that Natalie's getting a bit too cocky and too comfortable, like no one would ever target her.
  • Paul is still determined that Bridgette must go this week.
  • If not for that, he'd entertain the thought of targeting Natalie.
  • James heard the scuttlebutt about Natalie being a target and told Natalie that Nicole was pushing for it.
  • Now, it wasn't JUST Nicole.
  • Victor keeps complaining about how nasty Natalie's goodbye message was to him while Natalie keeps saying it wasn't mean.
  • If memory serves, it was mean.
  • Not as mean as some we've seen. But mean nonetheless.
  • Paulie talked to Bridgette, but didn't tell her she's the target.
  • I've been waiting for the feeds block to end so I could post the nominations.
  • They really don't need this much time to do noms!
  • Grr. 
  • Bridgette is nominated! What a shock and surprise!
  • And, pretty much as expected ... Paulie is on the block with her as a strong pawn who can beat her in veto.
  • It would be fun if she won the veto, wouldn't it?

How many will yawn looking at this?

Will she continue to ride coattails?

I want a package (with Frank inside).

He really needs a Meg

70s Donny Osmond rather than Cabbage Patch


Anonymous said...

Donny Osmond. Ha! Good one!

Jean in Tampa said...

I yawned. Did "Z" and Paulie make up? Where did she end up sleeping? I saw BBAD a couple of nights ago where she got all jealous. Have they even gone on a date. She's nuts.

Jackie Hardin said...

Yes "Z" is nuts. Get her out. It would be so funny if Bridgette would win POV. Use it to take herself off and Paul put "Z" or DeYonna on the block.

monty924 said...

It would be pure joy if Bridgette won the veto and force Paul into putting anyone else up against Paulie... well anyone but James. :)))

Becky said...

I guess my husband sent this too me. It is in regard to the care packages. It sounds like, if Natalie's box held only what was listed by Jackie then she will be short changed. They didn't say what was in the box or why it was sent in the release. I guess you are going to have to copy and paste to see it.

Click here: Care Package Vote - Big Brother -

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

BB Trivia Time: :)))

Anyone who knows me here knows that I only trust what I see and hear for myself on the feeds, read it from Jackie or read it at Dingo's. Yes, I go to Jokers to catch up sometimes between other things but I never put any faith in what is said at Jokers unless I watch it myself on Flashback.

Dingo has a Lines of the Day feature and this a true gem:

"Jozea (tweet deleted): Paul please take paulie's offer! Put him as a pond then Backdoor that ass ugh open your eyes!" from Dingo's Hamsterwatch 7/30/16

Who was the true originator of the "pond" for pawn? I know... do you remember? :))