Friday, July 15, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday - July 15

But she has James!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pain:
  • Frank is all in a tizzy? 
  • Who flipped on him? (They all deny it.)
  • "What? Dictator? I never acted like a dictator!"
  • He told Da'Vonne the only reason he was ever after her was because Nicole said she was after him.
  • Da'Vonne told Frank that Nicole was too scared to flip.
  • And on.
  • And on.
  • Meanwhile, Paulie has found out that Tiffany did try to get an all girls alliance going.
  • Of course, he can't nominate any one from his own team (Category 4).
  • So, that means that Frank, Bridgette and Michelle are safe.
  • Everyone else is fair game.
  • Frank did his finger-pointing well into the night.
  • Paulie told James that he isn't all that tight with either Frank or Bridgette.
  • If not for the teams twist (which needs to go away!), I think that Paulie might strike out in that direction.
  • Alas.
  • Paul is sure he'll be on the block again. He said, if he isn't and he wins Road Kill, he'll put himself on the block.
  • Heehee.
  • Frank told Da'Vonne the only one he really trusts is Bridgette. 
  • Frank and Da'Vonne surface make up and hug.
  • But that's not real.
  • She's still after him and he knows she was lying to his face.
  • Paulie was one originally after Tiffany to go. He voted for Tiffany to go.
  • So, will he put Tiffany on the block?
  • Hell, yeah!
  • Plus, using her as a target doesn't put him in the position where he gets major blood on his hands ... or something that goes awry like the Frank/Tiffany thing last night.
  • He told Tiffany he doesn't want her coming in his HoH room. He's sure she'll be butting into every conversation.
  • Then again, she just might sleep a lot!
  • Among the doubts cast, James and Natalie's names came up.
  • Now Paulie is leaning towards getting Natalie out.
  • Corey tried to convince Frank it was all Bronte's fault she got voted out -- she caused her own demise in the house.
  • Yeah, you had nothing to do with it, Frank. :::cough:::
  • Paul again pushes an anti-Tiffany agenda.
  • After all, he wants someone to have a much larger target on them than he does. Even though he's made a point of mingling, he's still a remainder (and reminder) of the Jozea/Victor fiasco.
  • Nicole is once again running scared. She's in the middle of the Frank/Da'Vonne rift. She doesn't handle the stress well and she's such a sucky liar!
  • Corey is really trying to rationalize the anti-Frank movement to Frank and why people turned on him.
  • He's doing it in an effort to fix things.
  • I didn't really expect that from Corey. Huh. A bridge over troubled waters. Who woulda thunk it?
  • Meanwhile, back in the HoH room, Paulie and Nicole talked. He still wants Frank out, but cannot do it.
  • He doesn't know that Nicole agreed to a Corey/Frank/Bridgette final four alliance.
  • It appears that Nicole is safe from Paulie's noms.
  • Tiffany cried.
  • She told Nicole she feels everybody is talking about her.
  • Well, YEAH. They are. That speech was a bit much too much and now you're staying in the house and you're stuck with it, Tiff.
  • Of course, Frank himself has himself believing that that speech swayed a few people Tiffany's way.
  • He's wrong on that. They already were swayed.
  • Tiffany is now getting on everybody's nerves with her crying, odd behavior and accusations.
  • She's guaranteeing that she will be the target this week and her people who had been behind her are now wishing they'd voted her out.
  • So, I'd say one of Paulie's nominations will definitely be Tiffany. The second is still up in the air -- Natalie's name came up a lot -- but that would be the pawn.

Their fate is in his hands

Maybe safe? Maybe not.

Will the tables turn on her this week?

Safe through circumstance


Petals said...

Thank Jackie. I watched a couple hours of the Pity Party for Vaniffany. She is not very smart...Paul called her "sentient" and she argued with him that it wasn't a real word. @@

She'll prolly continue to cry & sleep until next Wednesday, when she emerges long enough to save herself from the block again.

chrob61 said...

Thanks Jackie for the updates-

That "team" concept has gotta go! To be honest, who really has the teams memorized anyway? I say to the producers, good idea for week 1, but then scrap it.

My guess is after the BattleBack winner comes back they'll ditch the team concept. Also, if they go in order, Glenn v. Jozea, winner v. Victor, winner v. Bronte, then whoever is voted out this Thursday will automatically be in the finals??

Ed in Ohio said...'s all about flippin' Frank don't cha' know!. Boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

Now we get a week of let's torture Tiffany. Maybe she should just self evict?

Team concept totally sucks. Bad idea. Too many people automatically safe this far into the game.

Looks like this week will not be very interesting. Hope it gets better down the road.

As always Thank You Jackie for your updates & screen caps!

Chacha said...

I agree the team aspect is RUINING this game.

We all know Grodner loves Frank so any way she can keep him in.

Paulie who is my pool pick this year also has to go. He is not very nice.

Everything he said yesterday is deflection off of him.

I don't like Frank but if he doesn't get out soon I would love to see the Frank V Paulie nomination.

Nicole needs to be put on the block. She is not a nice person at all. I really don't like her. I felt sorry for her in S16 but now I see she is utterly gross.

I do hope that Tiffany is evicted only for her own sanity. I know this is a game but these people in the house talk about her being paranoid and just staring. This is happening because the people in the house treat her this way.

Sasha said...

Good morning and thank you, Jackie! I never seem to be able to join in the live blog parties--they look like so much fun but I'm usually watching on DVR.

So, why is it that wanting to have/start a "girls'" alliance is cause for eviction (to the guys) but it's fine that a guys alliance is almost always formed, with little consequence (and often leads to a win)? Apparently, there are many reasons HG's want Tiffany out (I don't have feeds or BBAD, so I don't really have an issue with her) but finding out she wanted to get a girls' alliance started is a crime? This horrible crime is perpetrated most seasons and usually falls apart anyway but can anyone say "double standard"? Just wondering.

Totally agree on the team thing. Too many people safe each time. Of course, it bothers me more this time because it means Frank is safe. I really wanted to see how this group was going to manage to get him out, if they could. That would have been interesting, I think.

Oh well, my pool pick was Jozea so I am free to choose my own hamster to root for. I'm still looking...can't seem to find a favorite. LOL.

Have a great Friday, all!

Chacha said...


It seems that all houseguests with the exception of Tiffany are claiming that is why she needs to leave. Tiff isn't the only HG to talk about a girls alliance.
You are correct on the double standard.

uncartie said...

ChaCha,Ed,Where do I start? Yes the team idea has ruined this season for me. Since when do you get to be rewarded for throwing a comp so you can handpick the HOH?

Nicole is such a slimeball. After Tiffany talks to Frank for a while she come in afterwards with her phony "Are you ok?" which is just a lame attempt to get Tiffany to tell her what they talked about. Tiffany,however is on to her and lets her know it.
Nicole then immediately leaves the room to bash her to Day,Z,& MIchelle.

In 17 seasons I've never seen a HG treated worse than what they are doing to Tiffany. The conversations always stop when she enters a room and people leave as fast as they can. They constantly project about her and make up stuff to deflect attention off themselves. I'm so glad she's blowing things up. These people deserve it.

At this point I'm now Team Frank & Tiffany.

uncartie said...

Oh,and I forget to mention Nicole had the gall to lecture Tiffany on not kicking someone when they're down. She is at the top of my hit list now.

Chacha said...

Nicole is the worst in the house. I really do hope that Tiffany wins POV or Frank wins POV and actually does pull her down. I would love to see Nicole up on that block.
She will be worse than Tiffany has been.

No way Nicole will be getting in on the top three of America Favorite this year

Chacha said...


I believe this all started in BB13 to some extent and then BB14 for sure.
BB16 with the beginning of BOB blew open the throwing of comps to make a certain person be nominated or HOH.

I just can't believe that Grodner/Meehan continue to do this when obviously they know how the online community feels about this. It is the online community that keeps this show going.(IMO)

uncartie said...

ChaCha,The show has gotten so scripted it's pathetic. Even the votes aren't secret anymore. Last night they deliberately lined up the 3 Tiffany evicted votes first to build for dramatic effect. Blindside my ass!

Maybe I'm just getting too old and grouchy to enjoy the show anymore. The last 2 years I've said it's my last but I get sucked in because I find one HG intriguing. Last year Vanessa,this year Tiffany,and there's still one Rousso sister left,Leticia,to maybe suck me in next year :)

Kathy said...

Nicole was hysterical last night when describing her attraction to Corey. She was with Zikayah in BY on lounges and was totally blushing. I think she is very funny at times. Not sure why some dislike her. Maybe I am missing something.
I am still so disappointed that I was left out of pool this season. I have been in the pool for the last several seasons and really enjoyed that added interest in the game.

Chacha said...


Nicole says nasty things about houseguests and not just Tiffany.
When a player acts nasty then pouts and whines about said player she made fun of I have no patience for.

The "blindside" as soon as I saw the first three go in then cut to commercial I knew the way they were doing this and also knew Davonne would be the final vote cast.

I wish the rumor of the vote count turned out to be true. But alas production wouldn't do anything the fans actually enjoyed...

Absolutely this show is getting worse and worse. The DR prompts many of the houseguests what to say in there. The DR used to be the best, now the houseguests don't know what to say.

Petals said...

Kathy - I love Nicole, Corey, James, Michelle and Paulie. You aren't alone.

Unc - NOOOOoooooo. Not another Rousso, I can't take this one, LOL.

Chacha said...

Was just popped into the feeds since Nominations.

normal he said she said, Nicole worrying about Frank.

As much as I don't like Frank, he told nicole I can only trust you and corey.
Then tells her if she takes a hit at him she better be successful. It was pretty funny.

Paulie has gotten some very serious HOHitis. Its worse than Bridgette.

He claims that even if he is on the block he will never be voted out. LOL!!!!

***Hey Paulie I would shut up, Remember Vanessa didn't win any money but Cody did!!! Who's the bigger threat now huh? So STFU*****

uncartie said...

ChaCha,You probably know this,but in case someone else doesn't,early in the season production missed Bronte complaining on the feeds that she didn't like being told what to say in the DR.

Petals,I was going to keep Vanessa's other sister a secret,wait until you were celebrating Tiffany's eviction and then spring it on you :) Don't worry though,I think you're safe. After how poorly Tiffany was treated this year I doubt she'd want to put up with that.

The latest examples of Tiffany derangement syndrome:
Fri 11:39 AM BBT Nicole/Corey/Zakiyah talking together. Saying they do not intend to talk to Tiffany anymore.

Ahhh the silent treatment. Yeah,that'll teach her.@@

Fri 12:11 PM BBT James and Paulie discussing how Tiffany wears sunglasses, pretends to be sleeping, listens through walls. @@

Paranoid much?

Chacha said...


When will these silly hamsters learn.
this is BIG BROTHER!!! they are supposed to listen in on convos and be sneaky.

Zakiyah and Nicole both the other day made a point of making Paulie and James take their sunglasses off when talking with them.

Anonymous said...

So RoadKill is now in progress and the noms are done.........being Natalie and Tiffany.

Witt said...

I SO DISLIKE this team aspect!!! Someone wins and then other people are automatically safe. I am hoping this doesn't go on too much longer.

Bronte knew she was going. In her interview with Julie she said "I found out 20 minutes ago"....I thought they weren't supposed to be telling anyone they were being voted out????

Yes, this show is going downhill. I used to arrange my summer days around it; now, not so much. I catch it on the DVR.

I can actually understand the whole sunglasses thing...people who are being deceptive usually look everywhere but on the person they are talking to; it's a huge part of nonverbal communication.

RyzandShyn said...

My youngest child, 25, has been saying for a few years that he's going to send in a tape to be on the show. When I said to him I was SO HAPPY he didn't do it this year, he said "Me too"
Another paranoid crying sister would put me over the edge.
Has there been any speculation by the houseguests about the people seen in the Euro Tripping pictures? I'm surprised there wasn't a red flag raised in one of their minds about the possibility of returning hamsters.

Sharon N said...

There have been several talking about a prospective buy-back before Jury.
Now, how the heck would they have any clue about that, much less be able to use the words 'buy-back.' IMO, it STINKS of Production interference....

Being an actual fan of the show, at least your son would have had a clue going in!!
Although, the way the show is being produced now, being a fan might not help.