Friday, July 08, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday - July 8

A Morning Talk with Paul

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pillars of Society :::cough, cough::: --
  • I didn't post yesterday pre-show as not a heck of a lot went on besides cut feeds and primping.
  • But, one thing I feel the need to mention is the Morning Talk with Paul. He was one of the few awake at the time and alone in a room, talking to the camera, AKA us. Had he not peppered the talk with profanity, it would have been a bit better. He talked about treating others with respect, paying it forward and generally being good people. For all of his tough gruff persona, Paul is actually a rather intelligent and kind person. Go figure.
  • Too bad he hooked up with Jozea in the beginning. Being a recruit and not knowing the game, he jumped in on something without thought and now he's going to eventually have to pay the piper.
  • Fast forward to after the live show now ... ZOOM!
  • Frank told Da'Vonne he'll get Bridgette to put Paul and Tiffany on the block. He doesn't think he can get her to put Bronte on the block.
  • Tiffany and Bronte figured out it was Paul who was the sole vote for Bronte.
  • Well, duh.
  • Neither is mad about it. I'm surprised Bronte didn't get all worked up about him voting for her instead of Tiffany.
  • Nicole thinks that Bridgette's nominations will actually be Frank's nominations. She's sure that the target will be Tiffany.
  • Well, duh.
  • Paulie thinks one of them (Nicole, Zakiyah and Da'Vonne at the time, but also Corey) need to win Road Kill and put up one of the "Powderpuff Girls." I think he basically means Bronte.
  • Bridgette is shocked that she won HoH. She feels overwhelmed. Too bad, so sad. It was one of those crap shoots that anybody could win and, thus and therefore, Bridgette is now HoH.
  • Or Frank is.
  • Or Natalie and Bronte are.
  • Bridgette even asked James what she should do. His advice was to do what she needs to do for her own game and not to listen to others.
  • She's scared. Aw, poor little Bridgette.
  • She doesn't want people to hate her. Suck it up, kiddo. You're on Big Brother!
  • Frank mentioned to her that she should nominate Tiffany and Paul.
  • She agrees those would be good choices.
  • Of course.
  • Bridgette thinks Nicole and Michelle were upset that she won HoH. Frank pressed the Tiffany nom, along with Paul.
  • Frank told her that the veterans need him and he can protect her, too.
  • @@
  • Meanwhile, in another room, Nicole, Corey and Paulie are getting nervous about Frank being alone with Bridgette as long as they have been. Paulie was sent to break it up.
  • Bridgette told Paulie that "we" were thinking of Paul and Tiffany.
  • Paulie is agreeable with that.
  • He also suggests Bronte (because she would beat Tiffany in a comp) to no avail. 
  • The girls (Natalie and Bronte) also work on Bridgette.
  • But, in the end Frank's er, Bridgette's nominees for eviction should be Tiffany and Paul.

Where do I stand in all of this?

She'll put up who I tell her to put up.

Watch out over your shoulder, Da'Vonne!

Who wants to see my HoH room?

Not on the radar at all right now

I don't want to make any waves


chrob61 said...

I thought last nights HOH competition very difficult to follow from a viewer's perspective, those small numbers and the split screen were just too much for my eyes to take in....BUT, having said that, these comps I think are necessary for someone like Bridgette to win, since they are so random in nature.

I also agree, that she is very nervous about being in charge this week. You could tell by her endless giggling on the live show.

Paul is starting to grow on me, not only because he's my pool guy, but he does come across as being honest. I felt bad for him last week playing pool with Victor, he was trying to give him clues, but he knew that Victor's time was soon up.

I also see the finals being a bunch of these "powderpuff girls".

Chacha said...

Paul has grown on me as well.

Yesterday Natalie told james that she was here for the paycheck. She doesn't really care about winning and just needs the money

Bridgette is just so clueless.

Big Brother is my favorite summer show, but having said that I am just really put off by production putting in VETS/Newbies together and slanting comps/dr sessions to give the returning players the advantage.

It would have been great to have all 16 players in there fighting for there life with no teams.

This show needs to be all people who have no clue about the game or all people who have played it before.

uncartie said...

1:27AM BBT Cam 3/4 Off camera Frank slaps Davonne on the butt again and she breaks down crying. Other HG's try to console her but she runs to the diary room.

I'd like to see that creep get a penalty nomination for this. It isn't the first time he's done it. He's also done it to Zac and I believe Natalie. This is physical abuse plain and simple.

Chacha said...

Franks excuse that he does it to his Nana is just disgusting.
If I tapped my mom, dad or grandparents but even as a "love tap" they would kill me and I am 41.
I don't even like my husband doing that to me...
Frank will feel no pain from this from Production.
It will be edited out because he is a golden boy.
I also believe Davonne is using this to her advantage. When frank called her a slut she previously called him a Deuche Bag before his words. Paulie knows this as well.
This would be a great time to have america give a Coup De Crap to Tiffany or Davonne(who i don't think deserves to be here either).

If we think back the Edited TV version of BB and the people who don't watch feeds or read blogs have no idea how he was years ago. For that matter they don't know what Jeff said either.

At this point this week right now I am just disgusted with the show.

Kathy said...

Chacha I so agree with almost everything you said. However, can you tell me what Jeff said? Please refresh my memory.

Petals said...

Is it just me, or has Frank only slapped Zak & Day on the butt? Why just those two, you know?

Witt said...

When I saw that Frank was back on the show, I was hoping he'd changed....WHY ON EARTH DID I THINK THAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED????

If he is slapping people on the butt, that's plain up RUDE and he should be disciplined/reprimanded.

Kathy, I don't remember what Jeff said either...please help me remember.

Chacha said...

Jeff apparently made a comment I think in BB13 saying something about dumbledorf(sp) from harry potter and being gay and he didn't want his kids taught by someone?
I don't remember the exact wording. It was on the feeds. Social media wasn't they way it is now. There was an uproar in the BB community about it.
here is a grab from google about it.
A homophobic rant by Jeff Schroeder inside the Big Brother house is not expected to air in an upcoming telecast, but CBS opted to release a statement today in response to his remarks. (On the live feeds, Schroeder – an all-star who returned this year as part of the show’s dynamic duo twist – addresses the sexuality of Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series by saying, “he’s in school with little kids! You don’t want to make that guy gay!”

Chacha said...

Petals, Witt, Kathy

Last night on the feeds while talking with Bronte and Natalie in the Tokyo looking room, He put his hand around Natalies neck as if he was choking her.
Frank was letting Natalie know he and Bridgette were keeping them safe. I am unsure of the exact dialogue but it was alarming to me.

Sharon N said...

Frank has also been ripping Nicole about several things, but also for the way she eats... says it's disgusting. It's bad enough that when Frank is around, Nicole goes to another room to eat so she doesn't have to be subjected to it. Nicole liked him before... now, not so much.

He's so cocky about his 'greatness' that he doesn't appear to think it will come back to bite him. Paulie has been trying to get Frank to stop treating all the girls like trash, but it's not getting through his thick skull. He really thinks he's "all that" and more.

It's apparent that the protege 'tour' with Mike Boogie, and his subsequent quasi 'fame' has gone to his head. Now he's just the worst kind of asswipe.

Chacha said...

I listened/read what Dick Donato(bb8) had to say about him.

Mike has no so social aspect to this game. He was a beast in comps.

Frank would not have made jusry his season if it wasn't for the coaches coming into the game which kept him in the house. He was nominated every week when not HOH.

I know people don't like Evel Dick as a player. I liked him and also enjoy his take on many things inside the house whether its production side or player side.

Now his daughter I couldn't stand. Its funny Dick says Danielle his daughter is the female version of Frank

Sharon N said...

I think there's several of us who liked Evil Dick, or maybe I should say, the kind of guy you loved to hate. He honestly didn't try to portray himself as anything other than what he is, and I was always on pins and needles waiting to see what he'd say or do next! lol

Oh, and I didn't like his daughter either.

Frank is rude and crude, and his constant farting everywhere (and on everyone) isn't funny. It's just plain nasty. He's good looking enough, but not enough to make him pleasant to be around for any length of time. With the 'habits' he is inflicting on everyone, it makes me wonder how (or if) he's able to keep a girlfriend for more than a week.

Sharon N said...

No surprises.
Tiffany and Paul are OTB... thanks to Frank's HOH. @@

Sharon N said...

The HG ranking today: Frank dropped like a rock to #15 (of 16).
He's sitting pretty, right between Jozea and Victor!! LMAO

Petals said...

I think being the villian is his game. He knows people will keep him until the end because she is so "disliked", then he will admit that it was his strategy all along.
Like, the White Trash version of Dr Will's game.

I'm not a Frank fan, but I am curious if this isn't all just his strategy? I mean, he picks on Nicole, who is fabulous shape? That's just a joke, no way is he serious.

Re the choking action that doesn't bother me at all. Neither did the knife in S2. I can see the dramatic, physical humor in it, I guess. I seriously DOUBT that Frank intended to choke Natalie while assuring her she is safe. @@

Chacha said...


No, I know Frank was joking around with Natalie but it is uncalled for.
Didn't his mom and nana teach him keep your hands to yourself....

SharonN- Dick is the reason I got the feeds in S8. My husband actually got them.
This is actually the year i started commenting here but under the anon name.


Now Paul on the other hand is now falling into playing a great game.

monty924 said...

I loved Evel Dick (perhaps my favorite player of all time) and also did NOT like Daniele. E D just always reminded me of my older brother minus the tattoos. I'm not totally turned off from Frank, but he is starting to remind me of why I disliked him so much in S14. He was always so condescending to Ian and I couldn't stand him. I blamed a lot of it on Boogie but I think that was just the real Frank now. I still laugh when I remember Ian's day drinking and getting into that huge fight with Frank while Frank was wearing a carrot suit, LOL.

Petals said...

ICK! Never liked Dick. Never loved to hate him. He made my skin crawl then and he still makes me sick, to this day. YUCK.
But that's just me. I'm also the only person who thinks Jesse is cute. LOL