Friday, July 29, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday Morning - July 29

Number one on the real short list

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Addled Adolescents:
  • If you missed my last update, Paul is the new HoH.
  • As for the Have Nots -- Natalie, Corey, Zakiyah and Paulie.
  • In addition to slop, they have hot dogs, bacon and capers. If you had to be a Have Not, it sounds like a good week with the extras!
  • Mmm. Bacon.
  • Paul had stated previously to the Get Da'Vonne Out Crowd that, if they want her out, he can't win HoH. because he had vowed to get rid of Bridgette. 
  • It's apparent he wants to stick to his word.
  • Da'Vonne tried to plant her seeds about Nicole and Corey needing to go.
  • Some of them were pondering if there will be another returnee situation if the Round Trip ticket isn't used. Huh. I didn't think of that. BB must have plans in case it's used/not used.
  • Paul asked Victor if he would go up as a pawn with Bridgette being the target.
  • "No! Nononononono! Please, no!" was his response.
  • He's worried, with good cause, that since he came back in the game, he might be voted out.
  • Meanwhile, Paulie and Corey are scheming. They want to get Paul to nominated Da'Vonne as the "pawn." Then, in grand style, they flip the vote and evict Da'Vonne.
  • Paul's goal in pawn is someone who can win comps.
  • That's not necessarily Da'Vonne. She could win a backstabbing contest. But I doubt the HoH will be that.
  • Paulie tried to convince Paul that no "boys" should go up on the block because it's too risky.
  • Maybe if they had some MEN in the house ...
  • (But I digress.)
  • When Paulie approached James about his Oust Da'Vonne plan, James was a bit noncommittal -- he just shrugged his shoulders and said he'd go with it if it worked out.
  • Paulie doesn't want Bridgette out yet. Paul does. After all, he gave his word. And word is bond. Or something like that.
  • Paulie tried to talk Paul into putting Da'Vonne on the block with Bridgette.
  • No go.
  • Paul might be a bit more receptive to putting Da'Vonne up as a re-nom if the PoV is used. But that's it.
  • Da'Vonne continues to try to sabotage Nicole.
  • Michelle speaks of returning the target to all of the returnees.
  • Not Victor ... I'm talking the "veterans."
  • Natalie's name has been tossed around as a pawn. Paul doesn't want to do that because she's a Have Not and he wants a very strong competitor.
  • A side note - In the HoH room reveal, the biggest hit seemed to be a photo of a beardless Paul.
  • Back to the story here ...
  • Paul wants someone to volunteer to be a pawn. But they have to be strong enough to beat Bridgette. He's not budging on wanting Bridgette out.
  • The other guys point out that if it's a guy on the block, the girls could team together and get yet another boy out.
  • Nicole is worried that, if she goes up as a pawn, she will be voted out. She's paranoid. Probably with good reason as Da'Vonne keeps pushing the suspicion about Corey and Nicole.
  • She's worried that Paul and Da'Vonne might be working together because Da'Vonne as a pawn doesn't seem to be in any scenario.
  • Nicole thinks Natalie would be the perfect pawn because she's like Victoria -- can't win a comp yet liked by all.
  • Corey told Nicole that Natalie's already been on the block and is a Have Not.
  • "Big Brother isn't about taking turns!" Nicole replied.
  • Paul told Paulie he needs to get Bridgette out this week -- "My Bridgette is your Tiffany."
  • He does seem dead set on her.
  • But, it will all depend on the pawn put up.
  • What if the house decides to go against his wishes and votes out the pawn?
  • What if Bridgette wins PoV and the pawn goes home?
  • The suspense builds.

But I don't want to be a pawn!

Who wants to see my HoH room?

Saved by a vow to get Bridgette out

We need a good pawn


Nicole Chenault said...

I'm a day behind - just finished Wed night's show - but I'm amazed at how clueless these people the aspect that the goal is to win money. For everyone to get upset that Frank was trying to work Michelle to use the PoV - duh! That's what they are supposed to do. That is the goal - to stay in the house!

I haven't seen a backbone - or not any that stand out - in a few seasons now. Everyone just tries to get along and go with the house and not upset the HoH by voting out their choice...

Maybe the rumored 19th fall season will have only people in there that seriously want to win some money and will go for it at all (most) costs.

Ed in Ohio said...

Uggghhh! Paul HOH. I think I might have to take a week off from Big Brother.

Cheryl in NC said...

Pauls desire to get Brigette out just shows how little he knows the game.She is alone in the house and no one likes is the time to get her on your side already got Vic back...and go after bigger targets in the house......recruts=clueless

Chauncey said...

Cheryl you 100% correct. Never understood why you would go after a single person when they are alone AND there are couples in the house. I understand Paulie wanting Da gone, he is a couple and she is the only one saying time to break them up. Maybe Paul and Da have a secret couple thing going, lol.

Nick said...

If Paulie goes up and stays on the block after veto, there is absolutely no excuse for not flipping the vote and sending him home! Of course, we all know that would never happen, but we can hold out hope for a true big move this season. So far the "big moves" are flipping the vote to evict Bronte and James putting up Frank/Bridgette (who literally everyone would have put up), so we are in need of something!

IAgirlsmom said...

These recent houseguests are more interested in making/keeping "friends" and NOT creating waves than getting out the true threats. Paul is going after Bridgette because there are no repercussions for him - he is still "friendship" and no one targets him as a result. I would have like anyone except him to get the HOH. I think he's a tool.

Nick said...

Besides Michelle winning HOH this really was the worst case scenario for Bridgette. She needed an HOH like Nicole or Da'vonne, someone who understands the game and would be willing to make deals with her knowing she is basically all by herself in the house. Paul apparently thinks it is offensive when nominees want the veto to be used to save them! Unless Bridgette wins POV this will certainly be a week to fast forward through.

Chacha said...

The reason Paul wants Bridgette out is because its easy.

He is right in the middle of a Davonne alliance against the Guys alliance.

He doesn't want to be outed yet.

This will get interesting. If Paulie does stay on the block I can see him possibly going home if I would get my wish.

Davonne already noticed last night the the two Pauls didn't want any strategy talk with her.

Nick said...

Da'Vonne does typically have a very good read of what is happening in the house. Even last season she knew exactly what Audrey was up to, but couldn't rally enough people around her to turn things around. I'm afraid that she might have put herself in the exact same position this season...even if she did try to get an evict Paulie campaign going (HOPEFULLY she would wait until after POV, because otherwise she would just get put up as a replacement and sent home) I'm not sure she would have enough people who would truly trust her enough to back her. We can certainly hope though! Just thinking about Paul and Paulie sitting together in the F2 makes me cringe!

Jackie Hardin said...

GO HOME DEYONNA! She and "Z" needs to get out. I like all the rest, I think. Paul does get on my last nerve. His mouth keeps going. I don't see how he can think that fast. Oh well! We will see.

Chacha said...

I have tried to figure out a way for Paulie to be voted out this week if he is still on the block with Bridgette this Thursday and can't seem to figure out the votes.

Davonne wouldn't be able to swing the votes.

Paul would really want bridgette to go home or his cover playing both Paulie and Davonne would be blown.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to feel bad for Bridgette. I think it would be better to go after Nicole, Michelle, and Da'Vonne. Not a fan of Natalie either. Paulie is too aggressive of a player and if they wanted to make a big move he should go up.But at least he is playing the game. Too many floaters this season.

Zoe in California

Jackie Hardin said...

Does anyone know who is on the block? Please, please let it be DeYonna.

Mo said...

I wish I could like comments on here like fb. Paul is a nightmare you and has bigger fish to fry!