Monday, July 04, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Afternoon, PoV renom - July 4

I love to screen cap odd expressions.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Crushed Dreams:
  • Right now they still have the yard open. I expect that to end before dusk. Whoops, the yard is now closed.
  • The PoV ceremony went down much earlier than I thought it would.
  • However, the result was exactly as expected -- Paulie took Paul off the block, replacing him him with Victor.
  • Surprisingly, Victor has been taking it well. He said he was expecting it. 
  • Maybe some of the talks in which Paul hinted at it sunk in.
  • Maybe somebody gave him warning.
  • I don't know.
  • Victor did tell Paul he "called it."
  • Well, that's because he knew about it beforehand. But, he wisely didn't tell Victor those details.
  • Paul thanked Paulie for taking him off the block (although he knows it's because they want to backdoor Victor).
  • He's probably thinking he's lucky not to be Victor!
  • James and Victor have patriotic tank tops on.
  • Frank continued his anti-Tiffany talk with Da'Vonne.
  • She pretty much dismissed him, reminding him they have the numbers and that's all that matters right now.
  • Victor is trying to steer the focus from him or Bronte onto Tiffany.
  • He told Da'Vonne he was the Road Kill winner who put Tiffany on the block.
  • As if she didn't already know that!
  • Nicole said something which struck me as my own thoughts -- Victor is so handsome until you see how cocky he really is.
  • Not much going on. They're probably stuck in the house for the duration of the day due to the holiday doings on the lot. 

Comfort is lacking, methinks

Victor works out pre-ceremony

Looking to see who's coming

Victor after the fact


Petals said...

I wish I knew how to make fun, firework symbols, but I am old...

Yes! Victor is so pretty, it's hard to dislike him. hehehe That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
What a great upset if Vic can somehow sway the vote to go for Tiffany?

Hope you are all having a safe Holiday. Thanks for the update Jax. How does Vincent do with the sounds of the fireworks? My dogs jump at the louder BOOMS but can take the rest in stride.

Sharon N said...

Happy Independence Day everyone!!

Victor really is dumb by adding another nail to his coffin. Saying he could protect some people because he does so well at comps: 50% so far. Out of 4, he's won 1 physical, 1 mental. @@ Yeah, that's so gonna change their minds, fool! LOL

uncartie said...

The good news about being locked in all day is that they'll probably get the left overs from the CBS party.

Chacha said...

As this weekend wore on and into today I am just disliking Davonne more and more.

In My Opinion---

Yesterday Davonne was planting the seed with all the girls to get Frank out and blame Tiffany for this. I really would like Tiffany and Frank to have a true conversation and he will realize that Davonne is his only threat. only threat being her mouth.

Davonne is thinking emotionally. If she actually paid attention she would realize there is not many similarities in Vanessa/Tiff game.
Tiffany is not cut out for this.
The only similarities they have is looks and voice.
She is on such a power trip by being back in the game it is going to get her.

Jean in Tampa said...

Jackie mentioned a couple of posts ago that something happened between Victor and James that it almost went to blows? Could somebody tell me what happened between them.

Petals said...

Jean -

Victor was angry about James' pranks. He wanted to punch him. Production talked him down, as did the other HGs.

Jackie said...

Petals - Looks don't mean a thing to me if someone has a mean, controlling personality. As for Vincent, he's not really frightened of fireworks. Every now a then a loud bang will make him look up for a moment. Of course, he's inside.

Jean in Tampa said...

Thank you Petals. Looks like the big guys (Victor and Frank) want to control the little guy. It's not happening. hehehe.

jessica UNderwood said...

Happy 4th!!! I wanted to go for Victor since he only lives 20 mins from me but he's not playing a good game right now!

uncartie said...

If anyone is interested this is the party that keeps them inside.

monty924 said...

Jean, Bronte also fueled the rift between Victor and James by spreading tall tails (elaborating on and not fully telling the true story). Jozea, Bronte and Paul did Victor no favors last week. Having said that, I do not like my pool boy at all. He's good looking and that it is. An empty shell.

Jackie, Joey and Vincent are a lot alike. The noise doesn't bother him just like storms. Now a really close and loud crack of thunder and lightning flash will jolt him, but other than that he's pretty chill.

Thanks for the link, unc. I'll check it out.

monty924 said...

*tall tales... lol