Monday, July 11, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Evening - July 11


Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boring Buffoons:
  • The big news of the day is that they finally had the PoV Meeting.
  • Surprise, surprise ... Bridgette did not use the veto.
  • So, her noms -- Paul and Tiffany -- and Road Kill (Frank) nom -- Bronte -- remain on the block.
  • Frank went and told Bridgette that he did the Road Kill noms twice, including this week's Bronte nom.
  • Since Ms. I Have a Relationship at Home is suddenly smitten with Mr. Frank Flirtsalot, it's all good with her. 
  • @@
  • Michelle badmouthed Natalie to James.
  • Say what?
  • Can't she see they have a thang goin' on?!?!
  • Frank continues his inappropriate ways, this time commenting on Natalie's nipples.
  • What is wrong with that guy?!?
  • Bronte and Bridgette are sure that Natalie will be loyal to them.
  • Tiffany still thinks there's a chance she might stay.
  • Poor deluded gal.
  • Paulie told Tiffany that just about everybody's plan for next week is to backdoor Frank.
  • I'd say that's probably not Frank's plan!
  • Da'Vonne is getting to like Paul ... not that that would stop her from sending him home.
  • He is just better to deal with for the women than Frank!
  • Frank continued making inappropriate comments to the women.
  • Zakiyah doesn't believe that Bridgette is a traveling ER nurse.
  • Lots and lots of small talk and "If I get HoH" stuff.
  • Yawn. 
  • Move along.
  • Nothing to see here.

Danger, Will Robinson

Corey looking real Corey-ish


Karen said...

As always, so entertaining!!! You are The. Best. Writer. EVER. !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that Bridget reminds them of the basket case from the breakfast club? She looks like Ally Sheedy too.

uncartie said...

Mon 11:35 PM BBT Frank saying he won't hang with Victor/Tiffany outside the house.

I'm pretty sure that hanging with you isn't on Tiffany's bucket list.

I'm pretty sure that Tiffany is realizing that she's in trouble. I think Day truly wants to help her stay in the house but OTOH,won't go out on a limb for her.
Tiffany needs to campaign and maybe blow up some people's game while doing it.