Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Evening - July 25

How I feel right about now

Here's the latest from inside the Big Brother House of Crashing Cards:
  • Michelle and Bridgette talks, ostensibly to smooth things out.
  • That didn't go so well.
  • It became heated words about how Bridgette was scared of Tiffany, how Michelle leaves the room when Bridgette enters and ... Eyebrow-Gate.
  • I never really caught the start of that on the feeds. Either Bridgette or Tiffany said they were going to shave Michelle's eyebrows while she was sleeping.
  • Michelle says it was Bridgette.
  • Bridgette says it was Tiffany.
  • It kept going on to the point where Bridgette started yelling, "Why do you hate me, Michelle?!?!?!"
  • @@
  • Bridgette told Michelle "everybody" was talking about her (Michelle's) appearance.
  • Things were no better between them, probably a bit worse, by the time the kerfuffle frizzled out.
  • With Bridgette going off a bit, Natalie is worried that she might say things about her.
  • Then Da'Vonne had to get all caught up in it, telling things Bridgette has said.
  • Gah. 
  • When the feeds returned after the veto ceremony, there were no surprises.
  • Michelle did NOT use the veto. Frank and Bridgette remain on the block.
  • Frank is sure he's the one who will be voted out.
  • He told Bridgette, if she wins HoH, nominate Nicole and James.
  • What? No Da'Vonne who has been his target for a few weeks now?
  • Nope. They made up.
  • Now Da'Vonne is on the Oust Nicole Train with Frank, bad-mouthing Nicole.
  • Though, they're right -- she's been playing both sides of the house. And, she's a bad liar and can't cover her tracks well.
  • James told Paulie that Bridgette (it came from Frank originally) said Nicole is "flip-floppy." Paulie thinks that originally came from Da'Vonne.
  • James warns the Pauls (Paul and Paulie) to watch their backs around Da'Vonne.
  • Everybody needs to watch their back around Da'Vonne, I say!
  • Since these hamsters aren't smart enough to really examine all the travel stuff, BB had to make an announcement on the video screen that clues are all around them.
  • Yeah, that's for the secret room.
  • Paul figured out the clues first.
  • It has to do with dialing numbers on the phones, getting a message and going through a red tunnel to a room.
  • Once there, he got a card. It tells him that there are 12 envelopes, more than one person can enter the room. In ONE envelope, there's a special prize.
  • It's a RETURN TRIP TICKET. If voted out, he/she can come right back in!
  • The envelope holders cannot open their envelopes until evicted.
  • It took a while, but I think everybody got one.
  • Da'Vonne commented, "Figures. The week Frank is set to go home."
  • Let the conspiracy theorists start in now.
  • We won't know until we know. If memory serves, the envelopes are only good for the next four evictions.
"You can't trust Nicole."

Yard time

James warns Pauls to watch their backs

Hard to tell where beard ends, tattoo begins


Sharon N said...

Nicole was so likeable the last time she was on BB. This time she's so different...and not in a good way. Holy moldy...the nagging, clinging and whining has to be driving Corey crazy. Makes me wonder if all her raging insecurities are a result of the breakup with Hayden.

Paul is really starting to get on my last nerve...and it's the short one!
Who'd a thought Victor would turn out to be Mr Cheerful? lol

Very curious which one got the "good"card tonight.

Judi Sweeney said...

I do like the fact that they can't open the envelope until they are evicted. This adds some excitement... Unless Frank is the one who immediately returns (if evicted as planned), than the theories will be flying!

Stormy said...

I am with you Sharon. Paul is so distasteful to watch. Hard to watch without the "fast forward" remote in hand. I am beginning to hope Frank has the get back in card. Other than James they are all difficult to pull for.

monty924 said...

I still am not bothered by Paul because he's bringing drama to the house. Nicole was in a really sweet spot in the house but she such a bad liar and it's adding up to the rest of the house. Of course, Frank filled DaVonne in on things so too bad so sad for Nicole. Don't get me wrong, I like her too and was rooting for her, but she's kind of sunk her ship. She needs to start playing and winning comps if she wants to last long.

I'm looking forward to a house divided and letting them battle it out. I still really have no clear favorites to root for except for James and Natalie. I think they are adorable and Natalie is better at this game than we've all collectively gave her credit for. Showmance... hah, but they work well together. :))

Bizaro22 said...

In case anyone was wondering, the toy plane said to "call Paris" on the windows. They had to dial P-A-R-I-S on the phone to get into the REDRUM tunnel.

David said...

LOL at production having to give them a very "strong" clue as to what to do before anyone figured it out. I guess they didn't have enough other stuff going on or had it on the production schedule but the hamsters were not cooperating by being smart enough to look for it themselves. They probably figured this group would never figure it out. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would say production is giving Frank a chance to come bad in if he goes out.

I thought Julie said the Room would be only open for the next 4 weeks. No mention of if that is the time frame they have to use the envelopes. Maybe like survivor you get to use it up to the final 4.

I just can not really get behind any of the hamsters left in there at this point. Maybe one of them will do something that I admire and get behind them, but that is not looking good at this point. Guess I will just have to vote with the house. Or root for the real winners, the ants. All these seasons and they still can't stop them. They are the true masters of the BB house. Goooo ants.

Sharon N said...

That's what I thought too David...4 weeks to 'find' the room.
But if that's true, why did Production push them to find it?
Until the Big Push, it seemed like Frank was the only one searching the past couple of days.