Monday, July 04, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - July 4

Will things said catch up to Da'Vonne?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Schemin' Demons:
  • It should be a relatively quiet day today.
  • If the past is any indicator, they'll spend much of the day in indoor lockdown due to 4th of July doings on the show lot.
  • I do expect, since it didn't happen yesterday, that the PoV meeting will take place.
  • I fully expect that Paulie will take Paul down and get Victor in place for the backdoor.
  • He can't take Tiffany down as she's the Road Kill nominee -- it would be Victor naming the replacement.
  • Of Paul and Bronte, it probably seems like Paul is easier to work with although he's a target, too.
  • But it's still Victor with the HUGE target on him due to his allegiance to Jozea, his physical threats and his controlling kind of attitude.
  • Nothing of much consequence happened in the overnight hours.
  • I expect the real fireworks to start when Victor gets named as the renom!
  • The girls seem to be getting closer. At least when we're talking Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Michelle.
  • Of course, Bronte and Bridgette have been two for the price of one since the get-go.
  • Da'Vonne has been turning on Frank.
  • She and her gals also think that James is getting too chummy with Natalie.
  • So much for the returnees sticking together!
  • They also don't trust Tiffany.
  • BB gave them alcohol again.
  • Nicole told the girls that Frank wants Tiffany out more than he wants Bronte out.
  • Of course, this week it's still Victor. They're talking future order.
  • Da'Vonne thinks it will be easy to get Corey out when the time comes.
  • Since he's such an inconsequential player, probably so. He's friendly with all, is loyal to Nicole (his first friend in the house) and he's a rather mellow kind of guy in the house. He's the type who could possibly go completely under the radar until near the end.
  • Natalie and Bridgette think they're floaters and not a threat to anyone.
  • Nicole also has suspicions regarding Frank.
  • Paul tried to hint to Victor that he may be in trouble. He told Victor that he thinks Paulie won't take Tiffany down because that wouldn't make sense. But he thinks Paulie might take Bronte down.
  • Victor claims he wants to remain thinking positive.
  • Well, that positive attitude will most likely be blown within the next twelve hours or so.
  • James flirted more with Natalie. I doubt any of this will go any further than the Meg/James "romance" did. 
  • Frank had a bit of a hissy fit when James took pizza out of the oven before he (Frank) thought it was ready. He frightened Nicole with the reaction.
  • James isn't really frightened of much at all.
  • Da'Vonne told us she thinks Frank is her biggest competition. Hmm.
  • All are still asleep as I post this.

Playing all sides a bit too much

I want a storage room like this!

James has sprouted antennae

Safe this week, she needs to worry next week

Is it that cold and bright in the house?


Chacha said...

Davonnes mouth will be her downfall.
She is all mouth. I don't see her winning any comps any time soon.

uncartie said...
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uncartie said...

Davonne is starting to implode. It's impossible to know where her head is at because she will turn on someone in a split second. I think the only person she wouldn't turn on is Zac.

As David pointed out in the previous thread she got caught using production as a strategy. Watch her do it at July 3rd 9:34 PM Cams 1-2 and watch her confession to NIcole and Michelle at 11:07:40 Cam 3-4

I ran across a recent episode of Price is Right which featured Big brother hamsters on YouTube. @@Davonne,along with Dr Will,Rachel,and (please have a barf bag at your side)..Frankie,playing with audience members. I watched a few minutes until Rachel and her audience member won something and went over the top as usual in her reaction. That was enough for me! Somehow Davonne has ingratiated herself and become a BB pet.

Sharon N said...

Da'Vonne and Frank are both having issues. She wants to secretly run things, but can't control her mouth. He also wants to run the house, but his temper is going to get more and more out of control, and he's really starting to get on the last nerve of a few HGs.

Won't be long before the Vets really start to turn on each other. Maybe some of the Vets have 'attitude' because they've been on the show before. It doesn't take much for people like Frank and DaVonne to enter The House with the cocky attitude of, "I know how this show goes [they don't], so I'm going to run things my way."

Good gawd... just for the 'normal' act over the top excited (production instructions?) on the Price is Right. I don't even want to contemplate Rachel, DaVonne and Frankie on that show!

Miss Margaret said...

Happy 4th everybody!

uncartie, could you explain what you mean by using production as a strategy? I don't have access to the excerpts that you're referring to.

Sharon N said...
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Sharon N said...

Miss Margaret, I don't have the feeds, but here's what I read:
An earlier post from someone (on another site) said Da'Vonne told them that DR had "hinted" at what she should tell them. Then another post said, "Day got in trouble for using DR as a strategy and was forced to take back what she said to the other girls earlier."

Sharon N said...
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