Monday, July 11, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - July 11

Staying up late

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bodacious Busybodies:
  • They still haven't had the PoV meeting! Remember, Bridgette holds the PoV. She doesn't know it's Frank who put her Spy Girl buddy Bronte up. If she takes her down, it's very likely Frank will put Natalie up there.
  • They haven't had it because (A) a group had a blocked to live feeds Outback feast and (B) it's Zakiyah's birthday.
  • Oh, they danced.
  • They celebrated.
  • They partied.
  • They had a lot of fun.
  • But, to me ... that's not what BB is all about!
  • May I have a kerfuffle, please? A brouhaha would be very entertaining, too.
  • Sigh.
  • There was some scheming going on.
  • Frank has turned his Tiffany focus (since he assumes she's an automatic out on Thursday) to Da'Vonne.
  • But, the main problem with that is that even the guys see that Frank himself needs to be gone and he's going to have to go out via a true backdoor. He can't be able to compete in a PoV.
  • Frank doesn't think James would ever put him up.
  • I beg to differ. I bet James would put him up in a second as a renom. James likes big moves and that would be epic!
  • Of course, James would have to have the power to do so.
  • Everything is speculation.
  • Frank thinks Da'Vonne is playing a "floater" game.
  • Little does he know!
  • Michelle apparently imbibed quite a bit during their Outback dinner.
  • She was the drunkest dancer of the night.
  • They think she should get drunk more often because she's a funny drunk.
  • I'm surprised they don't get more alcohol sponsors for the show.
  • I'm also glad I'm not there. I would be known as the sick, grouchy drunk because I don't like getting drunk.
  • Bridgette and Frank are getting awfully close despite both having significant others outside of the house.
  • Their fellow hamsters can't help but notice that, too.
  • Besides Tiffany and Da'Vonne, Frank also wants Paulie out as soon as possible.
  • Not if someone gets you out first, SON!
  • One person Frank does feel he can trust (other than using Bridgette for his own means) is Nicole.
  • Heh.
  • Meanwhile, Nicole totally sees through him.
  • Paulie and Zakiyah still have their friendship/flirtmance going on. They talked about Tiffany going home this week, then (hopefully, if it can get done) Frank out the door.
  • Aw, poor Corey's tummy is hurting. It's probably not as serious as Paul's nose ring infection.
  • Then Michelle got sick to her stomach ... but her illness is alcohol-related. Hopefully she'll learn these lessons while she's young.
  • Corey and Nicole stayed outside talking general stuff until BB called for an indoor lockdown.
  • And, that's where we are right now.

Chef Girl

Now, there's flowers in your hair!

I wouldn't mind seeing him win it all

Unlikely pairing

Let's do the Time Warp again!

Hey, Bridgette ... he's using you!


Chacha said...

It was funny last night as Davonne was telling Tiffany that she will tell Bridgette that Frank put her and Bronte up via roadkill.
Little does she know frank told Bridgette that last night in her drunken stupor.
For someone who wouldn't share a bed with a guy she sure was groping Frank last night.
The first time I turned the feeds on yesterday and that is what I saw.
Like I said yesterday, I am getting turned off as the days go on with this season.

uncartie said...

Chacha,I'm on death row w/Tiffany awaiting the warden to sign the death warrant. Why vote out someone that is 100% anti-frank, vs Paul or Bronte if she goes up,who isn't?@@ Apparently the only one that has realized this is Corey.

Watching this season has become a chore,not my usual guilty pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Frank told Bridgette about putting both Bronte and Bridgette up as RK and what does Bridgette say?? Thank you Frank....and not sarcastically (and then proceeds to hold him tighter).

Chacha said...

you nailed it on the head.
I was telling my husband last night that if Nicole, Michelle, Zakeya, davonne and corey vote out Bronte and frank, Paulie, James and Natalie vote out Tiffany or Paul that would be the smart thing.
I guess I am just hoping that can happen so we can salvage this season.

Last night with nicole going back and forth about tiffany and then saying she doesn't trust Davonne I was trying to figure out if she is just prying info or really trying to keep frank next week.

I can't believe she is really falling into the same trap as season 16 with falling for a guy. The BB edit show was pretty accurate to what the feeds are like. I believe she isn't being to truthful about not liking him.

Sharon N said...

Corey told Paulie NOT to tell Paul about trying to get out Frank next week.
First thing Paulie does? Blabs to Paul.
So what does Paul do with all this great scoop? Yep, pulls BRONTE aside and tells her everything.
Of course, he did tell Bronte, "don't say anything to Natalie or Bridgette."
Yeah, like THAT will happen. :(

Loose lips all over that house!!

Chacha said...

Wonder if all these loose lips will change the target for eviction..

uncartie said...

Paulie AKA "Little Napoleon" is sitting with Tiff discussing who she should put up if she is HOH? Sounds great if you're a Tiff fan like me,right?

He then leaves and goes directly to James where he lays out his grandiose plan to get info from everyone and "cut off the head of the snake" blah,blah,blah. and evict everyone in their path. But first "we have to get rid of Tiffany".@@

Why? It's because Tiffany,the girl who hasn't won a comp or even come close,who has a terrible social game,is a super duper strategist who will figure out his plan and "clip them"?

I'll just just chalk up his stupidity to watching too many mob movies and he now thinks he's "Don" Califiore.

Chacha said...

If Davonne has one or two conversations with him and james seperately then this may all change.

Tiffany is no Vanessa by any means.

Paulie better watch himself or he will be getting cut soon.

uncartie said...

Chacha,At this point Tiffany is closer to Victoria. She has been a major disappointment

Sharon N said...

Unfortunately, as soon as they all learned Tiffany is Vanessa's sister, she was stuck with the stigma. The 1st tear shed and the label stuck and none of them were going to give her a chance. IMO, there's not much she could have done to make to make the situation any better.

uncartie said...

That's true Sharon.but she spent way too much time in bed and not enough cultivating friendships. Keeping her relationship to Vanessa a secret was a colossal mistake too. How could she possibly think that people wouldn't figure it out? She must have been told countless times in the past by other people how much the two of them are alike.

Sharon N said...

IMO, Tiffany & Vanessa both seem like 'loners.' In which case, being in a house with 15 other very noisy/silly people would have to wear thin... quickly.

Sleeping too much is always an error. Maybe Tiffany thought if she stayed away from everyone and wasn't seen in one-on-one conversations, she wouldn't be seen as a threat. The only other thing she could (or should) have done -- to off-set opinions on their sibling behavior -- was be extra outgoing and friendly. Right from the get-go. Before fessing up about Vanessa.

uncartie said...

Tiffany ' strategy,was to lay low the early weeks and confess her relationship to
Vanessa as needed. That is the advice Vanessa gave her when they
spoke shortly before the show. I know this because I follow Vanessa on Twitter and other media.
Laying low early worked well for Vanessa, but then she didn't have a target on her
back like Tiffany did from the start.