Monday, July 25, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - July 25


Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap:
  • They made up for sleeping all day Sunday by being awake all night!
  • Frank kept campaigning for the veto to be used, Da'Vonne to go up and out in either his or Bridgette's place on the block.
  • His bubble got crushed, though.
  • And, Paul did it. 
  • The feeds were actually interesting, for the first time in days!
  • It was same old, same old ... until Paul.
  • What did the bearded boy do?
  • Well, he called a house meeting which had almost everybody in attendance.
  • He claimed that he can't understand why people can't just be honest and let Frank know that the veto won't be used and Frank will be the one going home this week.
  • A hush fell over the crowd.
  • First, Da'Vonne spoke up to Frank.
  • They talked back and forth and ... guess what? They're not really enemies.
  • Finally, Paulie chimed in and agreed with what Paul said about Frank going home this week.
  • Frank now understands there is no point in trying to campaign and get folks on the Oust Da'Vonne Train this week and thus driving himself crazy.
  • He's bummed.
  • Bridgette cries.
  • This will mean that she's going to be in jury with all those MEAN girls!
  • Before the meeting, she was trying to campaign for the Oust Da'Vonne Train.
  • Later, Frank told Zakiyah that he hopes Da'Vonne believes what he told her about Nicole during the HoH comp.
  • He says he had his only final two deal with Nicole, but now he knows she's a snake.
  • Zakiyah is pretty much playing dumb to all of this as if she had no part in any conversations with anyone whatsoever.
  • Bridgette, in addition to using the F word every other word, is also into the uneducated "you know what I'm sayin", "you know what I mean" phrases in between the cussing. Does she have some kind of street people background we don't know about?
  • It all seems so incongruous coming from the Cabbage Patch Kid. (Gosh, I wish I had come up with that descriptor for her!)
  • Oh, they did get the yard back.
  • Paul claims that he was tired of watching both Frank and Da'Vonne getting hurt and going through such hassles when it could all be laid out on the table. 
  • In a way, he's right.
  • But, that said, I don't think Frank is just going to sit and take it.
  • He's already bad-mouthing Nicole.
  • As I type this, a group is in the storage room -- Michelle, Paulie, Paul and Zakiyah -- and Zakiyah is making Paulie's weird haircut weirder by parting the fluff in the middle and putting pins to hold it. Ew. I can't bring myself to screen cap it.
  • That's it for now!


Oh my. What have I done?

No one would vote me out ... this week

You know what I'm sayin', you know what I mean?

So far, much better in the game

I called this meeting!


Petals said...

Bridgette is also a smoker (but won't do it on camera, "on National television!")

Victor had a good weekend, didn't he? Fitting in, getting along, etc. I'm glad.

Chacha said...

Victor does seem to be fitting in well this time around although I can see James going after him soon.

How long until Frank finds the secret room? I am dying for this to happen.

Lili said...

Ups to the HGs on that last HOH. Can't fathom holding up my arm for close to six hours. Twenty five minutes maybe, but not six hours. James, Day, and Cabbage Patch really beasted that one.

Am kind of loving the sweet, seemingly genuine relationship between James and Natalie. She is a bit Stepford in her relentless sweet cuteness but I guess I just haven't been around too many people like that over the age of eight. Ups to her, hopefully it will be years before life beats her down and she becomes cynical and guarded like your average HG.

OK, Nicole is possibly the worst liar ever....nooooo, I didn't say that. Wow Nicole, don't ever go into politics OK?

Not a big fan of Frank, but I do enjoy his southern accent and the soft voice he uses when he is trying to wrap somebody around his little finger. He's been fun to watch but the HGs are crazy if they don't boot him ASAP. Of course that leaves Victor, Paulie, and Paul as big threats comp wise. Would love to see Natalie win the next HOH and see what she does with it and if she comes out from behind some of her cuteness.

Can't wait for the POV, love OTEV. Has always been one of my most favorite comps outside of endurance. Because you really see which HGs are hungry for the Veto and willing to elbow in the eye each and every one of their fellow HGs. And this time it involves sparkle dust? Even better!

Overall am enjoying this season...the new comps, the RV and three nominee thing, the house decor, and the phone... how cute is that?

I never watch BB for fights, I like the comps, the strategies, and the HG antics. So for me this has been fun summer escapism. Made all the better by Jackie and you guys, thank you everybody!

Nick said...

As far as the actual CBS episodes go, this actually has been one of the better seasons in a long time. They've done a really go job piecing things together each week when there generally hasn't been a whole lot in terms of drama. The feeds haven't been great, but they did pick up a little last week and have been solid so far this week as well.

One thing I do miss is when there were actual sides of the house...two alliances going at each other with maybe a few floaters thrown in the middle. The two sides taking shots at each other, the power seemingly shifting from side to side with every HOH comp, both sides trying to reel in the floaters as extra numbers by making deals to ensure safety for 2-3 weeks. We haven't seen that in many the strategy has evolved into forming one majority alliance instead.

Anonymous said...

Talking about this season... I don't have the feeds, so maybe I've missed some things. Someone here mentioned earlier the lack of HOH room reveals compared to previous seasons, with the explanation of too much product placement without any ad money being paid. I also haven't seen as much about the Have-Nots this season. Slop is rarely mentioned on TV (I liked hearing about the fun ways they prepared it in previous seasons), and I can't remember hearing anything about if they still have to take cold showers. I think Jackie has filled us in on some of the special foods the Have-Nots are given, but I don't remember seeing much of that on TV. I miss some of the reward comps, like the ones that determine what foods they have in the house. Am I just missing some things while watching the shows on TV, or is the focus this season different than in previous years? Thanks to anyone who might explain!

(Long time lurker) Laura

Nick said...


I would think with the Road Kill comp now being done away with, that would free up some more time for filler content such as HOH room reveal, Have Not food reveal, etc. They've definitely gotten creative with slop recipes this season, especially with Bridgette's baking skills. But you're right, some of the traditional Big Brother staples we've come to expect to see while watching the show have been pushed to the side this season so far.

Petals said...

Good point, Lurker Laura - no one has complained about cold showers? LOL

I wonder if the hidden room is the same hidden room from S6? The Gold room, that Janelle eventually appropriated for herself and the other cool kids.

CoCo have now kissed, so I suppose they qualify as a showmance. *sigh* They are boring, tho! I wish Natalie would throw Jamesy a bone (so to speak), but he would
just get more hurt in the long run. :(

IAgirlsmom said...

I don't know why exactly, but I do like Frank. He seems to have a calm demeanor and seems to take a lot of this in stride. I don't have the feeds, so just maybe a good CBS edit, but he seems even keeled and understands the game play for what it is. I'll be sad to see him go. Maybe I just tend to go for the underdog, and maybe I'm not seeing the real Frank. (I do recall some misogynist behavior early in the season although not seeing it recently...)
Did I read in the comments that someone (a reliable regular) thought that CBS might want Frank to find the secret room so he could parlay it into staying somehow?

Petals said...

mom -

I don't mind Frank, either. Paul bugs me much more, so does Bridgette. And now Zak is displaying signs of entitlement, while having done nothing at all to earn her place there!

pat rw said...


Petals said...

Jackie, Monty or any other BB savant -

What was said about Michelle's eyebrows?? The girls are fighting about "the eyebrow comments", but nothing specific.

monty924 said...

I didn't see or hear it Petals, but it has something to do with Shaving Eyebrows and I think Tiffany was involved. Don't take my word for it though.

monty924 said...

Love your 12:41 post. We need a like and/or love button on here.

Petals said...

Pat RW - Bite your tongue! LOL
(I haven't heard anything about BB ending; I did hear that S20 may be another All Stars)

Petals said...

It's official: I want PAUL out next. His constant yammering is just grating on my last nerve.

Sharon N said...

Glad someone else feels the same way. I don't have to listen to him on BBAD this year, and I don't have the feeds, but it's easy to tell what he's 'all about.'

Guess nobody seriously took Julie's words about there being clues to a Secret Room. Everybody seemed to have totally forgotten about it (except maybe Frank), and they are all acting like they don't know what BB is talking about. Seriously?

I'm actually hoping Frank will find the clue. It kind of looked like he started looking around yesterday, but I think he's dead serious now....

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Do any of you think people who float or coast along are actually playing the game by floating? Cody was runner up last year, and he mostly floated.
I don't care for the floaters because I find them boring and allow others to be more aggressive in their game playing. But is floating considered playing the game?

Zoe in California

Sharon N said...

IMO nobody likes floaters, except their own family. LOL
You're right, they are boring... and irritating.

Technically, I don't think Cody qualified as a floater because he stuck with Derrick the entire game and didn't 'float' back and forth between sides. He was more of a coat-tail hanger.

It's rare, but sometimes a floater will actually win an important comp, but then won't be smart enough to do the right thing for his/her game.

monty924 said...

Zoe, Jun Song floated her way to the win in S4 and some people claim (I disagree) that Jordan did in S11. Floating is definitely a strategy and Andy was probably the best at it.

Paul really doesn't bother me. There are bigger fish to fry in there.

Sharon N said...

Well darn it.
Of all people (barf), Paul got the clue and found the secret room.

monty924 said...

Yeah, I guess we can all put the Frank fix theory to rest once and for all, LOL

pat rw said...

I heard never again an all-star season

Sharon N said...

Apparently, there's 12 other envelopes in the room.
Paul is NOT allowed to open and read any other envelope, and his is void if he opens before he's evicted.
Others are allowed in the room to get envelopes.
Wonder who will get what???

Sharon N said...

Victor and Corey got into the room and got cards too. Paul isn't happy. LOL
Then fish....

monty924 said...

This is great... Frank might get if afterall :)))

Sharon N said...

Never thought I'd say this, but hope Frank is able to flub up their plans.
And please get Paul gone.... absolutely nothing about that worm to like, IMO.

monty924 said...

I don't want Frank to get it, I just think it's funny that he does indeed have a chance. A one in 12 chance but a chance. He's walking the plank unless they decide Bridgette would be a better choice to go out with a ticket. It's a crazy and sticky situation, and that makes it fun as far as BB goes. For me at least.

Sharon N said...

Frank will most likely go this week, but as much as several dislike (and distrust) Bridgette, you're right.... they could flip. Especially with this special ticket flap going on.

Nicole is being a real PITA with Corey and it's looking like her 'love interest' is about to exit stage left.