Saturday, July 16, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening, PoV - July 16

Tiffany is giving him a headache?

Just to preface this a bit ... I don't claim to report every breath taken by the house hamsters. I work a real job and try to have a bit of a life, too. Plus, I'm just one person. If you need a breath by breath, every little thing reported kind of place, this isn't for you. There are more than a few sites which have multiple contributors doing just that.

That said, here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Harried Hamsters:
  • Paul is still really, really wanting Tiffany out this week.
  • He thinks he NEEDS to win PoV so that the nominations would remain the same.
  • For some reason, they all seem to have it in their little hamster heads that the PoV will be the huge trapped inside the dice one.
  • So, they keep going over the strategy for that over and over again.
  • In addition to Paulie, Tiffany, Natalie and Corey, it's Da'Vonne and Paul playing for the veto.
  • They're all getting on each others' nerves lately.
  • Zakiyah thinks that Michelle acts like a thug.
  • Michelle is mad because she wanted to take a nap and other people were in the room.
  • Oh, give me a break!
  • Michelle told James that he shouldn't trust Natalie. She says she doesn't want him to get hurt.
  • Okaaay. First, I would think James could think for himself. He's already said to others that he'd sacrifice Natalie if his game came down to it. 
  • Michelle also wants Bridgette out before Frank so he "won't have anyone."
  • That might work better with Frank out before Bridgette so SHE won't have anyone. Frank might be harder to get out than Bridgette and, although she has won HoH and PoV, we all know he can win when he needs to win.
  • Corey and Nicole think they need to work on getting back in Frank's good graces.
  • Actually, from what I've seen, COREY was never out of Frank's good graces. It's been Nicole, her saying things that got repeated to Frank and the fact that she can't lie without looking like she's lying!
  • The feeds were blocked for the PoV comp and, when they came back ... COREY has won Power of Veto.
  • He may be a recruit. He may have bunches of people telling him not to worry, he's safe.
  • But he's no dummy. He'll definitely take himself off the block.
  • Plus, word on the street ... er, in the house, is that Tiffany won Road Kill and she put him on the block.
  • He's been avoiding her since he heard that.
  • Michelle (who's in everybody's business lately) told him he needs to keep people in the dark whether he'll use it or not.
  • Sure, some don't want him to use it because they're afraid they'll go up.
  • But no one can ever fault a PoV winner for saving himself despite any reason not to.
  • Think of Marcellas.
  • It's worse than going home on Survivor with an idol in your pocket.
  • Paul is one who doesn't want him to use it. Yeah, he's also likely to go up as a replacement, too!
  • Da'Vonne, for all of her talk, is also trying to work back in with Paulie and the bunch. After all, she doesn't want them to think she doesn't trust them.
  • She doesn't trust them. Shh. Don't tell anyone.
  • Team Unicorn are the Have Nots this week.
  • That's down to James and Natalie since Victor and Bronte are gone.
  • How convenient is that?
  • They can have bread with their slop.
  • Since Corey won PoV, now there's all kinds of new speculation about who won Road Kill. Even Paulie is thinking it might be Frank now.
  • Hey, Tiffany apparently was out first in PoV. How could she ever win Road Kill?
  • She did.
  • Nicole is confident that, if she goes up as a renom, she's safe.
  • I'd say so, too.
  • Gah! Tiffany told her new best bud Frank about the Fatal Five.
  • She's determined to go out with a bang, I guess.
  • She's thinking of putting up Da'Vonne as the replacement nomination.
  • She told Frank she nominated Corey because she was told he was the one who was targeting her.
  • Hmm. 
  • They kind of all were.
  • Uh-oh. Paul has decided to play an Andy game. He got himself "in" with Tiffany and Frank, then ran and reported to Corey, Nicole and Zakiyah. Playing double agent only works if your name is Andy or Ian.
  • But, he is right ... they spilled everything to him and he's spreading the word.
  • It's probably going to catch up to him sooner rather than later, though.
  • Tiffany then told Corey that Frank was never after him at all.
  • Gah.
  • They're all starting to make ME paranoid!
  • Frank's been telling tales, some true, some tall to Corey about Da'Vonne.
  • Tiffany is already decided on the renom being Da'Vonne.
  • But, the question is ... if Da'Vonne goes on the block, will Tiffany still go home?
  • Hmm.

Making amends with Corey (and odd faces, too)

Looking serious

They look so comfortable!

Talk, talk, talk


Barb said...

Thank you for posting the feeds every day.

Barb said...

Thank you for posting the feeds every day.

Sharon N said...

All of us long-timers appreciate the time and energy you put into your blog, Jackie.
Your loyal followers also know it's not easy to do with a full-time job in the real world.

Paulie has a bad case of HOHits... even when he's not HOH. lol
When he goes on his rants, my ears hear it as, "ve haf our veys uf makink you do vat ve vant!"

Cheryl in NC said...

Jackie...As a long time reader of your blog,I appreciate so much what you do here.The regulars here know how much time and effort you put into bb during the summer.If someone needs a play by play they should be watching the feeds themselves! I for one come here for your commentary and insight into the game and of couse the best pool parties around:-)

Anonymous said...

Jackie, yes there are other BB blogs but yours is the BEST! I love your humor & your style of writing. To the point & very entertaining! Thank you!
Grandi (a longtime, faithful lurker!)��

monty924 said...

Echo all the comments here. Grandi, you should come lurk and comment on the pool party nights. Jackie, you do a great job and I also follow your blog more than any other because of your witty and snarky commentary on the feed updates. I have the feeds but I don't watch them 24/7 so when I've missed something, I can always catch up here and at Dingo's. This is the best place to party all summer with BB and during the Survivor and TAR seasons.

David said...

Wow, until tonight's BBAD I didn't know what you all were talking about with the mean people in the house. Got to see the ugly side of all of them in the span of just an hour. Nichole especially surprised me. I thought she was better than that. Paulie, Paul, and Michelle were all just enjoying themselves and giddy about being mean just to be mean. I can see why their player rankings are dropping now. Nichole scolding Cory for daring to even speak to Tiffany while walking by was just too much.

David said...

I thought of something. This Friday when the returning player comes back, the HOH will have already been played and they will have no chance of playing for it. I would hope they would at least wait until after the HOH makes their nominee's and the RK has also. They will be a sitting duck with no chance to play to protect themselves. Even if they wait until after all the nominee's have been picked to let them back in the house they are still there for re-nom. I would say the only way to be fair about it would be to give them immunity for the rest of the week or wait until they enter the house before playing for HOH, RK, etc.

monty924 said...

Great point David. I think the returnee might come back in after the noms, but we just don't know. It is a crappy position to be in for sure but they are a returnee and have already been voted out once. I'm sort of anti revive a hamster anyway so I'm biased. :))

chrob61 said...

Hi everyone, thank you Jackie for keeping us all updated on the goings on inside the BB house! I love reading your reports!

I think maybe 3 things will happen Friday, 1) No more teams 2) No more road kill competition - which I will miss- I like that and 3) the returning HG will get a 1 week immunity.

I really liked Paul, until his latest "Andy" techniques.

Petals said...

To me, the funniest thing about Paul scurrying back & forth was that he was wearing his comp outfit, which was an Oompa-Loompa-meets-Ice-Cream-Man thing. Bwhahaha

Petals said...

There is a cute thing in HoH room around 1:55am. Paulie sees "Dory" in distress and tries to save her. It's sweet, his concern.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your updates and hard work, Jackie. I've read your blog for years, but mostly lurk. I look forward to your updates each and every summer. My family and I watch BB together and I always share your comments with them. My oldest child (she's 20) reads your blog. Keep up the good good. We love your humor!