Saturday, July 30, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening, PoV Winner - July 30

Now he looks like Clark Kent with fake glasses

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Slithering Serpents:
  • Now, keep in mind that Pawnie Paulie was placed as a pawn by Paul to prevent PoV being purloined by Pridgette. Er, Bridgette.
  • I'd like you to say the above sentence three times fast.
  • Are you done? Was it fun?
  • That's the sole reason he's a pawn, though.
  • Natalie was one of the veto players chosen. James told her that if they want her to use it to save Paulie (he knows Da'Vonne would most likely be the renom) -- make a deal for safety next week, no veto, no nominations, no backdoor.
  • This, of course is coming from James, the one who broke his word/deal with Frank and Bridgette last week.
  • Nicole hosted the comp. The other two chosen players were Corey and Victor.
  • Paulie told Nicole and Corey that he wants Da'Vonne to go out instead of Bridgette.
  • He thinks the only people pushing for Bridgette to go are Zakiyah, Da'Vonne and Michelle.
  • He left out Paul, who has vowed to oust Bridgette this week.
  • Paulie has grown weary of Zakiyah. I think he'd rather she get evicted than to tell her.
  • Everybody is planning on Da'Vonne going home as a renom no matter who is taken off the block.
  • But Paul, the one who will make the renom, isn't in these conversations.
  • I'm pretty sure he'd go along with the plan. It's his best buds, after all. But nice of them to discuss it with him!
  • The feeds were blocked for the comp.
  • And, a rather odd and disturbing statement from Corey (who was upset that he lost). He said he wished his father would come and beat him so he could get his head in the comps. He's tired of doing poorly. 
  • Oh my. This is the jock dude. Is that something that kept him going in sports all along? Sad.
  • So, Corey didn't win Veto.
  • Who did?
  • Why, Paulie won the Golden Power of Veto!
  • He's been telling Bridgette that she's safe.
  • No, he'll save himself, for sure.
  • But Da'Vonne will go up and they'll vote her out instead of Bridgette.
  • That's his plan, anyway.
  • James has come to the realization that he, Zakiyah, Da'Vonne and Natalie are no longer in with the in crowd.
  • He thinks something is very wrong because Paulie seems to be working with Bridgette.
  • Uh-oh.
  • If I could offer him consolation, I'd let him know that he isn't as out of the in crowd as the other three.
  • James knows of the Backdoor Da'Vonne plan, but kept mum about it with Natalie.
  • He told Natalie that the guys will use Bridgette to go after the girls.
  • Well, then ... you KNOW Michelle is on that list, too!
  • The problems between Bridgette and Michelle have not been fixed and they probably can't be fixed.
  • You know. Bridgette STOLE Frank from Michelle!
  • Natalie tried to work things to her favor with Bridgette, telling her that she won't vote for her this week, nor nominate her if she (Natalie) wins HoH next week.
  • It looks like the Backdoor Da'Vonne plan is in motion.
  • Will it stick?
  • I don't know. it would be a smart move on their part.

Crying! (Because he laughed too much.)

Not crying ... for now

Rolled her ankle. Ow.


Becky said...

Jeez-Louise, Jackie. This group has gone from high school behavior to junior high!

Poor you who has to stay up and watch all the drama.

Maybe the maid and butler will come in and instead of killing the ants they will head for the hamsters.

Becky said...

Oh, remind the poster to start voting for the care packages at 8 PM tomommow.

Miss Margaret said...

Watching BBAD, Paulie sure isn't acting like he's tired of Z. They are ALL over each other.

Jackie Hardin said...

I'm also watching BBAD and Paulie sure ain't acting like he's tired of little Miss Z. James and Natalie are still talking. Where is Bridgette? I want to see how she is doing.Tonight is kind of boring. Oh well we got two more hours to go. Lord have mercy can I take it. Talk later.

Stormy said...

I had to give up on BBAD. Too boring and the time goes to slow. First year I can remember that happening. Was thinking about the care packages and I do not have 5 favorites I want to give an advantage to. Oh my. Who do we want to vote for???

Petals said...

And Victor seems to have no target on him at all. YAY!