Saturday, July 09, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening, PoV - July 9

Just a brief report tonight!
  • Natalie and Paulie were the additional ones competing for PoV
  • Bridgette won the Power of Veto!
  • It was a messy one


Petals said...

Good! Maybe Tiffnessa will leave this week.

Judi Sweeney said...

Should be interesting to see if Bridgette keeps her promise to Bronte in taking her down... Or, if Frank convinces Bridgette to keep it as is! Thanks Jackie!

David said...

Now I really hate the teams more than ever. This would be a perfect opportunity to get Frank out but because he is on Bridgette's team he is safe. Ugggggg. Looks like my pool girl, Tiffany, just might go to the fight pits to get back in this week unless they can make a case for someone else and put them up in a re-nom. Not looking good for my pool floatie. It has sprung a leak and its getting close to sinking.

uncartie said...

Yeah,the Vets ran the teams and handpicked every HOH. It seems like Bridg & Bronte woke up and have no recollection of their strategy session last night where they planned to vote boys out. The guys will just pick them off every week now. I don't see how Tiffany can stay. Another "house vote" because too many people just want a steady paycheck and will go along to get along.

Sharon N said...

yep. Too bad that Bridgette still thinks Frank is her friend and her best bet to reach the end. The focus could return to "get guys out" if someone would just spill about Frank being the one who put her on the block. Problem is, almost everyone feels Tiffany is playing her sister's game. @@ And any attempt at using tears (Vanessa style) was taken out of Tiffany's equation when her sister-connection was revealed.

re: Reaching Jury
Although we'd all like to see them playing for the love of the game, Jury is a financial bonanza for those who don't appear to have good $$ jobs. No doubt, the 'steady paycheck' aspect is the "lure" used for a lot of HGs who know nothing about the game.