Saturday, July 30, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday - July 30


Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pity Parties:
  • I have to remind myself that the actual airing of the show hasn't even shown the HoH winner yet.
  • A whirlwind recap -- Paul won HoH, Have Nots are Zakiyah, Paulie, Natalie and Corey (due to low score HoH comp), nominated are Brdigette (Paul's goal) and Pawnie Paulie, Natalie received the care package which included the "Never Not" pass and other stuff.
  • Oh geez ... last night was the night for pity parties.
  • And, it was all female ones.
  • Gah. It makes me sad to think they're representing my gender in the house!
  • Of the pity parties, I could most accept the one from Bridgette. She has been trying to mingle with the others and put on a good game face at times.
  • But, when she was alone, she told the camera how alone she feels in the game, especially with Frank gone.
  • True, it's her own fault for getting so segregated from the others by hanging out so much with Frank. Now it's coming back to bite her in the butt and it hurts.
  • She knows she's the target even though she's been told otherwise.
  • It's her party, she'll cry if she wants to cry.
  • Then there was Zakiyah, crying to Paulie about how inept she is at comps and how people think she's worthless.
  • In Paulie's credit -- he's the one on the block even if he's Pawnie Paulie, yet he was patient, understanding, consoling and kind to Zakiyah's personal pity party.
  • You would cry too if it happened to you.
  • Er.
  • Michelle also had her own little private pity party with the camera -- talking about how much weight she's gained, she wants to win the HoH just so she can wear the robe to cover her fat body, everybody mocks her, the clothes BB allowed her are horrible (she says she doesn't usually dress like a homeless person), she's running out of make-up, her hair looks horrible ... and yada-yada-yada.
  • Probably a lot of her own issues stem from having a crush on Frank before the house, then watching Bridgette with Frank in the house. "He's holding her hand, when he should be holding mine." You would cry too ...
  • In other news, Paulie told Michelle that he'd like to see Da'Vonne go on the block as a renom.
  • No kidding. Sheesh, he's been preaching that for a while.
  • He'd rather Da'Vonne get backdoored and then focus on Bridgette, then Natalie.
  • Interesting he's not targeting the guys, huh?
  • He told Michelle that Da'Vonne's whole game strategy is turning people against each other.
  • Y'think?
  • Actually, Paulie nailed that one spot on. Gotta give the boy credit for putting her entire game so succinctly.
  • It's catching up to Da'Vonne, though. Paulie and Michelle are teaming up more than ever with Nicole and Corey mainly because Da'Vonne is targeting Nicole.
  • Paulie, though he didn't say anything to Zakiyah about it, told Corey that he's ready to "cut Zakiyah loose" before long. He's tired of her getting all petty and jealous about the least little thing.
  • Gah. Too many tears! Too Many tears! Nicole cries, Michelle cries, Bridgette cries, Zakiyah cries. I can't take it anymore!
  • No wonder the guys are getting together to target the girls. There's only so much coaching and consoling available in the hamster hearts.

Pity party with Paulie

Stop picking at your face. We see you.

What if Bridgette wins PoV?

Low self-esteem pity party

Paul's new sports bra

Wrapping things up


Anonymous said...

Finding it so hard to pick a favorite. They all suck big time.

Anonymous said...

What was Michelle crying about just before BBAD ended??

Anonymous said...

I am so ready for Paulie to go!!! He thinks he is the boss of the house! I wish he would quit clearing his throat/coughing all the time! He is so annoying! Anyone agree??

Becky said...

I am ready for the end of season to get here. I would love to have multiple double evictions and clear them out.

IMPORTANT: Click here: Care Package Vote - Big Brother - Type in the link and read what goes into each package. Be sure and vote tonight. My vote is going to my favorite house guest/pool boy by a landslide - James.

Judi Sweeney said...

Love it Jackie... "It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To" song reference! When I was a kid I loved that song mainly because it talked about "Judy" coming and stealing a boy away! Awwww. Good old memories! LOL....

I agree too many self-pity parties and crying! I must admit back dooring Day wouldn't hurt my feelings and just might wake up those girls who continue to float and let others get blood on their hands! And then they wonder why guys are better at BB!!!

Chacha said...

Let me preface by saying I don't really like Davonnes game.

I want her to win the POV, pull Bridgette down.

Paul will put up Natalie or Victor. If the HG don't think that voting out Paulie is smart then these really are the STUPIDEST hamsters EVER!!

The only way that paulie should stay is is Nicole was on that block.

If Paulie was voted out the girls, who i don't really like could flip the house.

This could make Paul/Victor the outcasts!

Jackie Hardin said...

I just want to see DeVonna and "Z" go home or the jury house. I was hoping Frank went to the jury house. I really do feel sorry for Bridgette. No one needs to be treated like an out cast. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

The females have the mind set that they can't win comps and need the favor of the males to stay in the game.

And Nicole who is playing the game for a second time is repeating herself. I think like most twenty somethings she wants to find a husband.

DaVonne is never going to get far in this game because others (especially guys) feel threaten by her ability to stay focused and not look for relationships or cuddle buddy.

I don't dislike the guys because they never lose sight of the goal. That is to win comps and control who goes home.

Anonymous said...

Roger (from DC)

I watch Nicole and Paulie lie continuously and no one calls them on it. The house guest act like these two have magic powers and nothing bad will stick on them. Paulie basically told Natalie "you will be a pawn". And Nicole lied to DaVonne, Frank and James during many conversations. Yet in their heads Nicole and Paulie think they deserve loyalty from Michelle, Paul, Victor etc.

Anonymous said...

Sara from SC

I don't feel sorry for Bridgett she was a mean person when she was with Frank. Like his rudeness gave her the right to ignore the rest of the house and just play Frank's game.

But it doesn't say much for the housemates who are treating her bad because of her prior behavior.

monty924 said...

Crap. Paulie won veto.

Anonymous said...

Don't shoot me,but I am rooting for Paulie to win. He deserves it. He rules that house. If not Paulie, then Paul. Everyone else's game suck. We have floater city going on this season in the house.

Zoe in California