Saturday, July 02, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday Morning - July 2

He won Road Kill and told everybody

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boastful Boys:
  • The more I see of Victor, even sans Jozea, the more he annoys me. Despite his good looks, he's an obnoxious child who thinks he's all that. He wants to dictate what people do, what they eat, make them work out and derides anyone who's not in tip-top shape.
  • He's also not very bright and has no clue about the actual doings of Big Brother.
  • Paulie had nominated Bronte and Paul for eviction with a plan to backdoor Victor.
  • Victor came along, winning Road Kill. He blabbed it to the house and put Tiffany up as the Road Kill nominee.
  • Now, that doesn't really change Paulie's plan to backdoor Victor -- if one of the nominees come off the block, Victor should go up and get Evictored.
  • But ... Tiffany has been wearing on some folks in the house, herself. I don't find her as obnoxious as Victor because I guess I don't like his smugness more than I don't like her paranoia.
  • She's starting to show some of the worst traits of her sister -- paranoia, emotions, etc.
  • Both Frank and Da'Vonne would just as soon she get out of the house.
  • Hmm.
  • James had figured Victor would put him on the block because of their dust-ups.
  • But Frank and Da'Vonne both would like Tiffany out and flip Paulie into the 8-Pack. Hmm.
  • Victor might think he's in with them because he's doing their will.
  • But he ain't.
  • My personal opinion is that if they can get Victor out on a backdoor this week, they should. While he's obviously an idiot about the game, he could be a threat in physical comps. On the other hand, Tiffany isn't a strong player. The only real threat from her is her freaking out and possibly telling Bronte and Natalie stuff she shouldn't be telling. It probably would make the 8-Pack stronger to have Paulie in it rather than her. It should be fairly easy to get her out at any time, though. 
  • I guess I just don't know what's best. 
  • Of course, Tiffany cried ... again ... and more.
  • Paulie claims the target is still Victor. He says that he and Frank have worked to make Paul and Victor feel comfortable.
  • I feel this is going to be another long week.

Telling Tiffany she's safe

Almost as good as TV, it's FISH!

Natalie and Bronte still tight

James mingles well with the girls


Chacha said...

An 8 person alliance is way to big. It's half he damn house.
Frank and davonne are playing with fire by wanting Vanessa...oops Tiffany gone.
Nicole James and Paulie will remember this if they flip to Tiffany ouster.

Petals said...


I love that Tiffany is on the block. To me, she is totally Vanessa, Pt 2 and she can GO ASAP.
Hope the noms remain the same, that's all.

Jackie, I have heard Victor say some mean, ignorant things. Yes, he's a tool. But he sure is a cute tool, hehe. To be honest, if I worked in an office with Victor, he'd prolly fat-shame me in to either starving or shooting myself! So yeah, not the nicest of guys.

Still - of the 3 noms-right-now, I'd love to see Tiffany leaving next. She is a loose cannon; a loose, paranoid, emotional, lazy (what DOES she do besides stay in bed, with hats?) cannon.

Chacha said...


If we didn't know that Tiffany was Vanessa 2.0 would we be complaining like this? I really don't think so. She is doing what many before her did. Think about it, Nicole was acting the same way earlier last night. What was irritating about that is her whine.

Victor is irritating and doesn't know the game at all. He is looking for fame. At least Tiffany is thinking game.

I am not a huge Tiffany fan and certainly not a Victor fan. Yes he has an ok body, but when that mouth opens and I have to hear that laugh I want to vomit.

I believe even ig Victor is on the block Davonne and Frank are going to try and convince everyone to vote her out of the house. This will bite Davonne in the but in a few weeks when the guys team up and start pushing the girls out the house.

JonMD1267 said...

Hey everybody I won a million dollars and I have it all in cash unlocked in my house lol what the hell is wrong with these fools that don't have a clue about bb hello Victor telling everyone like a dummy a. And Vanessa err I mean Tiffany is like lather rinse repeat at this point so she might be the better choice to get out before she might reveal she has her sisters mental powers to sway people. Thanks Jackie for all the witty and great updates we have come to know and enjoy so much !!!!! Everyone have a great and safe weekend !!!!

Kathy said...

I totally agree with you. Victor should be sent packing first. He doesn't have a clue and is extremely offensive. His cuteness wears thin once he speaks. Davonne and Frank will destroy their alliance by sending Tiffany first. There is time to vote her out.
Happy Fourth Everyone !!!

Petals said...

Cha - Yes, I wouldn't be a fan of Tiffany with or without the Van connection. She is unsociable, paranoid and has CRIED more than any other houseguest.

Is anyone doing anything fun or interesting for the Independence Day weekend?

Chacha said...

I just feel like we see hamsters like Tiffany quite often.
I personally think if she didn't have the vanessa weight on her shoulder
she wouldn't be as off as she is. The entire house does not know who she is. Paul, Victor, Bronte, Natalie and Brigette are in that club.

I am not advocating that i want Tiff to win but I just think its STUPID to
get rid of her now.

If Frank is thinking in his idiot brain that he will band with the guys so he should
get her out now then Bronte would be the smarter choice.

Paulie will need to make his choice this week if he wants to continue the side alliance with Tiff.

Paulie, Michelle, Zakiyah and to an extent Corey need to realize that the vets will not take them all the way.

I hope she wins POV actually and takes herself off. Let another of the eight sweat it out.
Then if this happens the other seven have a reason to get rid of her next week.
Nicole shouldn't want to lose another team member to go home.

ceemurph said...

I was kind of hoping he would put up James. That way a returner is sure to play in the veto comp. ah well...

uncartie said...

Cut Tiffany some slack. She's in a house all alone and her so called allies are lying to her face. For example,she walks into a room last night where Nicole,Day,and Zak are talking and immediately the conversation stops. I'd be paranoid too. Frank is out to get her because he knows she's on to him.

What she needs to do now is get close with Bronte and the other newbies. Bronte has had an awakening after the eviction and she'd be easy to control and loyal as hell. The Vets are all snakes and liars. None of them are leaders,they're all fly by the seat of their pants followers.

I hate the team concept where once again people can throw a comp and influence the results. I'm fine with throwing a comp if it only affects the player doing it,but not when it unfairly victimizes someone else. There is no skill in throwing a comp.

Bringing back the earliest houseguests to be evicted? Just another ploy from production to try and keep viewers whose favorite HG got evicted to continue to watch. Who cares it affects the integrity of the game,right?

I confess that I'm only here to watch Tiffany. She goes,I cancel the feeds and maybe check in once a week to see who got evicted.

Becky said...

I have not cared for Victor since the first day. He flicks his hair like a girl and then gives who he is talking to a Harlequin Romance novel (for people who don't want to read a good book)look and,(if he's talking to a girl) gives her the Latin Lover Smoldering look! I don't find him attractive at all.

Nicole Chenault said...

I'll never understand why emotionally unstable people do this to themselves - though I'm glad they do - makes watching more fun.

And I guess it's time I go buy the feeds. Tried to hold off this year, since last year was so dull that I rarely watched, but this year seems to be shaping up a little better. :)

Thanks for the welcome everyone (from a couple posts ago). Glad to be joining you all.

Happy 4th!!

Sharon N said...

YAY, Paulie won POV!!!