Saturday, July 16, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Saturday, Road Kill Nominee - July 16

The revolution will not be televised

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bemoaning Backstabbers:
  • So ... after Tiffany wins Road Kill, who does she run and tell? (Besides us via cameras.)
  • Why, her nemesis FRANK, of course!
  • She's gone a bit over the rainbow crazy on them all.
  • She thinks the others set her up just to spite Frank, so now she wants to work with him.
  • He is so sure he was never a dictator, yet claims Paulie is.
  • Hey, like many other situations, if you try to rule the world, you're gonna fall.
  • Paulie et al (Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah) are sure that Frank's just faking it and he won Road Kill again, not Tiffany.
  • After all, there's no way SHE could win it!
  • It is a bit suspicious that Frank's been tossing the names of Corey and Nicole to be split apart.
  • But, not really, when you consider that Tiffany has joined the Frank Camp.
  • For the time being, at least.
  • Yeah, the Road Kill nominee is ... drum roll ... COREY!
  • Corey, who hasn't won not a single comp to date, is determined to win the Power of Veto and get himself off.
  • However, if he does ... will she put Nicole in his place?
  • Another mess in the house is that they're all still trying to figure who voted for Bronte and who voted for Tiffany on Thursday.
  • Winning Road Kill will not give Tiffany any kind of safety. All it gives her is a choice of a third nominee. 
  • She can go for someone who's a bigger target and hope they go.
  • Or, she could go for someone she thinks she could beat.
  • With the Corey choice, it might be a mix of the two. The girls might be more likely to vote a guy out and Paul seems on the innocuous side at the moment. There has been sentiment (not just Frank) about breaking up the Nicole/Corey couple. As for comps, Corey hasn't won anything yet. He MIGHT win a physical comp, but his size sometimes might work against him, too. He's also a recruit and knows little of the game.
  • I guess we'll just have to see how he does in PoV!
  • Michelle is playing a bit too dangerously. She's playing up to both sides. She's not that good at it.
  • Tiffany is being all but ignored by most.
  • She thinks Paulie bullied her.
  • James says he talks to her just to be cordial and because everybody leaves when she comes in a room.
  • Frank is upset that Corey seriously thinks he put him on the block. Y'know, they're buddies ... he wouldn't do him like that!
  • Paulie told Corey that, if he wins PoV, he'll pull Natalie off. He thinks that Tiffany has no chance against Corey. But, does he realize that Nicole would probably go up?
  • Hmm.
  • Paulie is sure that Da'Vonne will go up in Corey's place.
  • Hmm.
  • Da'Vonne and James both think that, if Corey leaves, they'll have Nicole back in their camp.
  • And life goes on.
  • The PoV should be later today.
  • It's Tiffany, Natalie and Corey on the block.

Wanna get a hairnet for that beard, please?

Category 4 keeps the target off of her.

At the end of the day, it is what it is.

Someone's watching you, James!

Corey and his RBF


Jean in Tampa said...

At 1:17 am on BBAD, Cory said to Frank he felt like he was going to have a seizure earlier. Then he talks about his heart races when he's about to fall asleep. Anybody know what's going on with him? Has there been any medical people looking after him?

Anonymous said...

No one voted for Natalie on Thursday. She wasn't a nominee. Tiffany was. As was Paul.

Miss Margaret said...

Jean, I heard that, too. I was wondering what that was about. It sounded quite serious.

Chacha said...

I heard it also. I think the heat may have gotten to him in the RK comp.


If Corey does win the POV and he uses it on Natalie, would Paulie pick or since the RK nominee used the POV Tiffany can pick.

I have never gotten clear answer on that.

Nelda said...

Sounds like anxiety

Ni'Kiyorielley said...

I appreciate the updates from jakie, but lately I have been noticing that she sometimes miss key events. For example, Thursday night into Friday, there was a little brouhaha between Tiffany, Da'Vonne and Zakiyah that was not mentioned at all. I have also noticed a this has happened a bit in the past couple seasons. And sometimes I watch the show and think Jaky didn't mention this!

Chacha said...


Jackie does her best as this is not a report she is paid for. Jackie does this out of the goodness of her heart.

Her updates are fine.

We also fill in info when she is too busy with her fulltime job.

monty924 said...

If the RK nominee comes down, the RK winner gets to name the replacement. Frank did it week one of the RK.

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chacha said...

I know that but if the RK winner chooses to use it even though not on himself is the question I am asking.
Seems to me the RK winner should be able to choose even though I don't think that would happen, or would it to fit BB choice of editing slanting who they would like to remain in the game.

monty924 said...

I see that point too. Just responded to it over on the previous post. If Corey wins POV and takes Natalie down (he would be stupid to do so), I think Paulie would replace. Natalie was his nominee. Good question.

Anonymous said...

First off Ni'Kiyorielley spell Jackie's name right if you are going to diss her and You don't need to read Jackie blog. She works fulltime and does this out of the kindess of her heart. Keep up the good work Jackie and Thank you for all you do.

Chacha said...

If Corey took Natalie down then he would remain on the block. My question still remains that we never got a clear cut confirmation on who replaces if someone else comes off by the hands of POV(RK nominee)

It is all very confusing and yes Monty924 if he didn't take himself off he would be another Marcellus...

Carol Calvin said...

I'm sure Jackie doesn't want us to squabble (wait a minute, she loves a good kerfuffle). I appreciate this blog as an additional source of information about Big Brother. I can choose to watch BBAD, I can choose to read this blog to get impressions from the live feeds, and then when the show airs I have much more background information. If you want to see everything - pay the money and watch the live feeds. I prefer to let Jackie summarize for me! Thanks Jackie!

monty924 said...

Well said Carol

Becky said...

Cha, anon 1:43 and Carol, you have all done a great job speaking up for Jackie. I applaud you for sitting the record straight. I, among many, appreciate Jackie and all she does for us as a gift, not for pay since there is none. I love the friendship and fun game night posting this blog offers. And I really admire and am thankful for Jackie and her updates. I do not get the feeds because I like to go to bed at a decent hour, plus I don't think I could stand having to watch some of the idiots on screen. So, Jackie, thank you from all of your fans and for all you do for us. Your writing is incredible and I enjoy your recaps.

uncartie said...

Ni'Kiyorielley,If you're worried about missing something there's play by play update coverage at Jokers. I like Jackie's summaries but most of all her snarky comments. Odd that you spelled her fairly common name wrong twice but managed to spell Tiffany, Da'Vonne and Zakiyah correctly.

Paulie popularity is dropping like a rock on Jokers. A week ago he was 4th,now he's 12th :) Nobody like a mean spirited bully.

Sharon N said...

Jackie is NOT PAID to do this for us.
Along with the rest of us giving Jackie love today, I love her blog.
We have fun here and have a place to discuss the HGs and the happenings.

If anyone is unhappy, there are plenty of other areas to go TROLL.

Sharon N said...

I'm getting a kick out of Paul lately with his "friendship" routine.
Frank really ticked Paul off pulling the 'friendship' on him.
But Paul decided to have fun with it... and I don't think Frank has caught on to the sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

If the HOH nominee is taken down, HOH will replace them. If RK nominee is taken down, RK winner will replace them. Not sure why a road kill nominee winning the veto would take down one of the other nominees instead of themsevles.

Sharon N said...

Another of Frank's plans gone awry. He's not playing in veto
Seems to be happening to him a lot lately. LOL

Petals said...

I see we have an idiot troll in our midst. LOL
Ditto Monty re Carol. Jax does love a good kerfuffle.

Chacha said...

I will have to go back and see Corey's reasoning for this but he talked about it last night.
If he wins and doesn't pull himself off he deserves to go home.
Strike that iron while it's hot and get him out. I believe michelle would do it in the end and blame Paul. But with only Frank, Bridgette, James, Davonne, they would need at least one more that 100% would vote Corey out.

Chacha said...

So I went back and checked what he said and he said I am joking, I will totally pull myself off.
But it still leaves this question unanswered for me.
Oh well. Hopefully this is a one year deal.
Although people love roadkill

Sharon N said...

The teams aspect sucks warm buttermilk.
Roadkill is ok... for this season, but I hope it doesn't happen every year now.

Chacha said...


I totally agree. I hate the team, coach, vets V newbies
I wouldn't want roadkill every year. although if they do that in POV place with the six it would be different. That way no one knows who wins.

Unknown said...

Tiffany would pick the replacement

Sharon N said...

Frank's plans getting wrecked left and right... Corey won Veto! lol

Petals said...

Corey won POV!

Sharon N said...

Good thing... cause I think Corey would have been gone.
He's upset that so many seem unhappy that he won, so he better use it on himself!!!

Petals said...

Vaniffany tells James, "I've never put you up!"
Uhm, DUH honey - you've won only ONE thing. @@

Petals said...

***** note *****

There has been a lot of talk about Jackie and that she does this AWESOME
blog for free! She does, she loves to share her acerbic, hilarious witticisms
with is and loves the TV she watches. That is true, and we love her for it,
There is a PayPal link on the right column. It's not
mandatory, mind you; I donate to cover the cost of all the napkins I use
at the bar when the party gets hoppin'. Also to Vincent's catnip fund.

Just sayin'...

Petals said...

LOTS of fun feeds this evening... scurrying to beat the band, babies!

Sharon N said...

Looks like they could be working up to a bruhaha this week....

Petals said...

if they get more alcohol, we could get a kerfuffle tonight! hehe

Sharon N said...

Jackie has a new thread up. :)