Sunday, July 17, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 17

Perpetually congested

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lying Lilliputians:
  • It's Sunday.
  • Sundays are boring in the BB house.
  • BB even lets them sleep in.
  • The only redeeming value to today for the hamsters is that they once again have the yard open.
  • They don't even have Photo Booth this year to go silly.
  • If they want silliness, they must create their own.
  • And, this bunch isn't being all that creative.
  • Paul got bonked in the nose while raising one of the awnings in the yard.
  • The dude seems chronically congested. Now it will make him worse. Maybe he'll sound like Felix Unger on the original TV series The Odd Couple. Honk! HONK!
  • James thinks that eventually the two big dogs, Frank and Paulie, will go at each other.
  • I think that will happen only if others don't off them first.
  • Well, not really off. I'm not promoting violence here. I'm talking eviction.
  • Paul tried to gather alliance intel from Zakiyah and Nicole re: girls alliances. He didn't get much cooperation and gave it up.
  • He's still thinking he's a huge double agent for the Paulie side of the house, gathering intel from Frank and Bridgette and reporting back.
  • I think that's gonna bite him in the butt. 
  • Huh. Zakiyah doesn't know how to swim, but she surely knows how to wear a bathing suit!
  • Bridgette and Frank still think Paulie voted for Bronte to go.
  • Frank wants Da'Vonne out this week, Nicole next.
  • Paulie wants Tiffany out.
  • I'm thinking it's probably go to be Tiffany out rather than Da'Vonne. Natalie probably won't even get one vote.
  • Tiffany continues to spill alliance beans to Frank.
  • And then Bridgette.
  • And then she even talked to Paulie.
  • I don't think it will do her any good. 
  • She might get Bridgette and Frank voting to keep her. But the rest want her out more than they want Da'Vonne out at the moment.
  • Tiffany told Bridgette and Frank every secret she knows and some that she's just heard about.
  • She told Paulie that she's sure she's going so she's telling all.
  • Paulie continues to lie to her, saying that she wasn't his target last week and he thought it was Bronte going all along.
  • Yeah, right.
  • As she did with her Frank/Bridgette talks, she's painting a picture of Da'Vonne to be the Instigator of All That's Evil in the World.
  • Now Paulie is in on the Get Rid of Da'Vonne Train ... but not this week. He wants Tiffany out this week.
  • Paulie and Frank compared their Tiffany notes. 
  • At least the ones concerning Da'Vonne.
  • The general consensus is that Tiffany goes this week, Da'Vonne next.
  • That is ... unless they can get Frank out.
  • The drama goes on.

Does he wear those socks and sneaks in real life?

James hasn't been pranking lately

Tiffany is making the rounds, telling her stories

Making the rounds ... still


uncartie said...

Jackie,Don't count Tiffany out just yet. Frank and her make a formidable team and Frank is great at planting seeds of doubt. Once Day goes up all they need to do is feed her paranoia a little and wait to see if she blows her game up.

Would someone please tell Paul to lower his voice and STFU! I'm so sick of listening to his worldwide tales of BS. At least when Caleb told whoppers he was entertaining.
Paul went on for so long this afternoon when all the cams were trained on the BY that I was literally praying for FISH.

monty924 said...

Tiffany has the best opportunity to stay if she puts Da up. Da has a reputation now of spreading things that aren't exactly true. She didn't learn her lesson from last season. I'm still not convinced that they will save Tiffany two weeks in a row, but I'm loving the drama that this is causing.

Sharon N said...

I don't think Paulie will get over his Vanessa fixation, but he still might not get his way.
If they were smart, they'd dump Day first.

After Jozea left, Paul had a temporary infusion of humility, but that's gone now. 100% lol
Paul and Michelle are both Big Mouth Frogs and playing dangerous games.

David said...

After Da' goes on the block it is just possible that Tiffany can be saved again. I think all they need is James or Natalie to vote to save her on top of Nichole, Cory, Frank, and Bridget who I think are already leaning towards saving her. A tie will not work as Paulie Is fixated on getting Tiffany out no matter what. Paul and Michelle are also lost causes in that regard. Since Tiffany is my pool girl I have an interest in seeing her stay of course. But the drama it would cause would be worth it. If she does leave and walks right back in Friday would be almost as good, especially if she gets immunity for the rest of the week. lol

Petals said...

Unc - I agree about Paul! His constant babble is annoying. He is trying so hard to be memorable. @@ Yet another delusional fame-seeker.

Petals said...

I'm watching some BBAD and the ep from last night...Day is a bad liar. She does it well behind peoples backs, but a good liar can hold it together under pressure...Day freaks out and babble-talks, walks away, etc.

Same as last year.

I'm surprised that Zak has been able to stay away from the drama swirling around Day. Smart girl.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

I dislike Day alot as a player. I suppose It's the way she cackles and smiles when it's about someone else going, we'll see how she handles it when it's her.

Chacha said...

I did watch the show last night and can say that it seems BB edit is trying to sway us away from Davonne. Showing her laughing at Tiff was interesting.

Catching up yesterday and listening with BB in the background last night i had to jump on twitter and just yell to anyone STFU Paul..